How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard without Removing Keys

How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard Without Removing Keys – 2023 Guide

It is difficult to keep your laptop away from food crumbs that you are munching and from using greasy fingers. Dust is also another factor that can get it dirty. Keeping it clean reflects well on you.

Laptop cleaning is not that difficult, but the challenging part is to clean the keyboard. As keyboard keys are like little pockets for dust. Its hollowness makes the dust collect in it, then how to clean a laptop keyboard without removing its keys? Do not worry you can clean it yourself. There are a few ways which you can try.

Clean It With A Toothbrush – Easy Option Keyboard Cleaning

cleaning keyboard with toothbrush

It is one of the simple and cheapest ways to clean your laptop keyboard. You must have an old toothbrush.

All you have to do is tilt the laptop on the side and start brushing through the key gaps. It may not reach in the deepest parts, but it can get the job done pretty well. You do not have to remove the keys for the process.

Cleaning The Laptop Keyboard With A Vacuum Cleaner

Yes, you read it right I mentioned the vacuum cleaner. Do not be surprised the vacuum cleaner is a friend here. The vacuum cleaner comes with many head options choose the small brush head. So let start, turn your laptop off and plug it out of the charger as well.

You know your laptop and its keys, so if you feel it has some loose keys do not use the high-power vacuum on those keys. It is better if you have that small hand hoover/vacuum cleaner that you use for your car or the pet hair on your couch.

Run over the vacuum over the keys and other parts of the laptop. The vacuum will suck out the dust, food bits, and pet hair that are living under the keys and crevices of the keyboard. It is the best and convenient option for you as we all have vacuum cleaners at our homes.

It is time-efficient too before you know it your laptop is free of dust. And the most important factor of using this method is you do not have to remove the keys. It is hassle-free, and no expertise needs a kind of cleaning job.

Cleaning Keyboard With Compressed Air Can – Your own Keyboard Cleaning Service

Cleaning Keyboard With Compressed Air Can

You can clean your laptop keyboard by using compressed air can without removing keys. You can easily find this can in at any stores. Make sure you have a thin straw with it too, so the air blast is well designated. You have to follow the same steps as the above method turn off the laptop take the charger plug out.

Tilt the laptop to on the side and start spraying in the crevices the dust and other debris should be coming out on the other side. Do not use the spray in one go that can push the particles inside rather than pushing it out.

This method needs patience and some free time because you can not rush it. There is one problem with this method that is the dust or food particles can easily be pushed in further in the laptop which can create more problems, than it solves.

Though if you could be careful and strategic, then it will work. Do not use this method if you have spilled liquids on your keyboard. It will spread it even more and leak into the system and can cause a short circuit. The method surely works just need a cautious operation.

How to Clean Greasy Laptop Keyboard? 2- Cool Hacks For Cleaning

Your keyboard can easily get greasy by your fingers. It is always better when you eat your food wash your hand than use it. Food is not the only cause our fingers have natural oils and your hand cream, that you put on to stay moisturized can make your keyboard greasy.

Well, it is fine you can easily wipe off your keyboard without removing the keys. The first option to get rid of grease off the keys is, using a microfiber cloth and another option is a melamine cleaning sponge. Let me explain in detail.

  • Microfiber Cloth:

Microfiber cloth is the safest option to clean the keyboard. You can use it dry it will remove the dust as it attracts it. But for greasy keys, you have to dampen the cloth and gently rub it a few times un till you feel it is clean.

You should take care of one thing with the dampened cloth that it wrings properly, so the moisture does not enter the system. If you do not have a microfiber cloth, then you can use linen fabric as it is lint-free.

  • Melamine Cleaning Sponge:

Melamine sponge is another good option. It is a magic sponge that removes stain or dirt with water. You can cut it into any size for a suitable shape. Again I would suggest taking the water squeezed out as much as possible.

How to Disinfect Laptop Keyboard? – Cleaning Grems Off Of A Keyboard

Disinfect Laptop Keyboard

Yes, there are games living on and in your keyboard keys. You should not avoid this matter, as we are in constant contact with it.  You can easily germ-free the keyboard by using isopropyl alcohol.

Take a cotton ball to dip it in the alcohol, squeeze out the excess and gently rub it over the keys. Alcohol is vaporable, so you do not need to worry about the wet nature of it, but that does not mean you can pour it on. Always use a cotton ball and for narrow crevices use an earbud stick.

There is another option that is disinfecting wipes. You can buy it from any store. It is already infused with alcohol. Wipe the keyboard with it, and you are good to go. I suggest you should keep it at hand at all times and use it every day if not then at least in two days.

How To Clean Laptop Keyboard After Spill? – Accidental Spills

If you accidentally spill any liquid on your laptop and you know it was enough to seep into the system through the keyboard, then immediately turn it off, take the battery out and unplug all the external connection. Now keep it tilted for some time, so the liquid does not reach the circuits.

Do not use the laptop for some time let it dry naturally. If you cannot wait, then you can use a hairdryer, but keep it on low speed, so you do not push the liquid into the system.

You can use this method for water but if you have spilled juice or any other beverage, then drying will make the keys sticky to use. That will need you to be unassembled the laptop completely because wiping the keyboard will not be enough.

The above mention method is easy to execute and does not need any expertise. You need to have patience for this task.