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Gaming has become the passion of the young generation as well as for adults too. Everybody wants to do any activity in each minute.

Nobody wants to waste their time that’s why whenever they get free time they immediately take out their smartphones and start watching any movie or drama, reading an article or blog, interacting with family members or friends, or playing any game.

Previously, that was quite difficult to play games anywhere as we couldn’t take our computers along with us, but now it is straightforward because of the web browser. Now web browser has taken the place of the operating system, and here we are talking about all web browsers those have made life interesting for everyone.

Browser FPS (First-Person Shooter) games allow you to enjoy your favorite games anywhere while traveling, lying down on the bed, in class anywhere. All you need to do is open any web browser on your cell phone and starts playing you’re the most favorite game through it — no need to install any specific software for that.

If you are not aware of new latest web browser games, then let me allow you to tell 10 best browser-based FPS games of 2019. All you need to do is be with me to keep reading this article. So here we go.

10 Best Browser Based FPS Games In 2019

1: Superhot

Superhot is a unique, wholesome, and fun FPS browser game which has stylized graphics that attracts FPS lovers. This game has added simple visual language to make this game simple and best in FPS genre.

In this game, you that mean first-person shooter (in the game)stand in the arena and have to defend yourself all alone with the enemies. You will have many weapon options and diverse resources which you can use according to the situation and enemies of the game.

Superhot FPS game

There is no renewing health bars and suitably ammo dropping option. All you need to do is play carefully and use your brains that where you want which weapon you should grab and which resource you should avail to save yourself by shooting, using cutting weapons or moving by a hurricane of slow-motion bullets. The game has movie-like the beauty of the fight and is flexible gameplay.

2: Quake Live/Arena

Quake Live FPS Game

This would be shocking if you are one of those people who don’t know or haven’t heard about Quake Live/Arena. This is a renowned and well-known first-person shooter (FPS) browser game of the century. This game has its audience, which appreciates and loves to play.

This game offers you two options either plays it on the browser or Steam according to your convenience. Quake Live has sci-fi characters which are in player VS player arena those got power-ups along with various weapons to use in games for fighting purpose.

All you have to do is choose your best skill and pick it from the game to play logically and be the topper of this game.  

3: Red Crucible: Reloaded

Reloaded is the same browser-based FPS like Firestorm version of the game but it has larger maps. Most of the people don’t like Firestorm a lot because of the difference from Red Crucible 2. This game won’t be challenging to play for those who played Counter-Strike or Critical Ops. It is effortless to play this game. Just get register yourself, and you can play it.

After that, you can choose a team and start playing the game. You need to increase the cash in the game so you can buy weapons and equipment to defend yourself from your enemies. If you don’t understand the game if you are the beginner, then you can check essential training feature on the game which will help you out to understand the game.

Reloaded reminds you Red Crucible somehow but it targets the broad audience. You can enjoy playing this game on a slow system as it would be easy to access for you.      

4: Warmers: Red vs. Blue

Warmers: Red versus Blue is an epic first-person shooter game for most of the people. This was the late 90s game like Counter-Strike and Quake. Overall this is not the attractive game of the first-person shooters, but it offers some other stuff those makes it a fun game.

Leader board and competitive multiplayer are the confounding factors of this game. Warmers offers an active and thriving community which gives you a choice to play with the same level of players as you is.

It is quite lovely that you can play this game at any time of the day or night and guess what? You can find you, matching partner, any time quickly. Unity web player is required to play this game, and the graphics are not high-quality; that’s why you need a slow system to play this game.

5: Rush Team   

If you are fond of the multiplayer match, then Rush Team is your sort of play. It allows you to experience multiplayer factor and you will go to love this best browser first-person shooter (FPS) game.

This is a straightforward game. Directly you can start playing a game without compromising on necessary stuff that would be required while playing the game. Team factor makes this game exclusive in FPS games as this requires a team effort.    

All you need to do is you have to play this game with your team to accomplish your goals around the map. Your goals would be similar like capturing the flag, searching, destroying, holding the objectives, and other stuff like that.

Or you need to kill your enemies or their team with your active online team. Overall, Rush Team offers you lots of fun online and allows you to make friends too. So enjoy this game.   

6: Contract Wars

Contract Wars has proved it the best browser FPS game in every year. The theme of the game is Russian multiplayer free-to-play title set in which private military companies lead in the world. Along with the military, there is a political touch included in the game, which shows the complications of this relationship.   

The Contract Wars is the mixture of straightforward first-person shooter action along with light RPG essentials and a healthy dosage of strategic battle. You can choose the latest weapons from given ample selection that would require in different situations of the game according to the various job and gameplay style.   

Shotgun allows you to be close and personal with your enemy or kill your enemy by using the sniper rifle in the game. The choice is yours how you would conquer your rivals. You will get credit points or any skill on each kill of your enemy or any victory as a reward. Using these points, you can buy weapons, get a chance to have a new skill, and modify the characters and so on.   

For logical decisions which you and your friends will apply as a team in the game offers you to receive awards for that. You need to learn how to play the game in a group with other players and know your strong points against another kinfolk. Seasoned players have the option of hardcore modes, or they can join the privileged Black Division group.   

7: Red Crucible: Firestorm

The Red Crucible: Firestorm is a sequel of Red Crucible 2 which is known as the highly praised 3D browser-based FPS game. The Red Crucible: Firestorm consists of an ample number of weapons and vehicles such as trucks, tanks, jets, and helicopters.     

The game offers big entertainment to the audience as it has six gameplay modes; such as survivor, team deathmatch resources, team deathmatch armored, and look for and demolish territories and defeat. On a single map, up to 24 players can play on the meanwhile.   

It does not end here. Players have the liberty to choose their favorite battle role, which they want to assume, such as drivers, pilots, snipers, and individual assault units. The more you complete the levels of the game, the more opportunities and better options of weapons you get.   

There is a new camouflage pattern available that you can use in the game. It would help you blend in with the environment and gives you a new range that enhances your long-range accurateness. You can join other players to discuss your team strategies of the game.

Set the graphics on the medium so you can easily play the game as there is a lack of optimization. Sometimes those players who have high-end systems struggle to maintain the frame rate steady when all members of two teams that mean 24 players are busy in the war at the meanwhile.     

8: Global Strike

As the name sounds same, Global Strike has standard features of Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Global Offense. In these three games, players are supposed to grow cat-like reflexes to succeed in the close quarter’s fight.   

Using Global Strike is quite easy. You don’t need to install Java for playing this game, and this makes the Global Strike world’s first non-plugin 3D first-person shooter browser game. All you have to do open the game and click the start button then you can sign in through your any social media account, or you can make a brand-new account of yours by your email address.   

NGames is the developer of the Global Strike and knows as the self-optimizing 3D engine. Let’s not go into the technicalities of the games that would be enough for you to know this that this game runs tremendously smoothly even when many tasks are going on in the game. The graphics used in the Global Strike are a notch below, but gameplay will surely look at the old-school images.    

9: Critical Ops

If I would say that Critical Ops is one of the best browser fps games, then this would not be wrong. Critical Ops has fast-paced 3D FPS browser which double the fun of playing the game. Many other modern games offer perks, unlockable gifts, and light RPG elements, but Critical Ops has old-school style.   

Critical Ops is similar to the original Counter-Strike and Quake 3. Like in those games, the player has to remember the maps and has a control on the set. You could face a hard time if you play with skillful players in multiplayer FPS games, but you have a chance to play with beginners if you want to have a grip on the game in the Critical Ops. You can discuss your game strategies with other players if you join the server.       

You are not supposed to have high expectations from the Critical Ops as you can see some bugs and optimizing problems as the game is at Alpha stage. But the game has 4.3 stars rating which is the proof that people enjoy playing this game in the early days of this game expansion.    

Critical ops can be played on the web browser or downloaded on any capable Android device. And if you have enough skills to play this game well, then you can join Europe and North America e-sports leagues and can win some money.  

10: Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D FPS game is the debatably started, and now it is formally accessible as a web browser game. The developer of Wolfenstein 3D has released 1992 FPS shooter for free online on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of this game.

Wolfenstein 3D gives you a chance to play the role of American spy of Polish origin that was William “B.J..” Isn’t it interesting? In this game, you are supposed to conquer the Nazi empire, and for this first, you need to run away from the Castle Wolfenstein. In Castle Wolfenstein, the Blazkowicz is locked up when he was trying to search the plans for Operation Eisenfaust.  

This game happens on the flat plane, and then ID Software would initial begin verticality with the release of the first Doom game. The area and rooms separated by walls themed after Nazi bunkers and buildings.

As you cross the levels of the games, you will become dominant and find new great weapons those help you to battle with your enemies. This is a simple idea, but it has influenced the first person shooter genre to this day.             

Final Words

Above you have gone through the details of 10 best browser-based FPS games of 2019. These games are capable of entertain you and make your life enjoyable by giving you a chance to make online friends and to play with them as a team.

It is effortless to find a match with your gaming level. You can talk about your game plans with your team members via a chat system.

They all are free online games, so if you don’t find any game exciting, you can switch from one game to the other with no trouble.

If you want to suggest any other browser fps game, then you can let us know by commenting in the comment box below.  

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