10 Tips to Improve Battery Life of a Gaming Laptop [Latest 2023 Guide]

We all love to have an efficient power source to run our matters for a longer time. What if your gaming laptop runs out of juice when you want to be in the game for long? Well, here are the few tricks that can help gaming-lovers survive in the battle.

  1. Customization: We all know our laptop’s specifications and its performance, entering into gaming mode we have to restrict the unnecessary program that is not vital. Well, it’s a little bit hard to know the design and work of the battery as the laptop’s battery is a complicated part to understand, but customization is the right way to use less power from the battery.
  2. Maintaining Battery Life: Never plug in the charger all the time in the socket, you have to drain out all the battery to get better battery life. This is one of the important factors, giving a complete cycle to fill and drain will efficiently lead to productivity.
  3. Heat Escalation:  Laptop get exhausted and produces heat running at full capacity. Try to keep laptop at a certain position in order to have proper airflow or use a portable fan to cool it down.
  4. Choosing a better Option: Shutdown, hibernate, standby are multiple options but most of us don’t know when and how to use. Look for time and usage of laptop and choose the best option that can serve your laptop’s need.
  5. Screen Brightness: Keep your screen brightness to low as possible when you are not using or going outside. It’s better to choose a suitable power plan that can adjust your usage requirements.
  6. Review Battery Reports: Your Laptop is an intelligent machine and generates reports time-to-time. Review the battery reports and have a better understanding to the usage of the battery.
  7. Using the Genuine Tools: Always use the laptop manufacturing company tools and hardware to avoid any complications. Chargers, hardware, software that are reliable have a great impact on battery life.
  8. Remove External Hardware’s: USB, external hardware’s, phones, etc., if connected shall be removed, if un-necessary, as attached consumes a lot of systems power and stresses the laptop processing unit.
  9. Switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Devices: Network and data flow consumes a lot of power and uses the optimal level of memory to get tasks run. Switch off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options while you are in gaming mode.
  10. Have an Alternative: Always try to keep another battery or tool related to sourcing your battery power. Investing in quality hardware will lead to effectiveness and efficiency.

Hibernate and Standby options are recommended to avoid excessive use of power.

Improve Battery Life

In order to have better battery life for gaming, laptop one needs to be familiar with the Laptop’s ABC and choosing such options for the laptop to sip less power from the battery. Choosing the right tool, software, fixing bugs, and removing un-necessary software that usually get started in the beginning drains out the battery. Such methods will help you to enjoy your gaming laptop for a longer period of time.

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