Best Cordless Grass Shears

Top 9 Best Cordless Grass Shears 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

Haven’t you got tired of trimming your grass with manual shears? Or haven’t you ever felt it? 

I know, you guys love to take care of your lawn but I would like to introduce a tool that will make this task easy for you.

Trimming is necessary to make your lawn look alluring all the time. Morning breathing in a beautiful lawn gives a different kind of energy and you all should experience this at least once. What I want to say is you can enjoy the pleasures of your lawn easily without putting so much effort.

Best Choice
Gardena 8885-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shears, Classic Cut
Good Choice
Gardena 8899-U Telescopic Swivel Handle For All Cordless Shears, Orange, 95x18x10 cm
Don't Miss
Earthwise Cordless Rechargeable 2-in-1 Shrub Shear and Hedge Trimmer Combo
Also Consider
BLACK+DECKER Shrub Trimmer/Grass Shear Combo, Cordless, 3.6V (GSL35)
Gardena 8885-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shears, Classic Cut
Gardena 8899-U Telescopic Swivel Handle For All Cordless Shears, Orange, 95x18x10 cm
Earthwise Cordless Rechargeable 2-in-1 Shrub Shear and Hedge Trimmer Combo
BLACK+DECKER Shrub Trimmer/Grass Shear Combo, Cordless, 3.6V (GSL35)
Best Choice
Gardena 8885-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shears, Classic Cut
Gardena 8885-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shears, Classic Cut
Good Choice
Gardena 8899-U Telescopic Swivel Handle For All Cordless Shears, Orange, 95x18x10 cm
Gardena 8899-U Telescopic Swivel Handle For All Cordless Shears, Orange, 95x18x10 cm
Don't Miss
Earthwise Cordless Rechargeable 2-in-1 Shrub Shear and Hedge Trimmer Combo
Earthwise Cordless Rechargeable 2-in-1 Shrub Shear and Hedge Trimmer Combo
Also Consider
BLACK+DECKER Shrub Trimmer/Grass Shear Combo, Cordless, 3.6V (GSL35)
BLACK+DECKER Shrub Trimmer/Grass Shear Combo, Cordless, 3.6V (GSL35)

Grass shears are small, hand-held grass and shrub trimmers. They are best for accurate trim and also used for topiary work. Trimming the grass is a back-breaking process with manual shears and to make it a little easier I have some cordless grass shears. 

A cordless grass shear is a tool that helps you in trimming grass without spending a lot of effort. You don’t need to bother the length of the extension and you will be safe from electric shock too. You just have to pick the right one for your lawn, garden or yard and then your life would become trouble-free.

I have made a list of some best cordless grass shears which will turn your hectic gardening into an enjoyable activity. Let’s jump in the list of selected shears. 

9 Best Cordless Grass Shears In 2023

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If you want to make your gardening less time-consuming then you should follow my article. I am going to help you to select the best cordless shear for your lawn by giving you every detail about them.

1: Gardena 8885-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium-Ion Grass Shears, Classic Cut





  • Powerful easy care lithium ion rechargeable batteries – High power for best cutting results.
  • LED display of the battery charging status
  • Complete with blade protection and charger
  • Replaceable high-quality blade with Gardenas innovative blade change -fast easy and safe – no tools required.
  • Operating time of approx 45 min. with a charging time of approx 6 hours for a full charge.

Gardena 8899-U is at first because of its amazing features which make it significant. Due to the cordless plug-in connection, you don’t assemble it and you can begin your garden work. Its assembly is easy and fast.

It allows you to work in an upright position comfortably. Being adjustable is also one of the qualities which make it different and it offers the optimal adjustment to body height and work situation which saves your body from bending. 

It is fully adjustable to 33 inches to 47 inches in length. It offers a second grip option, ideal for use with Accu shrub shears. It has the ability to rotate 45 degrees to each side. 

It has an ergonomic design and its best example is its handle remains perfectly in your hands while working. Gardena 8899-U is useful for greater range with high hedges or with side shaping. It can cut the edges and borders of your lawn in a standing position.

It has another feature which is switching in which grass shear can be converted into shrub shears. It acts as two in one tool for your garden to make it look good. It is equipped with two different blades you have to select it on the basis of your requirement. 

You can easily change the blade it is easy and fast with no requirement of tools. It is very safe to change the blade according to the demand of your task. The blade protection keeps the blade safe and secured for a long time.

It provides 80 minutes runtime. It is equipped with lithium-ion batteries which take a bit long time to get charged like about 6 hours for a full charge but will give you result in the form of 45 sufficient minutes unless you are cutting a whole yard. These batteries can be easily recharged at any time without having any effect on memory. 

It has a led which shows the battery and status of charging so you don’t need to worry as you can check the remaining battery level through the led. It is a light weighted tool it is about 0.8 kg which makes it very easy to be carried.

It is a user-friendly tool as it has lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, has a quality blade for smooth shearing, offers 80 minutes runtime and equipped with an LED that displays the battery level. 

Its features are comfortable to handle which gives a good grip to your hand while working. It allows the cutting of thick grass, very lightweight to handle and it has an ergonomic design which makes it convenient for you guys to use.

  • Offers to cut of thick grass.
  • It is durable and long-lasting.
  • The blade can be easily changed.
  • Equipped with the rechargeable battery.
  • The battery level can be seen through the LED.
  • Blade protection.
  • 25-year warranty.
  • Bit expensive.
  • Spare parts are not easily available.

2: Gardena 8899-U Telescopic Swivel Handle For All Cordless Shears


Gardena 8899-U Telescopic Swivel Handle For All Cordless Shears


  • Quick and easy assembly due to cordless plug in connection
  • Ergonomic handle – rests comfortably in your hand
  • Swivels in 45-degree steps to either side.
  • Fully adjustable from 33 to 47 in length
  • Second grip option, ideal for use with accu shrub shears.

There is no doubt that the grass cutter with a long handle stick is quite necessary for us. I can assume that you’re thinking that the cordless grass shear you own has no long stick handle. It’s ok. No more worries because I have something exciting and amazing for you.

If you don’t have long-handled grass shear then there is no need to purchase a new grass cutter that has a long handle. Just spend a little money and buy a Gardena 8899-U Telescopic Swivel Handle instead of buying a new shear tool.

Now Gardena produces its own telescopic swivel handle that you can easily connect to any of your cordless grass scrubbers without facing any problem. I’m repeating again, yes you can attach this long handle to any cordless grass cutting. Sounds interesting!

As we know most people have a health issue and they cannot sit down while cutting the grass, Gardena swivel handle is a quite helpful tool especially for them. 

We should thank the Telescopic Swivel Handle which fits all GARDENA Accu Shears and provide you an opportunity to do your cutting job comfortably and ergonomically in an upright position.

Have a look at the easy and fast assembly of this amazing tool, this long-handled tool has a cordless plug-in connection. This cordless plug-in connection will help us to assemble Gardena grass shear swivel handle within seconds and now you don’t have to wait for assembling the tool.

To provide you great cutting experience the telescopic swivel handle can be effortlessly swiveled to either side in 45-degree steps. This 8899-U Telescopic handle has a height from 33 inches to 47 inches that offer you optional adjustment if the height of the handle. 

You can now adjust the height of this handle according to your desire and the working situation, whenever you need or want. The Garden telescopic swivel ergonomic handle lies perfectly and smoothly in your hand during work.

Let’s talk about the second grip option that is offered by Gardena, the second grip option on that is located on the handle is optimally suited when a need guidance for cutting. I think it’s a stunning feature that Garden telescopic handle possesses and it’s also ideal for use with Accu shrub shears.

  • Pretty safe to use.
  • Good for quick work.
  • Quite convenient.
  • Average quality.

3: Sun Joe HJ604C 7.2 V 2-in-1 (Best Electric Grass Shears)


Sun Joe HJ604C 7.2 V 2-in-1


  • VERSATILE: Best used for small gardens, hedge grooming and areas your mower cannot reach
  • 2 TOOLS IN 1: Convert from grass shear to hedger quickly and easily. Blade Length (inch.) – 4(Shear) | 6(Hedger)
  • BATTERY LIFE: Rechargeable, 7.2 V lithium-ion battery for hassle-free, cordless operation (battery charger included)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Durable and lightweight design (Only 2.5 lbs.!) with ergonomic handle for easy control and handling
  • WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED! : Your new grass shear/hedge trimmer is backed by the Snow Joe.

The Sun JoeHJ604C is a professional 2 in 1 tool as it is a grass shear and can be converted to a grass hedger. It is a compact and versatile tool that I recommended to you all. It is more preferable in small yards and the area where mowers cannot reach and it is also used for hedge grooming. It is one of the best electric grass shears.

The conversion of grass shear to hedger is quite easy and quick. You can easily use it as a hedge trimmer or a grass shear based on the demand for your work. It gives you an instant start with just the push of a button.

It is equipped with an interchangeable length of about 4-inch shear blade and 6-inch hedge blade. It offers hassle-free performance due to its 7.2V long-life lithium-ion battery you can utilize for cordless operation. 

Its battery is rechargeable and the battery charger is included in the kit. Its battery power control makes the hedger accommodating so that you will have the capacity to care of business without stressing over gas or oil. You don’t have to worry about seasonal tune-ups or toxic hydrocarbon emissions.

It provides you very convenient operation as it offers an ergonomic handle for easy handling and control. It is a very lightweight and practical design, its weight is just 2.5 LBS which provides you with ease to work for so long.

Sun Joe HJ604C is a durable tool. It is a flexible gadget of two devices and that is its specialty. Hedge wedge is built of tough steel for durable wear and solid execution, the blade is also made up of steel which makes this tool long-lasting. 

Unlike the other hedge trimmers, Sun Joe HJ604C is much durable as it consists of the 6-inch blade made up of durable steel. It features a security switch that keeps you safe from unplanned begins. You can easily utilize it for little trimming occupations because of its normal cutting force. 

Sun Joe HJ604C ETL is improved and comes with a 2-years warranty from the day of purchase. It is also suitable for fence cutting; usually, people don’t have gardens but they want this tool for maintaining their fence. So here they go they can use this handy tool for their fence as well.

  • Best for shearing as well as trimming.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Lightweight design.
  • 6-inch steel blade.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Suitable for long term use.
  • Durable tool.
  • Possesses average cutting power.

4: WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Shear + Shrubber Trimmer


WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Shear


  • SAFE AND QUICK – Double lock design of child safety lock and security key forms a double security protection.
  • SIMPLE TO USE – At just 1.04lbs, the hedge cutter electric features an effortless one-handed operation.
  • COMPACT – The compact design of WORKPRO cordless grass cutter ensures that it can fit into a variety of small Spaces.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE – 2-in-1 design makes the switch from mowing to hedgerow quick and easy (4-23/32 inch long shrub shear & 3-35/64 inch wide grass shear).
  • RECHARGEABLE – Long-life, rechargeable, 7.2 V lithium-ion battery for hassle-free, cordless operation (battery charger included).

WORKPRO is best for efficient trimming and shearing. It is a 2-in-1 tool as it features a grass shear as well as a handheld hedge trimmer in this tiny tool. Now let’s talk check its features, you may find this cordless tool perfect for your task.

Its two in one design makes the switch from mowing to hedgerow easy (4.72 inches long shrub shear and 3.54 inches wide grass shear). It’s 1100 RPM high power speed provides the best cutting results which are quite ideal for trimming and clipping. Its hedge blades are perfect for branches having a thickness of less than 10mm.

The main plus point which makes this tool unlike the other similar machines is because of the safety it provides. It features “a double lock design” of child safety lock and security key forms double security protection. Whether the machine is in use or not, but it guarantees the security of your child and also safe for adults. 

If two machines work alike but one of them has lock security I am damn sure that you guys would prefer the safe one with a lock. It is equipped with high-quality blades which can be easily and quickly changed without any tool required. It is a compact machine with a lightweight design.

It can be fit into a variety of small places due to its compact design and 1.04 lbs weight. Its weight is ideal for trimming grass or shrubbery. The people who love lightweight tools must check this piece.

WORKPRO ergonomic design offers a superb grip on both sides of the handle which lessens your fatigue. Another important feature is its LED light which lets you know the charging status and working status too. 

To check the basis of blade changing you can cover a release button. You would love to use it with one hand because of its size. You can easily use it to pluck thick woody stems. It has rechargeable 7.2 V lithium-ion batteries which last longer and retains the charge while it is stored. Battery changes faster and does not suffer memory effects. 

You can operate a trimmer for approx. 40 minutes with full charge and lawnmower for approx. 50 minutes. The charging time for a full charge is 3 to 5 hours. It is a handy, convenient, portable handheld trimmer which I am suggesting to you. I am also giving its good and bad points so you can easily decide what to do.

  • A high-performance versatile tool.
  • Equipped with a security lock.
  • It provides a longer run time.
  • Dual blade action.
  • Not good for shrub cutting.

5: Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LSS10172S 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion


Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LSS10172S 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion


  • Powered by 7.2-Volt 2Ah high-capacity built-in lithium-ion battery and includes charger
  • Tool-less blade change: Includes 6.5 hedge blade and 4 shear blade to provide versatility and convenience in one tool
  • Pivoting and adjustable cutting head makes trimming hard-to-reach areas easy and comfortable
  • Lightweight and compact with a cushioned softgrip handle for an easy cutting
  • No cords, no oil, no gas, making for an eco-friendly job; 2-year warranty

Scott’s outdoor power is an excellent package of efficiency and a good price. It is considered as the best cordless grass shears because of its features and functions. It has brilliant features which I am going to elaborate further in this heading.

It makes your cutting job more relaxed and comfortable and you will agree to my statement when you will read about its features and functionalities.

It is powered with a 7.2 V high capacity built-in lithium-ion battery includes a charger. It has a great run time which is enough to get your task completed. The cutting device comes with blades of 6.5 inched of a hedge blade and 4 inches of shear blade. It totally depends upon your task that which blades you want to use. 

It offers a tool-less changing system when it comes to the changing of a blade you don’t need any other tool just like in the above one. It is lightweight which makes it easy for the people to hold it, especially for the people who cannot pick much weight. 

It is rechargeable so, it can be charged anytime and lasts long on one charging cycle. It gets charge really fast with an external charger and charging port at the top of the handle. It is user-friendly as it has no cords, no oil and no gas. 

It has a really good performance on the single battery which powers the device and ensures the bearing performance of this device no matter what kind of bushes and shrubs you want to trim or cut. The cutting tool is a sort of adjustable pivoting head tool which can reach the areas where other trimmers and shears cannot reach. 

It offers a soft grip of the handle which provides the ultimate ease while performing a task. It is also equipped with telescopic, wheeled extension handle for trimming grass and plants low to the ground. It saves you from bending down. It is lightweight so easy to use for even a girl and you can look after your yard on your own. 

The feature which enhances its functionality is its ability to attach and detach trimmer attachments very easily without any external problem. And it is locked securely when it gets attached.

It is ideal for manicuring gardens and flower beds. It is also ideal for quick touch-ups. It is a light-duty trimmer that you can use to trim all types of grass but it is most suitable and ideal for hedges and small bushes.

  • Possesses a powerful battery of 7.2 Volt.
  • The battery comes with a charger.
  • Blades are changeable.
  • Equipped with the extra safety lock button.
  • Have a rotating angle button.
  • Guarantees easy cutting.
  • Lightweight design.
  • The blades of the tool will get rusty.

6: Earthwise Cordless Rechargeable 2-in-1 Shrub Shear and Hedge Trimmer Combo


Earthwise Cordless Rechargeable 2-in-1


  • 6.3 hedge trimmer and 3″ grass shear blades
  • 5/16 maximum hedge trimmer cutting width
  • Molded mounting plates for quick blade changes
  • Tool-less blade changing
  • 3.6V rechargeable lithium ion battery & built-in charging unit

Earthwise is a tiny but striking little trimmer that gives you ease in maintaining your yard. It is extra small among the hedge trimmers I have explained above. Its blade is 6.3 inches only. Its blade length describes that it is useful for only small bushes and for neatening the edges and not suitable for large hedgerows. 

As its name clears that it’s a tool that works as a trimmer and detailer both and you can easily switch between the tools with the help of switches and the device will start to work effortlessly. It offers 6 inches hedge trimmer blade and 3 inches grass shear blade. 

The hedge provides you maximum cutting width of 5/16 inches which you will not find in other cutting devices. To change the blades you don’t need any external tool. This tiny trimmer is equipped with a handy little 3-inch grass shear blade fitting, which cuts through grass edges along with the strimmer. 

You can also change the blade of your trimmer due to the molded mounting plates. It is featured with a 3.6V lithium-ion battery with an average run time of 45 minutes. It has an interesting charging feature which is its built-in charging unit. Due to the powerful battery, it has no mess which means no fumes no gas. 

This little trimmer is a clean air choice. It contains an LED light that helps you to check your battery status it helps you to know when your battery is running low. It is only 1 lb and very lightweight tool which makes it easy to handle and doesn’t contain strains to your wrist. For a big job, you need to check other options.

Earthwise ergonomic design gives you comfort while working. It is small and ideal for bushes, it has a handle that offers good grip, it is a lightweight tool that makes it easy to use, itis a handy and portable device with good run time.

  • Portable device.
  • Lightweight tool.
  • Led light to show battery status.
  • Best for neatening hedgerow and small bushes.
  • It offers a cut where large trimmers cannot reach.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work.

7: Ryobi P2900B ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear and Shrubber


Ryobi P2900B ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear and Shrubber


  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

Everyone wants to keep everything in great shape. Similarly, if you are also willing to keep your lawn well maintain then Ryobi Cordless grass shear is here to help you to complete your work easily.

This Cordless tool has specially designed to shear grass and it will provide you the result exactly according to your desire, whatever you want. Even you can covert the Shrubber into the shear, now you can use this Ryobi as shrubbery and also as a grass shear, sounds interesting! I think it is a quite stunning quality that the Ryobi tool holds.

Ryobi P2900B is made up of robust material to make the tool attractive and easy to use which is quite helpful for the users to trim the hedge and shrubs. The blades of this shear tool are made out of stainless steel that helps to make your trimming work effortless and also allows you to finish your task rapidly. 

To hold the Ryobi cordless grass shears tool it has over module handle that allows you to do your work comfortably and make you able to grip the tool easily during work. This best grass shear and shrubbery tool is the best one which gives you a perfect grip while shearing and cutting.

Additionally, the blades of the tool come with dual action to carry out the shearing and to trim shrubs evenly and these dual blades also help you to increase the cutting capacity. The most amazing feature in this cordless tool is its quick and convertible tool for blades that are quite light in weight.

 There are two blades available in this Ryobi tool that can are interchangeable with each other. Ryobi cordless grass shears and shrubbery also allow you to trim hedges, shrubs, and grass at the same time. 

When we start to own something then the maintenance of that thing is the necessary thing but doesn’t need to worry about this. Because the Ryobi P2900B grass shear tool is quite easy to maintain as well as simple to use.

But the average thing in this tool is that Ryobi grass shear doesn’t come up with the battery and the charger. You have to buy the charger and the battery separately. But if you already have a battery and the charger of the Ryobi brand then most probably you don’t need to buy a new one.

  • Light in weight.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Easy to convert it from grass scrubber to shear.
  • Don’t come with a charger and battery.

8: SereneLife Battery Grass Cutter, Grass Clippers Cordless

SereneLife Battery Grass Cutter


  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: At less than 3-lbs, the SereneLife cordless grass cutter is easy-to-use for anyone, regardless of height or weight At 1000+ RPM.
  • RECHARGEABLE: The battery grass shears is a hassle-free way to clean your yard Included is a built-in removable battery for convenient charging Includes battery wall charger adapter Average charge time is 4 hours
  • SIMPLE TO USE: The hedge cutter electric features an effortless one-handed operation The easy to use glide- cut technology and comfortable handheld grip create added convenience
  • GOOD FOR FALL CLEANUP: The power trimmer is perfect for clearing leaves and debris from sidewalks, decks, garages, and driveways
  • RUGGED DESIGN: The grass hand trimmer is made of heavy-duty engineered ABS construction Made specifically to be used in the outdoors and withstand frequent use

While the SereneLife grass cutter performs beyond your expectations, this grass cutter is a well standalone set of cordless grass shear. To make your life easier the ScreneLife grass shear comes in a more versatile package as compare to other ones.

SereneLife grass trimmer can easily be used on a large-scale bush outside. If you have a pain in your hand then SereneLife grass cutter is one of the best choices for you. Because this trimmer allows you to trim hedges effectively which reach up high without making your arm tired during trimming.

Let’s talk about some interesting features that the SereneLife cutter offers us. This is the latest grass trimmer that you can use for the efficient and smooth cutting of grass and shrubs. Everyone wants a lightweight and easy-grip grass cutter, now the problem has been solved. 

Because the most convenient quality that the SereneLife grass cutter holds is its life weight feature. This compact lightweight trimmer is quite easy to use and control also provides a comfortable handle grip.  

The ‘’glide cut technology’’ along with a comfortably designed handheld grip will provide you enjoyable cutting time. Another feature of this bright-green grass trimmer is the 2 in 1 blade system that allows you to change the setting of the cutting blade between 70mm and 100mm.

But safety is quite an important factor that we have to keep in our head while buying something, the bright green SereneLife trimmer has completely safe blades to prevent any dangerous issue.

SereneLife grass trimmer comes with 3.6 volts lithium battery that takes around 4 hours to charge. You can easily be charge by using a wall charger. In this cutter, there is no more need to take the battery out. It’s quite simple, just plug the cord into the back of uniting and charge.

We know warranty matters a lot, people mostly worry about that if there will be any problem than what will they do. Don’t worry because SereneLife offers a 1-year warranty to its users. Indeed this is the best electric grass shears that have ergonomic grass cutter design and will definitely cut smoothly and efficiently the grass.

  • 2 in 1 quality blades.
  • Light in weight.
  • Rugged built.
  • Glide cut technology.
  • Comfortable handheld grip.
  • Average cutting performance.
  • 1-year warranty.

9: BLACK+DECKER GSL35 3.6-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless CompactBLACK+DECKER GSL35 3.6-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Compact




  • Interchangeable steel blades provides versatility to trim both grass and shrubs
  • 6-Inch shrub trimming blade for detailed pruning of ornamental bushes and shrubs
  • 4-Inch Grass shear blade for precision trimming of grass around flower beds, walkways and posts
  • Lightweight, compact design for convenient, quick trimming
  • Lithium battery technology for always ready power, greater performance and longer life

If you want to clean up the untidy areas of your garden than the Black+Decker grass cutter is the best grass shear and shrubbery for you. As everyone knows that the Black Decker is one of the best brands and produces high-quality gardening tools in the market.

Indeed this grass cutter is the most versatile grass shear that allows you to work faster and smoother. GSL35 is the lightweight grass cutter that will provide you greater convenience for performing functions such as trimming and cutting.

Black and decker cordless grass shears are quite easy to use and operate, to provide great power, good performance and durability the tool has a 3.6-volt rechargeable lithium battery. Another greater quality in this cutter is that the charger of the Black Decker cutter is an energy star qualified that helps you to save energy. 

Now there is no need to worry about energy loss. Black Decker grass cutter has specially designed in a way to provide control and less fatigue while performing the operation of cutting.

The Black Decker grass cutter is a cordless cutter equipped with two types of blades and both blades can be effortlessly interchanged whenever you want to and also there is an LED light indicator.

It’s quite simple to change the blade, just hit one button and lift the blade and then place the second one. This interchangeable blade feature helps you to easily convert the grass shear to shrubbery. The one blade is for grass shear that is 4 inches wide and the second blade that is specially designed for trimming has 6 inches blade size.

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Most of the grass cutter has not easily held and good grip handle but this one has an ergonomic design that makes you able to hold the tool easily while doing work. Black decker grass shear gives you a two-year warranty. I think it’s enough to build the trust of the buyers. Black Decker allows you to replace the tool if you find any issue in the grass cutter.

Watch the following video for a quick overview:


This compact grass shear or the cutter is only 1.71 lbs in weight that make it pretty much light in weight and easy to hold. You can complete your work without having any trouble. In the end, I would like to inform you I think. In fact, there are lots of good features in this Black Decker grass cutter but there is one drawback in this tool. 

You have to hold the trigger button all the time while the entire cutting session because there is no lock to keep it in the ON position. This grass cutter is quite fine for a small-scale cutting work but it’s not good enough for thick shrubs and branches.

  • Lightweight.
  • Fast in speed.
  • Good for a small yard.
  • Average battery life.

Final Words

You need so many tools for making your garden look fresh and grass shear is one of them. The selection of the best cordless grass shears must be based on some factors such as its battery, size, and runtime, cutting capacity, blades, and design.

If you know about these factors then it is unproblematic for you to grab the best grass shear for yourself. If you want to get rid of this selection hassle then you must check this article in which I have elaborated on the features and functionalities of some top grass shears. It may make you feel relax and help you in selecting the right one.

I would really appreciate your feedback. Don’t forget to give feedback. Maybe your comments will make me realize some points that I may be lacking at.

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  • QUICK & EZ SHRUBS: The WORX 20V Power Share Garden Shear Shrubber is easy to maneuver, easy to maintain, and makes it easy to cut clean-looking...
  • DUAL ACTION BLADES: Each blade cuts once, then again on the backside, which makes for a smooth, sharp cut.
  • SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER: The same battery powers over 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share family.
  • DIFFERENT SIZED BLADES: Comes with a 4" Grass Shear blade and an 8" Shrubbery blade. So it’s really two tools in one, with an optional pole...
  • SHEATH GUARD: Extends the life and improves the performance of your blade when in storage. You’ll want this tool around for a long time.
LANNERET 7.2V Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear/Shrub Trimmer Combo with Rechargeable Battery and...
  • ✅ 【HIGH PERFORMANCE】Powered by 7.2-Volt 1.5Ah high-capacity built-in lithium-ion battery and includes charger;2-in-1 design makes the switch...
  • ✅ 【COMPACT DESIGN】The compact design of LANNERET cordless grass cutter ensures that it can fit into a variety of small Spaces.3-lights LED...
  • ✅ 【SAFE AND QUICK】Double lock design of child safety lock and security key forms a double security protection.Hold down two triggers/Buttons to...
  • ✅ 【SIMPLE TO USE】At just 0.88lbs(net weight),the hedge cutter electric features an effortless one-handed operation.The easy to use and...
  • ✅ 【ACCESSORIES & 1-YEAR QUALITY PROMISE】1 x LANNERET 7.2V 2 in 1 Cordless Grass Shears/Hedge Trimmer,1 x Blade for grass, 1 x Blade for shrub,1...
Goplus Cordless Grass Shear, 2-in-1 Electric 7.2V Hedge Trimmer with Removable Wheeled Extension...
  • 【2 in 1 Shrub Trimmer & Grass Shear】Equipped with an 8” long bush trimmer blade and a 4” wide grass shearing blade, this dual-function...
  • 【Wheeled Extension Pole & Rotating Handle】The telescoping extension pole with 2 wheels can help you to trim grass and plants low to the ground...
  • 【Efficient Cutting & Long Battery Life】There is a 7.2V battery with large capacity of 2000 mAh in the grass and bush shears to provide high power...
  • 【Security Use & Durable Material】The shell of the grass and bush shear is made of ABS material, which is solid and high temperature resistant for...
  • 【Compact & Easy to Carry】Due to the lightweight material and compact design, our cordless grass and bush shear is portable and can fit into a...
SALEM MASTER 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Shear + Shrub Trimmer, Handheld Grass Trimmer, Grass Clippers,...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Shrub trimmer, only 2.2-lbs, the hedge cutter electric features an effortless one-handed operation. Cordless grass cutter is...
  • SAFE AND QUICK : Double lock design of child safety lock and security key forms a double security protection. Whether working or not, the cordless...
  • RECHARGEABLE: Long-life, rechargeable, 7.2 V lithium-ion battery for hassle-free, cordless operation (battery and charger included). The handheld...
  • COMPACT : The compact design of SALEM MASTER cordless grass cutter ensures that it can fit into a variety of small Spaces. Perfect for using on small...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - 2-in-1 design makes the switch from mowing to hedgerow quick and easy (4-23/32 inch long shrub shear & 3-35/64 inch wide grass...