9 Best Microphones for Smartphone Filmmaking 2020

Either you are a student, businessman, or an employee, you need a Smartphone to communicate with others, get entertained, and utilize it for work purpose.

We all can’t imagine our lives without cell phones as they have lots of useful features like calling, messaging, browsing, playing games, watching movies, listening songs/news, clicking pictures and making short interviews/movies.

So far almost everything is cool in the latest smartphones, but all cell phones have one central issue, and that is audio quality. Even expensive phones lack in providing good audio.

Not to worry. We have every problem’s solution, so does this! Where you can spend enough money for having one of the best and latest smartphones, then you can also afford a small amount of additional expenditure to buy an external microphone for your android.

Microphone plays a vital role to record clear voice while making a video clip or recording audio via phones, tablets, and laptops/computers.

To get an incredible microphone, I have done detail researched and made a list of 9 best receivers for smartphone filmmaking.     

Let’s discover.

1: IK Multimedia iRig Mic Lav compact lavalier microphone for smartphones and tablets   

Let’s start with slashed price IK multimedia iRig mic which has plenty of features and can use professionally and suitable for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android.       

The iRig mic records clear and high-quality audio sounds. The mic is perfect for those who are out somewhere like journalists or videographers and making videos then the mic is capable of cutting the background disturbance and recording clear voice.    

You can record high-quality voice with the 30Hz-16Hz frequency range because of the omnidirectional condenser capsule. Foam pop shield eliminates unwanted background noises and allows you to record crystal-clear sound with the use of resilient and adjustable (on the t-shirt, lapel and other flexible material) mounting clip.           

One can be satisfied yet happy by having the iRig mic as it comes up with chain up power. That means you can connect two mics and record the two different voices at the meanwhile without getting into the trouble of adjusting mics.      

iRig Smartphone microphone includes 1/8” TRRS combo port that output audio sound to your convenient hands-free so you can easily monitor the voice settings while shooting the video effortlessly.

iRig mic offers you to record crystal-clear voice without bothering yourself to adjust the mic repeatedly and switching one mic from one person to other and lastly monitoring the voice quality while shooting. All these factors make the IK multimedia iRig mic worth to have it.           

2: Shure MV88+ Video Kit with Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone

The Shure MV88+ is one of the best portable audio and video recording kits which facilitate you with the necessary tools you would require during the shoot.

The way this device designed is superb. It comes with Manfrotto PIXI mini tripod, phone clamp, shoe-mount mic clip which makes the use of the MV88+ quite easy. The device has iOS, lightning cable, USB-C cables to connect with other devices.

The MV88+ video kit has built-in headphone which allows you to set/check audio while shooting. It gives you to monitor your recording without getting disturbed.

The Shure has its MOTIV audio and video applications which you need to download in your iOS or Android. The MV88+ gives you the confidence to shoot the best quality stuff without getting worried about your cell falling. The multiple stereo width and polar pattern options can use for crucial litheness.       

All you need to do is take out your cell phone and fix it into the phone clamp and start recording. You will get professional audio and video recording by using it. You can keep you all tools in neoprene roll-up bag and take out your whole host creative set-up to cover your desire interviews and vlogs with high clear crystal quality of sound.

You can hold the device stand, or you can keep the tripod stand on the perfect place to capture the video. You don’t need to set the mic with the person you are talking while interviewing as the mic has its position in the tripod stand on the top.       

You don’t need to worry about the stand breaking thing as the whole system made of metal. You can get your phone charged when the mic connected to your cell phone would not go out of charging.

One can easily manage it without having any assistant to fix the Shure MV88+ microphone as it is easy to use and carry. In my opinion, MV88+ is the best smartphone microphone along with tripod stand as it offers you to create, capture, edit, and share the videos just in few seconds.

3: Comica Smartphone Video Kit CVM-VM10-K4 Filmmaker Handle Grip with Shotgun Video Microphone

The Comica smartphone video kit CVM-VM10-K4 has a sturdy grip of the cell phone, which allows you to record the video without any movement disturbance. This is the combo of audio and video shoot which takes the shooting process to the next level.  

The cardioid directional microphone provides you the professional audio sound, and it fixes at the one place on the top of the tripod stand. The mic has super shielded and anti-interference quality, which avoids the background noise and records clear voice.

The fluffy sock included for the microphone so when you go for seaside or noisy outdoor shooting, the fuzzy sock will shun the wind noise ideally. You can keep your smartphone while shooting at one place or hold it in hand as it has a sturdy tripod stand which is best for placing as well as for handheld grip. It has a ¼ external port and hot shoe mount to attach a flash unit.

Any size of a smartphone can fix in the plastic and well built lightweight tripod stand – to twist the screw, you can set the clip hold to the diverse sizes cell phones. It can hold cell phone of 54MM to 95MM wide like Samsung, Huawei, iPhone 6/6s/6plus/7/7plus/8/8plus/X and else.

You can adjust the angle of the smartphone by pressing the button. The handle grip is detachable, and it has to connect Rod. The Comica is flexible to collect reusable parts of your required scenes via assembly given range of modes. The CVM-VM10-K4 is perfect for avid smartphone users, filmmakers, journalists, photographers, sporters, travelers, and for those who love to carry their smartphones everywhere and do all activities like recording and others via phones. This device helps you to avoid DSLR fatigue.    

4: Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone  Omnidirectional Mic with Easy Clip-On System Perfect for Recording

The professional grade Lavalier lapel external microphone for android phone performs excellently indoor and outdoor. It is best to fit for from YouTube channel recordings to Garage Band.     

PowerDeWise Lavalier microphone has the quality to record flawless sounds and allows you to record audio sound professionally. It comes up with one lapel microphone, one rotating clip, two wind muffs, one extra cable (79 inches long), one 4 to 3PIN adapter and one deluxe pouch.   

Lavalier microphone easily gets fixed on the lapel of the shirt, and there is one rotating clip which you can use to rotate the mic in any direction you want. You need to plug 3.5 MM TRRS compatible microphone jack into your iPhone, Android, or any smartphone and experience to record the clear voice.

The professional microphone is companionable with a computer, laptop, and cameras (those do not require actively charged microphones). It won’t need any extra plugs or batteries.        

The Lavalier microphone wholly designed according to the demand of customers. You do not only use this for recording purpose but for calling reason too. 79 inches long extension wire includes in the pack so one can quickly move in the room or outdoor while shooting.

Wind muff avoids the air of the background and captures only the voice you want to record. Professional grade has two wind muffs and to carry mic, extension wire, rotating clip and wind muffs in a deluxe pouch which can place in a small handbag.     

The Lavalier mic is small yet very useful, handy and offers many beneficial types of equipment which allow you to record the high-quality sound of the video you make via your smartphone. It is so amazing that you can register your rap.  

Now you can take your mic small kit anywhere you want to go for the shoot by your smartphone.

5: Lavalier Microphone, MAONO AU100 Hands-Free Clip-on Lapel Mic with Omnidirectional Condenser for Podcast

Now the Lavalier brings new mic which is MAONO AU100 microphone, which is perfect for flat frequency and high sensitivity sound recordings with the range of 15Hz to 18 KHz.

The MAONO mic works for the smartphone as well as for DSLR. You can find the buttons of ON and OFF on the mic, which means ON for DSLR mode and OFF for smartphone mode. Flat frequency allows recording vocal and instrument clear sounds.

Just be careful when you plug in mic into a camera on auto volume mode then you will get big noise. Don’t worry, you can adjust it by decreasing the volume, and it will get rid of the sound. Don’t forget to download OPEN CAMERA or PROMO VID when you are about to record a video on Android.

The Lavalier mic is the best microphone for smartphone filmmaking as it is super lightweight and can fit comfortably on the collar, tie, pocket, lapel or any other place with a clip and hardly noticed by another person that the mic clipped with him/her.

The omnidirectional condenser built in the mic for getting the better audio. The mic kit includes one Lavalier microphone (236 in cable), two button batteries (one for backup), one adapter (3.5mm-6.5mm), one metal clip, one wind muff, and one manual to guide you.

The mic comes up with one useful jack that is 3.5MM TRRS jack which lets you connect your mic with computer and smartphones. 6.5mm adapter given for DSLR, camera, headset and professional audio devices (such as Canon EOS Digital SLR Camera, Canon PowerShot, Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera and others).

Just be sure to plug your mic tightly to the device while recording and unplug the mic when checking your captured voice.

The MAONO mic offers one year warranty. I think it is a good deal to have or gift anyone a mic which records unusual loud and crisp sounds and allows you to record your videos freely by moving here and there with the help of 236 inches long cord. The mic is great for interviewing, live broadcasting on the podcast, for Skype calls, YouTube video recordings.

6: BOYA BY-M1 3.5mm Lavalier Condenser Microphone with AriMic Windscreen Windshield for iPhone 7 Plus Smartphones

The BOYA BY-M1 is smartphone microphone which can also use for DSLR, audio recorders, computers, laptops, camcorders to give your video the best sound.

The Omni pattern is built in the mic so you can capture the clear sound of a full 360 degrees view. The mic gives you super satisfaction of perfect sound recording as a 6-meter cable with output connection of 3.5mm 4-pole gold. All you need is to connect the mic with the smartphone or your desirable device.    

There is a way to use the mic like when you use it for smartphone, switch off the microphone and slide the ON/OFF up to OFF/smartphone and for DSLR, camcorders, audio recorders, computer or laptop, switch on the mic and push the ON/OFF up to ON.

The mic has many features like a clip-on mic, Omnidirectional condenser microphone, low handling noise, high-quality condenser, and video XM-L Wired Lavalier microphone that is 20 ft audio cable.

The frequency range of the mic is 65Hz to 18 KHz, and the battery type is LR44, which Included. 
The dimensions of the 2.5g weigh mic are 18.00mmH x 8.30mmW x 8.30mmD, and the power Module is 18g in it.  

The mic kit contains one BOYA condenser microphone which is 20ft long, one lapel clip, one 1/4¡± adapter, one foam windscreen, one LR44 battery, one English User’s Manual and one free windscreen/windshield.

The BOYA microphone allows you to shoot your videos by moving away from your smartphone, and you can use the mic for video calls to chat with your family members or friends.  

7: IK Multimedia iRig Pre and iKlip Grip live-streaming bundle

The IK multimedia offers you the package which has iRig pre and iKlip grip live-streaming in a very reasonable cost.  

The iRig mic has input with sensitivity, and you can monitor the sound with supported apps while shooting the video with 1/8” long headphone. The mic is 15.75 inches long cord, so it gives you the liberty to roam around while recording.  

+48v Phantom power is built in for professional condense sound. The iRig can work with almost all well-known audio & video apps and can use in the recording via smartphone and tablet. It has an immense battery life of 30 hours (10 hours of phantom power).

The mic can easily connect with smartphones and offers 4 in 1 smartphone/camera holding stands. Yeah, you read it right. You can record according to your required position as a handgrip, desktop tripod, and monopod and smartphone tripod adaptor.

The 4 in 1 stand is the prominent feature of the IK multimedia mic. You can record your video in selfie-style, hold it in one hand, and keep it on one place with the help of tripod or monopod stand.

The stand has a ball joint that allows 2-axis modifiable shooting angles. The position has Bluetooth shutter and 2’ extension pole so you can record your videos from a distance.

8: Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel Microphone Kit – Clip-on Omnidirectional Condenser Lav Mic Compatible

The purple panda is another external microphone for Android and computer/laptop mic from Lavalier Company. This mic has excellent stereo audio, which is capable of recording premium quality sound.

The mic has five tools along with eBook. 9.8ft (3m) extension cord allows you to move around while shooting the video, mini USB adapter, TRS (2 ring) adapter, fuzzy windscreen which stops the noise when you capture the audio, extra clip to clip on the shirt or any appropriate place, and a pouch which is absolutely free to keep your all mic tools in it safely.

The purple panda mic is sturdy, very light, and flexible, which let you record your videos without any worries. It is effortless to use the clip the mic on the person or object whose sound you would like to register, plug in the mic into your smartphone and click the play button from the cell phone. There is no need for extra batteries or download any apps.

The Lavalier mic works with different devices like iPhone, iPod, Android / Galaxy phones, go pro hero 2, hero 3, hero 3+, hero 4, hero 5*, 6*, 7* (go pro devices require mic adapter), camcorders, DSLR cameras, personal computers/ laptops, ps4 controllers, zoom / Tascam recorders, and others (Note: The purple panda mic is not compatible with Nexus phones).

The mic is not only ideal for recording purpose but for Skype calls, vlogging, moto vlogging, filmmaking, gaming, webinars, podcasts, or interviews. The mic is appropriate for YouTube video recording as well.

9: Ultimate Lavalier Microphone For Bloggers And Vloggers 

The ultimate Lavalier microphone can record all surround sounds. The lapel mic is best for those who want to record minor sounds in their videos like bloggers and vloggers.

The ultimate mic produces a quality sound recording with your videos. This can use smartphones and tablets. The omnidirectional is used, which picks up sound quickly and records it.

You can enjoy using miracle sound microphone while you record your family videos, functional videos, or work videos. You can clip the mic on the lapel of the shirt or any other tool which voice you want to record.

The mic is multi-capable, and it comes with 3.5 MM TRRS jack, which allows you to connect your mic with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android & Windows Smartphone and tablet and any smartphone device.

The mic is small, handy, and easy to carry anywhere and can keep in your handbag without any trouble. It comes in the deluxe case so you can save a durable lapel mic, a special wind muff and most extended cord of 59 inches (1.5m) altogether.

Wind muff is ideally used outdoors or in noisy places. Wind muff avoids all background unwanted voices while recording and capture only that sound which we target to record.

The most extended cord allows us to move quickly while recording. We don’t need to get distracted or stop ourselves when we record any video. It gives you an option to capture your video from the long distance too.

The ultimate smartphone microphone gives you a 100% money back guarantee if you will not get satisfied. The Lavalier Company offers you great deal packages of the durable mic with 10 to 20% off if you would choose their deal offer.

Final Words

Sound plays an important role when you watch any video. If the sound is not up to the mark, then you can’t understand what is going on in the video. Many people make videos with lots of effort; that’s why they should not compromise on the quality of the audio.

Above I have mentioned 9 best microphones for smartphone filmmaking. Each one described in detail and the good news is they all are cheap enough to buy. You won’t need to think a lot about the budget when you will buy your desirable mic among them.

I would love to hear from you that finally, you have found what you are looking for. Let me know by commenting in the comment box below.      

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