What To Do If You Spill Water On Your Macbook

What To Do If You Spill Water On Your MacBook – 2023 Guide

It is common knowledge that you should not put water, tea, or coffee cup near your laptop or in a position that it will spill on it. Who wants a soaking laptop, unless it is waterproof.

Now that the water/coffee/juice is spilled on your MacBook after the wave of panic, that runs through your body is a little subsided, and when your brain cells start working again unplug it immediately. When the electricity runs through it, and it will add fuel to the fire. Water will short the circuit board, which will fire up the system.

The next important thing to do is not to close the screen if it is open, because the water will seep into it. I know it is basic knowledge, but in the time of panic, we tend to forget the most basic things to do. Please do all the above actions within 10-15 seconds.

Now let us move to the next best thing that you can do. It is to take the battery out, so the rest of the electricity is also cut off. Turn the laptop upside down, so the water drips out of it and use an observant water cloth, or tissue paper to absorb the water as much as possible.

MacBook Spilled Water

Do not turn on the laptop for the next 48 hours to give it maximum time to dry up completely. Now that you have given it enough time to dry out the water inside you can turn it on.

If you follow these easy steps, you significantly raise the chances of saving your MacBook from near doom. However, if you think it was thoroughly soaked and there is possible damage to the system, then take it to a professional and explain it all to him/her.

Other things that you can do to save the MacBook after the water adventure:

Use Vaccum to suck out the water:Use Vaccum to suck out the water

I know the vacuum is used to vacuum the dust, but you can try it for liquid. Let me give you some instruction so you have to take a cotton cloth and put it on the head of the suction pipe so when you try to vacuum the water out the fabric will absorb it as much. Even if it does not it will bring it out from the depth and the water will not seep further into the system.

Run to the kitchen:

Yes, you read it right the kitchen might have the remedy for you. You may have seen or heard about putting the soaked electric device in the bag of rice.

You have to do the same so get a bag of rice enough to cover the MacBook keyboard part or if the water went into the screen then flip it to include the screen instead. Rice tends to soak the moisture out, so it is great to use in such situations. When you have to wait let the laptop untouched after the water spillage at the time you can put rice on it, so the process speeds up. It has proven to be very helpful for many, and I hope it works for you as well.

Silica Gel Packets:

I have many silica gel packets in different bags and shoe boxes. It can be of great help here. It is also great to soak the moisture out.  So go ahead and collect all the silica gel packets from your stuff and your friends and family as well.Silica Gel Packets

As it a very thing bag keeping it together because they are tiny ball-like particles. You can use it as it is or if you can go through a hectic process of cleaning it, then go bold.  Leave it for good two days as it is a slow process, but surely it works.

Use a Fan:

You can dry the water by flipping it over and arrange a table fan. Make sure the fan is on a low setting, so the brisk air does not push the water further into the system. Leave it in that upside-down position until you feel it scorched. Do not try to turn it on let it dry out.

Patience Is Best Solution:

I know in time like this we are always busy on our laptop and keep our hands away from it is a great deal. The best part is now we have the cloud to save our important files and documents.

A laptop is a treasured item to have and when it is MacBook that costs a fortune. The spillage damage can hurt more than your files and that are your sentiments. After everything you try the best you can do is wait for one more day then you than you can expect. Many of the systems work fine once the moistures dry out completely. Patience is your friend in this situation.

Service Shop Hopeful Visit:

When you think you have tried everything even your patience has run out. After attempting to turn the laptop but all in vain. It is better to take it to the repair shop. Hopefully, the whole notebook not fried so it can repair within the budget. Not to scare you or anything but the repair can be costly, but you do not have a choice here. You should go for it as it is not every day that we purchase a MacBook.

Spilling water is terrible but what is worst is spilling sugary or thick liquids. Such liquids will be a nightmare to take out. If you have dropped such fluids, don’t waste time drying it as it will need deep cleaning from outside to inside. Take it to repair shop without spending time as in this case; the wait can cause even more damage by seeping into more complicated areas.

I hope you have found your solution only one thing to remember for the future and that is DO NOT PUT LIQUIDS NEAR YOUR MacBook. Best of luck. Let’s find out Best Processors For A Laptop.