Top 9 Tools Every Welder Should Have in 2023

Are you interested in opting a career in welding but do not know what tools you will need to perform the job? Many people believe that getting into a welding business will be very expensive but this is not always the truth. There are a couple of welding tools that come in affordable prices and are essential for starting your career as a welder. Let us have a look at these tools one by one:

1. Auto darkening welding helmet:

The most fundamental and essential piece of welding tool you can get is an auto darkening helmet to protect yourself from any damage while performing your job as a welder. The main role of an auto darkening helmet is to prevent flames and sparks from scarring your face while you work and forestall harm to the skin and eyes from the heat produced.

These helmets also have an extra component for safeguarding your eyes from the harsh sparkling lights produced from other welding instruments and from the warmed metal itself. The glass covering the eyes is concealed to just permit a specific measure of light through at a time, to see without harming your eyes.

2. Workbench or a welding table:


Welding on the ground is illogical, awkward, and may even risk your health. Before you start any welding project, you want to find a strong surface where you can work. Whether that is a customary workbench or a devoted welding table, that ultimately depends on you, but don’t hold back on this.

Regardless of whether you can’t work in your shop where you have everything set up or you have to do the job at your client’s place, there are a lot of compact workbenches that can be bought at a nominal cost. Put resources into one of those and carry it with you, as it will make your job much easier. If you are interested in getting such valuable welding consumables, then consider checking out

3. Metal files:

You must have heard of or used metal files before, while perhaps not on a welding project, but may be on your fingernails. They’re incredible to utilize while completing a task. Whenever you begin cutting your material, you’ll have loads of metal burrs that you need to dispose of. If the metal burrs are bigger in size, you can use the grinder for that purpose but if you need fine finishing on your end product, then a metal file is a great option.

4. Welding gloves:

You cannot forget to buy welding gloves for yourself unless and until you want to damage your hands or fingers. You need to choose thick gloves which can help you pick hot metals for a few seconds without causing any harm to your fingers. Thin gloves are also available in the market that are specifically meant for TIG welding where you really want more precision while holding the torch. We would suggest that you start your career as a welder with a thick pair of gloves. They will last you longer and will not get ruined until you hold too hot metal pieces with it.

5. MIG Pliers:


MIG pliers are exceptionally beneficial for a welder or we can say a venturing stone for any welding work. There are numerous purposes of a MIG plier but the main purpose is to take out hot nozzles from the firearm to eliminate the contact tip of two conjoint wires which usually emerges from the functioning weapon or gun. It can also be utilized in joining the conjoint wires appropriately if in case the wires come out.

6. Welding boots:

Foot wounds are very common and least talked about accidents that take place at workplaces. An expected 25 percent of all disabilities occurs due to the aftereffect of foot wounds at work. Knowing all of this, you have to protect your feet from the hot metal and heavy tools that you work with while doing any welding project.

We suggest you get welding boots for protecting your feet while doing your job. It should be as strong as possible. Heavy leather and steel-built up toes are an absolute necessity. The aim is to shield your feet from liquid metal falling on them.

7. Angle Grinder:

An angle grinder is usually used to cut any wooden board or any metal quell too. An angle grinder should have various discs, which can be helpful for performing different little tasks. If you do not have any equipment like an angle grinder, it would be difficult for you to build or rectify any small structure. Supported with defensive layers, it would safeguard you from heavy fumes and sparks.

8. Cutting torches:


Welding and gas cutting torches, also called oxy-acetylene torches or oxy-fuel torches, use oxygen and fuel gas to generate heat and slice the metal workpieces. Cutting torches effectively slice or cut thick steel and tempered steel and are appropriate for demolition tasks. Cutting torches heat the workpiece to join two surfaces and make a solid joint. The tip and nozzle of the torch direct the progression of gas from the torch for exact outcomes and can be changed to adjust the torch for various metals.

9. Safety glasses:

Whenever you weld or when you use grinders, flashes and other little bits of metal fly all over, including your helmet. Put resources into a couple of security glasses and consistently use them prior to wearing an auto darkening helmet. The helmet will safeguard you of the times, however don’t let that lure you into a misguided feeling of safety. It’s enough for one harsh spark to fly under the helmet and you’re finished.


As a welder you must know that your profession is a bit risky for your overall health. While performing welding, you can get several injuries and in order to avoid that you have to ensure that the tools or equipment you are using provide you the maximum safety. Check out the above list to know about all the essential tools that a welder must have in his tool kit.