7 Best MIG Welder Under 1500 In 2020

When you are at home and want to repair something, you don’t always want to go search for a person who could come in repair and maintain it for you. Sometimes you want to take the duty in your hand especially when you are an enthusiast. 

To repair your material, welding is one of the ways. There are different types of welding among them. MIG welding is one of the easy ways to weld your material. 

Some people claim that it is as easy as using a glue gun especially when you can have it at an affordable price. Here, I am going to tell you about the best MIG welder under 1500. Before jumping to the best products, let’s see what MIG welding is.

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) is a Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) process that uses a continuous metal wire electrode that is heated and fed into a weld pool from the welding gun. The base metals are then melted and joined together. 

Welding gun also feeds an inert shielding gas alongside the wire electrode helping to protect the process from airborne contamination.

Manual MIG welding is a process, which is also known as semi-automatic MIG welding. In this process, the wire feed rate and arc length are controlled by the power source, but the travel speed and wire position are under manual control.

This process can also be mechanized when all the process parameters are not directly controlled by a welder. The process can be referred to as an automatic process when there is no manual intervention.

Here I am listing the names of Best MIG welder under 1500 Dollars.

1: Forney 324 MIG Welder (Best MIG welder Under 1500

If you’re a home-based welder, purchasing 2 or 3 different welders may not be in the budget. The Forney 324 190-amp multi-process welders make it easier for the welder to MIG, TIG, or stick weld with ease and also save space either you are operating it in a shop, home or a garage setup.

If you are searching for a versatile welder, you can opt for Forney 324 190 Amp MIG Stick TIG Multi-Process Welder since it can perform different types of welding with one system. It can be used for several purposes including general fabrication, boats, automotive, farms, light industrial repairs, and maintenance.

It comes with an additional feature of a spool gun. To avail it, you can purchase the spool gun separately. It also comes as MIG ready and features a gas hose, as well as a regulator with it. To use the option of TIG welding, you can purchase the Tungsten Inert Process setup with a foot pedal and torch.

The unique feature of Forney is the Euro connects MIG which ensures a comfortable and time-saving welding project which helps the machine to change the MIG gun or torch quickly and easily between welding processes.

Forney welder comes with a meager weight of 51.4 pounds and runs at a low input power of 120V. Its cast aluminum drive system makes the machine sturdier and functional and guarantees quick replacement of parts.

The most outstanding property of this welder is its synergic welding capability. This machine can minimize its spatter and optimize its arc this ensures a superb quality of welding

  • Easy to set up and use
  • More versatile (3 in 1 MIG welder)
  • Comes with inverter technology
  • Have a digital readout system
  • Portable and great for the DIY project
  • The power cord is 15 feet long
  • Power trip issue
  • Can’t weld thicker metal

2: Everlast PowerMTS (Best 220v MIG Welders)

This 4 starred and it is very compact rated MIG welder is digitally controlled. Plus, it is also fixed with a multi-processor inverter. It is made out of authentic stainless steel which is durable.

Everlast PowerMTS 251Si Pulse MIG TIG Stick is one of the best 220v MIG welders which can produce premium quality welds by consuming very less amount of time, minimizing the manual labor efforts.

The big difference noticed and reviews by our valued customer pay off for the replacement of the old version, DC MIG is now enhanced to the very latest PowerMTS 251SI which also holds the quality of multi-tasking.

The new feature that is added to this version is that in TIG mode it gives the user an option to initiate the welder using a lift or even a touch less start option.

With the addition to this, the upgraded version is capable of greater adjustability which means it can give you self-control on hot start intensity and start duration and just with a small knob or button you can easily control it depending upon the intensity of what you require.

It may look complicated to control this many new options and handle them simultaneously but it is not like that, you can control the features parallel. 

You no longer have to check behind or beside the welder to look for any other option because all of them are available at the front face to help you in easing your task and making it more users friendly.

The front panel also consists of the control of pre and post flow of gas solenoid which can lower the amount of splatter produced during welding. 

  • NO complications
  • No need to search for features
  • Options are available on the front face
  • Control of hot start and hot duration
  • Offers gas flow options on the front panel
  • Batteries are not required
  • Too many options
  • Heavyweight

3: Miller Electric 120/240VAC, 1 Phase

Miller Electric MIG welders are one of those brands which diehard welders not only respect but also appreciate the features that they offer to their users. Their lineup of welders is easily some of the best out there making them stand out in a very crowded industry.

The Miller Electric 120/240VAC 1 Phase MIG Welder is a perfect example of a complete, durable and true heavy-duty MIG welder as it was built to last and take any sort of welding project with ease. The complete set gives you everything that you need, to weld stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel and other types of material.

The Miller Electric welder comes with the fan on-demand cooling framework that lone works when vital. You will hardly know that it’s on due to its ultra-quiet working setup. This element diminishes clamor, control utilization, and the number of contaminants pulled through the machine.

Miller provides spot-on performance to its user so you have no worries when welding aluminum, stainless-steel or mild metals you get the same precision every time you weld a metal. It gives you the versatility and performance that is hard to find.

This 240Vac Single Phase MIG welding gear is fit for welding aluminum or soft steel that is as thin as 18-check and 24-measure individually, up to 3/8-inch-thick, making it perfect for different metal creation applications. The Miller 240V MIG welder can be used additionally for flux-cored welding.

It comes with multi-voltage plugging and supports dual voltage. So, you can utilize the welding device anywhere. You only have to choose the sort of attachment. 

Although it’s efficient it won’t be a good choice for everyone but only for those who have experience since it is a heavy-duty welder.

  • Great spot-on performance
  • Strong and smooth welds
  • Powerful welder, built for professionals
  • Lightweight for a heavy-duty MIG welder
  • Works surprisingly well on 220v electricity
  • Minimal splatter
  • Can weld all types of material
  • Dual volt capability
  • Very quiet
  • High speedy wire
  • Bit expensive

4: ESAB Rebel EM 215ic MIG Welder (Best Professional MIG Welder)

To minimize your manual hassle, the Rebel EM 215ic, one of the most commonly used, 5 stars rated and best professional MIG welder is ready to weld equipment itself.

The ESAB Rebel is measured to be about 34 x 12.6 x 20 inches in length, width and height respectively and weighs around 40 pounds excluding the packaging and shipping charges.

The user does not have to assemble any parts or fix up before using it. This has all the components pre-fixed into it. All you have to do is start it and do your job.

Mainly the topmost uses of Rebel EM 215ic MIG welder are related to industrial usage which includes repairing, fixing and maintenance of civil work, construction. With many other uses, it can also be used for the fabrication of automotive.

This MIG welder is unique because it is useful to both beginner and professional level welders. For professionals, it has a great product and for the new users or trainees, it is very easy to use and reduces time to complete a welding project.

Workshops are usually in open sunny areas which may cause difficulty in reading the digits and meters due to reflection of rays but Rebel EM 215ic MIG welder has a quality of giving easy readings even in sunlight or from far away.

Additionally, the panels are designed to be very easy and understandable for any level user.

This MIG welder can be used for both types of wires, solid as well as flux-cored ones using the handy torch.

  • Not complicated to handle
  • Lightweight and extremely portable
  • Offers easy reading in sunlight
  • Gives easy reading from a distance
  • Quick and easy to control
  • Controls are provided on the front panel
  • Productive for professional use
  • Appropriate for beginner level as well
  • Torch is included
  • Batteries are not included
  • Not adequate for smaller projects

5: Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG is built on Hobart`s renowned reputation which is known as a world-class welder manufacturer. It runs on an impressive 210A of solid power despite its fairly small size. Its power and portability make this product one of the most convenient releases of the Hobart Handler brand.

It works with many types of metal such as stainless steel, steel, aluminum, and many others and in various thicknesses of metal. It is an ideal welder for those who have versatile kind of work and work on different metals.

You can perform a host of functions with the Hobart MIG welder. Whether you want to weld exhaust systems, trailer hitches and frames, garden equipment, metal sculptures, bow/ gun racks, fences, tool carts, and even farm equipment, the Handler 210 will help you out. It can also weld aluminum if you choose to use the direct plug-in Spool Runner 100 gun.

Hobart MIG welder comes with multiple voltages. It allows you to connect to common 115 or 230 V power receptacles without the use of any tools. You simply have to choose the plug that fits the receptacle. The integrated spool gun control circuitry is standard and eliminates your need for an additional control box or adaptor to connect the Spool Runner 100 spool gun.

The industrial cast aluminum wire drive system provides you with durability with professional performance with predictable encouraging and straightforward firearm setup.

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder has quick Select drive roll. It comes with 3 groves so less time is consumed in setup (two for different size solid wire and the third one for flux-cored wire). Also, the self-resetting thermal overload protects the power transformer from thermal overload providing you maximum reliability. 

  • Ease of switching between 115v or 230v power
  • Ready spool gun
  • Comes with set-up chart and user manual for easy setup
  • 7 voltage settings help increase precision when welding
  • The limitless wire control system
  • Fairly heavy to move around
  • Not ideal for large scale industrial use

6: Firepower 1444-0872 MST 220i 3-in-1 MIG Stick and Tig Welding System

The Firepower 1444-0872 MST 220iis a 3 in 1 all MIG stick and Tig combined which means it can be used by professionals as TIG has to be learned and also can be used by labor level workers with the point and shoot option offered by MIG.

Firepower 1444-0872 MST 220i is available in the dimensions of 30 x 15 x 30 inches and weighs 50 pounds without its packaging and shipping included. The thickness of its metal plate is measured to be approximately 3/8 inches. 

Along with handling heavier and complicated constructional, maintenance and automotive welding projects, this special Firepower 1444-0872 MST 220i can also be used for quick fragmentation, amendments and for customizing the metal.

The most common places it is used in our garages and job shops.

With a power consumption of only 208 to 230 volts, it gives an incredible output of 210 amperes which means it is ideally efficient.

Furthermore, the wire speed varies between 100-600 IPM and 100-400 IPM depending upon the voltage used.

TIG is for the specialized user as it is most commonly used where precision is significant to be taken care of whereas MIG is the very easy to use option and it has a quality of quick, efficient and cleaner output products. 

Moreover, with the spool gun feature, aluminum MIG welding is also made possible. Similarly, Stick is preferred mostly in outdoor works. 

The duty cycle of MIG is 48% with 19.5 voltage and 110 amperes of current and with 210 Amperes along with 23.5 Volts it has a 20% duty cycle both at 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Customization and repairs as well
  • Has all three in one option of MIG, Stick, and Tig
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for any site/office place
  • Gives greater productivity
  • Appropriate for all level welders/workers
  • Cannot be used vertically due to leakage and heat issues
  • Bit costly


All of the welders being imported from different places and delivered at your specified location guarantee a long-lasting usage. All of them are from the category of one of the best MIG welder under 1500.

But still, just in case of any mishap, all the shipped equipment comes with a return policy as well. 

To sum up the article, from the overview of all the MIG welders, it can be assumed that they all have an ideal working output and the efficiency and quality of the output depend upon the flexibility and workload applied on the equipment rather than just the features of the MIG welders.

With all the significant details, their advantages and disadvantages in mind, buying the right product suitable for your job will be much easier now. You can easily judge the factors of one MIG welder by comparing it to the others.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us by commenting in the comment box below.

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