5 Best TVs For Watching Sports 2023 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sports are the second most important thing in our lives and no one can dispute that. Whatever kind of sports you follow in 2023, you want to do it in some style with a big screen TV that has an awesome picture. If you can go there in person why not make it as real as possible.

Since we are hit with a global pandemic and since crowd gatherings are off-limits, watching sports on big TVs in the comfort of our home is all we got. Thankfully technology isn’t sleeping and in recent years manufacturers have made efforts on releasing TV models that keep us, sports fans, really happy.

Whenever we are talking about monitors, screens, TVs there are numerous things to go through to find what suits you best. Some are really into high-resolution images, some like brighter colours, some want their TV both smart and very fast and responsive. You also have to take into consideration things like uniformity to avoid what is called screen shade clouding, fast motion handling as well as wide-angle viewing to accommodate your friends.

Whatever your preference maybe this article is the one for you because today you will jump into the world of 5 best 4K TVs that will make sports watching an awesome experience.
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1. 4K OLED

Source: philips.rs

LG C1 is a TV that is the best in this category with a nearly perfect OLED panel, and its premium price reflects that. Few things are important when it comes to watching sports and it’s a wide-angle viewing which is incredible here. LG makes its units built very well, and it is available in sizes that range from 48” to 83”. LG put effort into this one and with this model, there is something for every need. It is awesome for sports, as well as games because of its great response times. Uniformity is great and it has little to no dirty screen effect. The 4K panel offers near-infinite contrast ratio that is great for usage in poorly lit conditions. The downside is a limited brightness which will make it struggle in bright or sunny rooms. The one thing you have to watch out for in OLED TVs is that pesky permanent burn-in but if you watch different content, it shouldn’t be an issue.

2. 4K LED TV

Source: philips.com

If OLED panels worry you then there is an LED counterpart from Samsung. Model QN85A has a QLED panel that is a bit safer because with them you don’t have to worry about screen damage that OLEDs are prone to. The QN85A is very thin and it looks awesome both on its stand as well as when wall-mounted. It has a great viewing angle that is suited for big companies where no one will be feeling left aside. Thanks to its backlighting and very brightness in SDR settings, coupled with magnificent reflection handling it is awesome for watching even in the brightest conditions. Sadly, one drawback is uniformity issues where you get that dirty screen effect in the center of the screen that might bother you, especially at this price range. Response time is awesome and there are no blue lines. With BFI you can, even more, reduce the flicker for the best viewing experience. LED panel offers a bit more limited contrast ratio though which is to be expected.

3. 4K LED – Alternative

Source: cnet.com

Hisense U8G is a brand that offers a lot of goodness for a lower price if you are willing to compromise a bit on certain things like – poor viewing angles and loss in precision of the picture as you change angles. There are positives to it as well and a few of those are a lot better contrast and a lot less blooming around a bright object. Very lit environments don’t bother this TV because of the excellent top brightness coupled with amazing reflection handling. The manufacturer here made one big mistake and it is the semi-gloss finish that needs you to set this TV opposite of direct sunlight. Quick response times and awesome-looking motion even behind fast-moving objects is its best-selling point. Uniformity here is also a problem with this unit so expect a dirty screen effect here as well and expect to find it in the center which will annoy you like crazy.

4. Budget 4K TV

Source: techradar.com

Hisense is really good at making TVs especially for those that want decent quality while on a budget. The Hisense H8G is the best budget 4K resolution TV that offers a lot. The ratio of build quality to price is great and it boasts a simple design that fits neatly into every home and every place. Its VA panel will give you a high contrast ratio with deep black colours that will pop out when you watch it in poor lighting or dark rooms. Viewing angles are not great and dirty screen effect in the centre take away from its overall score. Good response time and ability to reduce motion blur makes it a top Budget 4K TV. Brightness is good and glare isn’t a big problem but reflections are an issue – it will struggle in very lit rooms.

5. Budget 4K – Alternative

Source: t3.com

LG UP8000 is a great alternative for the previous mentioned TV. Biggest upsides of this model are awesome viewing angles thanks to its IPS-like panel, its response times are good angle and that is about it. The downsides are lower brightness than on the Hisense TV. Glare is its biggest issue but reflection handling is a lot better. The panel is limiting this model in colors as well since they all somewhat look washed away and your blacks will be a bit greyish. This TV model is available in the 50”, 60” and 70” sizes and we need to note here that these models have different types of panels that perform differently than the 65” model. A bit strange but it is what it is.