8 Best Wooden Toys and Puzzles for Kids 2023

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Your kids need toys to entertain themselves and learn new things to grow. Instead of using plastic-made toys, you must switch to wooden ones. Even if you buy toys made with good-quality plastic, they are quite toxic for your little one’s health and environment.

The wooden toys are quite sturdy as they are not easy for your kid to break. You do not have to buy toys repeatedly as they will stay in the same condition for a long time. Therefore, wooden toys are the best choices for your kids. They are durable and environment-friendly.

If you think that wooden toy manufacturing can lead to deforestation, then you must know that the items are made with wood extracted from fast-growing trees. In the following write-up, we will discuss some of the best wooden puzzles and toys for your kids that are quite helpful for their growth and learning.

1. Pushing Non-Walker Toy

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This toy is for your little one who barely knows how to walk. Instead of using walkers, your child must use the pushing and walking toy to maintain his body balance. The entire body of the toy is made up of wood and is well-supported on four rubber wheels.

Your child can drag the toy slowly and try to walk with proper balance. The wheels are not smooth enough that they are easy and quick to drag. These non-walkers are good for maintaining balance and walking smoothly. Your child can learn to walk quickly with this toy.

2. Geometric Shapes

When your kid starts understanding and responding to your commands, you will like to introduce geometric shapes to your little one. You can prefer buying shapes made with wooden material. Even if your kid throws the shapes, they will not get damaged and stay the same.

Such toys are quite helpful for your kids as it is perfect for learning different colors and maintaining hand-eye coordination. You can find geometric shapes in a different variety and styles. You can choose anyone as per your kids’ learning requirements.

3. Wooden Puzzles

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Different types of puzzles are available in the market like alphabets, images, objects, names, etc. By joining different puzzle pieces, your kid can create any image or name. It helps in making your child intelligent and improves spelling. You can play with this toy during the learning phase of your kid.

You can create endless words with alphabets and name puzzles. This way, you can work on your kid’s creative side. Many children love playing with such puzzles. Cubos has a collection of several Montessori wooden toys. You can buy any puzzle game that you like for your child.

4. Magnetic Games

If you want to improve the eye-hand coordination of your child, you must introduce magnetic wooden games to your kid. There are different objects of any theme, and your kid must use a magnetic stick to pick them up.

In the beginning, your kid can slowly pick the items with the stick and put them aside. After they get trained, they will love playing such a game. It is easy to enhance its level by making the objects small and difficult to pick by a magnet. These games are quite common, and kids love to play.

5. Ramp Racer

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If your kid is furious and adventurous enough, then you must introduce a ramp racing game made with wood. You can add any levels in the game and slide as many small cars on the ramp. It is a colorful toy that is quite attractive for your toddler.

It helps improve eye-hand coordination by placing cars on any ramp you desire. You can help your kid while playing this game for the first time. The ramps are sturdy and hard to break. Even if your kid handles this toy roughly, nothing will happen to it.

6. Kitchen Set

If your little one loves to cook food, then she will love to play with the kitchen set. All the accessories are made with wood which makes them sturdy. There can be many accessories in the set that your child can use for cooking food.

It is the perfect way to cheer up your little chef. Even if your child is drinking water from the wooden glass, it will not be toxic for him. But make sure you clean them properly before giving them to them.

7. Musical Instruments

If your kid loves playing music, you can buy them various wooden instruments. They are hard to break and will sound the same whenever your kid makes any beat. You can buy different types of instruments in the market for your child. You can prefer flute, drums, xylophone, etc.

These instruments are useful for your kid at every age. But make sure that you secure all the instrument parts to avoid choking hazards in babies. Clean them before you give them to your babies as they can put them in their mouths. All kids love to play music, and these instruments are quite helpful.

8. Activity Cube

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It is a perfect wooden toy for your toddler to keep exploring and engaging. There are plenty of things in a single cube. You can prefer the colorful and inside engraved toy for your kid. He will love to explore the cube’s inside by opening small windows and doors.

It is highly recommended for babies at least 18 months old. Make sure that all the pieces inside the cube are well connected to avoid choking. You must stay close to your child while exploring this toy.

Final Thoughts

There are endless toys and puzzles made with wood for kids of all ages. As per their growing age and activities that need improvement, you can buy any toy. It is necessary to prefer wooden toys over plastic ones because of their durability, non-toxicity, and environment-friendly features. You must be concerned about your kids’ health, and at the same time, you are responsible for taking care of the environment.