Best Essential Oils & Incense for Aromatherapy in 2023

This whole pandemic affected our lives dramatically, our lives are full of stress inside and outside our homes. We can minimize that built-up stress by using essential oils in our home since they can be very effective proven to get rid of stress but also has other benefits to offer.

There are a lot of essential oils with different prices so you will need to make your own research before you buy because you don’t want to rush and purchase the cheapest possible option because that will certainly have chemical additives or it will not be completely made from natural elements this especially applies for incenses because if they are not completely natural they can release materials in the air that are not good for your health and it beats the purpose.

We made this article to show you which essential oils and incense to buy to reduce your stress throughout the day and improve your rest throughout the night.

Essential Oils – What are they?

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They are oils that are harvested from different kinds of plants. But how are they actually made? Well, you take some part of the plant that has characteristics that can be used in essential oil. Then it goes to a process of distillation or removing the water to make a thick oil that you can use in your home. They are used to make you feel more pleasant and improve your quality of life. They are also used in aromatherapy.

The many benefits of essential oils

There are a lot of advantages and benefits you can get out of both essential oils and incenses. However, even though they can be positive towards your health, it is not medicine. Firstly, they reduce stress and make you feel calmer. Aromatherapy is very helpful these days when we are constantly under pressure and full of stress whether because of job problems or because of the pandemic.

Having the scent in your home will instantly improve your mood.

Depending on what type of incense or essential oil you got for yourself since they promote calmness and a stress-free atmosphere it is confirmed that they will improve your sleeping. If you have insomnia or trouble sleeping, you should try out the essential oils or incenses and see if anything changes on the good.

If you are often suffering from headaches, some essential oils can relieve that pain if you put them on your skin. But keep in mind that when you plan on using essential oils or incenses, consult yourself with your family doctor.

We have seen some of the benefits, now it is time for the list itself. Keep in mind that the list is not in order, so every product is what we consider one of the best.

1. Homedics Pine Essential Oil

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This one is a totally natural essential oil, that has a woody scent and is going to make you feel like you are in a deep pine forest. This one is very good for autumn and winter since it has a wintery smell. It also gives a sense of freedom since we are all trapped inside our homes because of the pandemic.

2. DoTerra Serenity Calming Blend

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This one is on the pricier side, but it has to offer a great calming scent and a great smell in your home. It is a little expensive but keeps in mind that this is a blend, and that means that there are many natural essential oils combined to increase the effect. The most intensive smell is of lavender and that is where the relaxing scent comes from generally but it also has other ingredients in it.

3. Mountain Rose Herb – Vanilla Absolute

This one is one of the best vanilla-scented essential oils. It offers a great and calm atmosphere and will make your home smelling wonderful. You can also mix and combine this oil with many more since it is a vanilla extract and goes well with almost everything.

4. Cliganic 100% Pure Organic Peppermint Oil

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As a peppermint oil, it provides many benefits like freshening the air in your home but most importantly it is believed that it has powers of relieving headaches and reducing inflammation in your body. How to apply this oil? There is more than one way to do it.

If you want to use it just like aromatherapy you can put it in a diffuser and it will release the scent in your home. If you want to use it therapeutically you can dilute it and apply it to your temples with a circular motion so it is relaxing. Also, you can apply it to inflamed muscles after an intense workout to reduce the pain and make you feel better.

5. Palo Santo Incense Ground

This one is a totally natural incense ground that is harvested from a special tree. It is perfect for your meditation because it will soothe you may be better than other incense products since this is a scent that the shamans use for their meditation as suggested by EcuadorianHands.

Imagine coming home after a stressful day and you meditate with this scent, it is going to restart you, making you feel relaxed and forget about the bad day that you had.

6. Utopia Scents Incense Sticks Variety Pack

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This incense has other effects than the others. It offers a great smell removal effect that is perfect for your living room especially if it is connected to the kitchen because you don’t want to smell the cooking odors all the time. If you have a bad habit like smoking cigarettes just light one of these incense sticks and your room will not smell like tobacco anymore.

7. Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks

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Other than relaxing and calming scents, the incense can be used to remove the mosquitos from your room and even your balcony. If you leave your lights on, on a summer night, you know you are going to be stung by mosquitoes multiple times. Not only is it annoying, but it can also transmit diseases. In order to get rid of them, just light up one of these sticks and they will be gone in no time.


The essential oils and incense sticks are things that you might be sleeping on but they have many benefits they offer that you can use. Improving your lifestyle, making a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, removing the unwanted smells, and getting rid of mosquitos in the summer are some of them. In case you still don’t know what to buy, you can get a set with different oils or incense sticks so you can try some of them and see the results yourself