5 Best Security Gadgets for Protecting You and Your Property

Having a proper security system inside your household can make all the difference in the world. Not only that you and your family members will be protected from all the outside dangers, but your assets will be covered at the same time. You will certainly agree that the danger of your house being robbed is much bigger when you are not at home. The reason for these claims is rather simple.

Burglars feel much more confident that their action will result in them having a substantial financial gain when there is no one to protect their assets. If we take a look at some statistics, we can see that more than 70% of all burglars occur while the residents are not at home, especially when they are on a holiday.

Thankfully, we can see that there are a lot of different systems you can use for protection. If you’re interested in obtaining one of these, we would recommend you to take a look at ring.com. Naturally, you will need to know exactly what suits your needs before you make a proper decision. Now, let’s take a look at the top 5 security gadgets that can protect both you and your property.

1. Indoor Security Cameras

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Many people make the mistake of thinking that they should invest only in outdoor security cameras. Sure, these can be quite efficient. But that doesn’t mean that they will provide you with complete protection. The reason why we believe that these are simply not enough these days is that burglars have developed much more efficient ways to break-in. Sometimes, they are not even noticed for a couple of days.

That’s why we believe that installing a set of indoor cameras is a necessity these days. You can have a much better insight into what happens inside your household when you are not there.

Thankfully, we live in a digital age, so, you can have 24/7 coverage if you wish. When they are combined with sensors, you will see just how efficient they can be. Therefore, don’t hesitate to try these outs.

2. Smart Locks

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In case you are interested in the highest level of home security, then we believe that smart locks are something you shouldn’t leave out of your list. We can see that many people have opted for investing in a smart doorbell, but they are not interested in purchasing a smart lock. However, these two elements work in pairs and having only one of them will leave a gap that can be covered by anyone easily.

For those who don’t know what smart locks are, it needs to be said that we are talking about digital locks. Meaning, you don’t use the key to open the doors. Instead, you use a mobile device, or a key fob. Sure, there is an option for you to choose the traditional key. Still, we believe that choosing this possibility will not provide you with the complete experience this concept can present you with.

3. Canary

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Next, we would like to discuss all-in-one systems. Probably the best concept that has risen from this approach was “Canary”. We are talking about devices that provide both audio and video. Not to mention that they can have highly-sensitive sensors, which can react to a wide array of different factors. For instance, they can be triggered by certain air quality, humidity, or temperature.

The only drawback of this concept is that these are used only when you are not at home. Otherwise, the alarm would ring pretty much the whole day. When you are on a trip, whenever some activity is not usual for your household, the device will send you a message to inform you. Naturally, you will need to have a solid internet connection on your phone for this to work properly.

4. Smart Security Light

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Since technological advancements are on a higher level than ever in history, we can see that there are a lot of creative solutions for our everyday needs. One of these is smart security light. For those who don’t know what this is, it is a camera posing as a light near the front door. In addition, the best ones are equipped with high-quality microphones.

So, not only that you will have a chance to see what happens in front of your door, but you can also hear all the relevant information. In some cases, these mics are two-way. Meaning, you can have a conversation with a person in front of your home, with them not having the idea where your voice comes from. Therefore, you can activate an alarm quite easily if you think it’s necessary.

5. Fake Security Cameras

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We will all agree that purchasing a security system can be too hefty for many people. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot opt for something cheaper. One of these approaches is buying fake security cameras. Sure, some would ask a question why should they purchase these. Well, if you don’t have the funds for the real ones, you can always purchase fake cameras.

The impact will be entirely the same. Just think about it, anyone who would like to break inside your home would think twice when these appear. Surely, that person would have no idea that they are not real. Nevertheless, the impression of a well-protected household will stick. Meaning, they will not have an idea about how to break into the home, without triggering an alarm or being caught on camera.


Understanding the home security system is much harder than a majority of people think. Sometimes, even the simplest system out there can do wonders, if you use it in the right way. At the same time, the heftiest one can have a lot of gaps that cannot be filled with anything. So, you need to decide on which one you will purchase based on your preferences. Here, you can take a look at some of the best security gadgets that will increase the efficiency of your home security significantly.