4 Best Portable Pizza Oven For Home Use – 2023 Buying Guide

You can have an oven in your kitchen but what if you want to go out for a picnic? Pizzas taste better when they are fresh. So even if you take one from home, it won’t taste the same after a while. Therefore, you should try considering portable pizza ovens.

Here is a list

1 . Ooni Koda 16 gas Powered Pizza Oven

img source: ooni.com

Ooni Koda; the award-winning pizza ovens are suitable for any home. This one is a gas-powered one. So you will need to ensure that you have a gas supply at home. It has enough space to cook a 16 inches pizza. Furthermore, the heating system is efficient enough and will reach a maximum of 500° Celsius in just 20 minutes.

However, this is the time for maximum temperature, not pizza cooking time. You can turn it on while preparing the ingredients. After that, it will only take 1 minute to cook your pizza. Furthermore, you will also have a temperature control option. So if you want to heat any other food, all you need is to lower the temperature so that the food won’t burn.

And because it is portable, you can surely take it with you. All you need is a gas supply. You can learn more on Kitchlit.com/ooni-pizza-oven.

2. Bertello Outdoor pizza oven

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This Bertello oven offers you different fuel options. You can either choose to go with gas power or also use wood or charcoal. This is what makes it highly efficient as a portable device. But this heating option never hinders the temperature settings. It can reach a maximum of 500° Celsius. You will get the charcoal and wood-burning tray in the package. However, the gas burner is not included so buy it separately.

Maximum temperature will reduce cooking time and also improve taste. Therefore, you should not compromise on temperature settings. While you are preparing the bread and spreading ingredients over it, turn on the oven. It will prepare in the meantime. After 20 minutes, put your pizza in it and get your perfectly cooked fresh pizza in just a few minutes.

3. Cuisinart CPO -600 Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

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Cuisinart is known for its quality kitchen appliances. Therefore, you should not worry about the quality of their products. It will work with wooden chips. Furthermore, another addition in it is the availability of a chip cup. If you want to smoke your pizza, you can put a few burning wood chips in the cup and place them while cooking the pizza. It will taste great.

In addition to this, it has a 15000 BTU burner that will prepare your pizza in just 5 minutes. The compact size allows you to take it anywhere you want to. And the option of wood chips makes it the best oven for picnics and for remote places. You cannot get gas and electricity everywhere, so if you are a frequent traveler, you will find this more efficient. Because in addition to making pizzas, it can heat up your other foods too.

4. Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

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Camp chef has a heating output of 17000 BTU per hour and it can go beyond 700° F. the preparation time is also less than many others. You will have the oven ready for cooking in just 15 minutes. The best thing about this oven is the temperature control feature.

It has a built-in valve that will give you control over the flame. You can monitor the temperature through the temperature gauge monitor and adjust internal heat settings. This is functional when you need to use it for other purposes. For example, you need to bake bread or roast meat or just reheat the leftovers. You won’t need a much higher temperature for these.

You can clean it easily because of its stainless steel body. And it weighs only 47 lbs. so it won’t be a problem to carry it somewhere. You can place it at your home or take it with you while going out for picnics.

Buying Guide

1 . Fuel type

You will always pay an additional cost in form of fuel. Therefore, it is best to know the type of fuel that the oven uses. You can find different fuel types. For example, an electric one. You will only need electricity to run it. So if you are taking it to a picnic spot, make sure there is electricity where you can use it. And you can always use it in your home.

The second fuel type is, of course, gas. An oven that runs on gas is equally functional. But you need to compare the price. You need to see whether an electric oven will cost you less or the gas one. Then there is a type that runs on wood pellets. Just like the traditional Italian big ovens.

2 . Cooking time

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It takes some time for the bread to cook however, not so long. If you have a good oven and you do not have to spend on the preparation time, it will cook your pizza in less than 10 minutes. This is true for electric and gas-powered ones because they will heat up instantly.

3. Size

You might want to get a large size oven that allows you to cook any size of pizza. However, you should also consider the size available at your place. If you have enough space to place it in your kitchen, go for it. You can make more pizzas or just make one extra-large one.

4. Portability

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Having a large size might become problematic while going out. Therefore, you should also consider the portability factor. Whichever size you choose; it should meet your needs. If you want it for your home, there won’t be a problem. But if you want to take it with your for picnics, it will become troublesome to carry it.