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Everything or every object needs maintenance whether it is living thing or non-living thing. Leaves also need maintenance and proper care. If you leave the plants and you do not take care of them, they will not look fresh. 

Just watering a plant is not enough. Plants are just like the human body, where their water is essential but other factors are also important for a healthy body.

Here I am introducing you with a device which is called leaf blower. 

Maybe many of you have already used it or just heard about it. A leaf blower is used to eradicate discarded matter and scattered pieces of rubbish and another scrap from the ground. It uses the power of air and runs it by a gas power engine, which makes it easy for them to through the rubbish away. Due to these features leaf blowers are noisy.

Now the leaf blowers have become cordless and easy to use. The cordless leaf blowers do not make noise as compared to the normal leaf blower. It starts working just as you plug the battery in. You do not have to fuel the machine or set the choke and pull the recoil handle. You just have to do your job.

Most Powerful Cordless Leaf Blower In 2020

Photo Name Average Rating Notable Features Buy
Greenworks 40V 150 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower 4.1 Longer battery time
Sun Joe IONBV-XR 40V Variable-Speed Cordless Blower 3.9 3-In-1 design
WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Corded Electric Leaf Blower, Black 4.7 lightweight, ergonomic & powerful
Makita XBU02PT1 18V X2 (36V) Blower Kit with 4 Batteries, Blue 4.8 Heavy duty jobs
TECCPO 20V 310CFM Lightweight Cordless Leaf Blower 4.1 Extremely Light.
DEWALT DCBL770X1 FLEXVOLT 60V 4.2 Powerful with long battery life
DEWALT DCBL720P1 20V MAX 5.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower, Multicolor 4.4 Well-balanced and very versatile
80-Volt Lithium Ion (Li-ion) 500-CFM 125-MPH 4.6 Great Battery Life
Husqvarna 320iB 40V Cordless Blower 4.1 Easy to Use
EGO Power+ LB4800 480 CFM 3-Speed Turbo 4.5 Very quiet

I will tell you about some most powerful cordless leaf blower in my article. But before that, let’s find out what exactly they are.

What is the most powerful electric leaf blower?

It depends on the rate at which it cleans the area. I will explain the features in detail which will help you to get the solution.

Best Cordless Leaf Blowers

Everyone needs a different type of leaf blower as there are so many types of leaf blowers. I will illustrate some best cordless leaf blower which may be useful for you.

1: Greenworks 40V 150 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Blower, 2.0 AH

Greenworks 24252 is my first recommendation among the ten cordless leaf blowers I am going to describe below. It is the most powerful battery-operated leaf blower.

The variable speed of Greenworks 24252 is 40 V 150 MPH. It has a battery size of 2.0 AH. GMAX 40-volt and 2.0 amp-hour lithium-ion battery fulfill the need for more power and provide longer runtime. 

Its variable-speed motor delivers the max speed of 150 MPH. It is a lightweight design tool with a flat nozzle, which offers easier control over the unit.

This device has a high-performance G-MAX 40V lithium-Ion battery which works on fade-free power with no failure of memory after charging. Variable speed supplies wind speed up to 150 MPH, perfect for cleaning detritus leaves off hard surface areas and patios.

Additional speed controls on sweeper tip that adds a plus point to prefer this blower as it helps in better sweeping and gathering competences. It is a user efficient tool because of its lightweight and provides an ease to the user. 

Greenworks is compatible with the system of Greenworks G-MAX 40V Li-Ion because of its higher efficiency and longer run time. It provides the best service to medium-duty cleanup tasks. The airflow is concentrated in this tool where needed. 

Its adjustable speed and freedom of a cordless design are really appreciable. I must say if you are looking for your porch, driveway or lawn then it is the best recommendation for small areas.

  • It is lightweight.
  • Lithium-ion long time battery.
  • Available at affordable prices.
  • It is not good for heavy-duty.
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2: Sun Joe IONBV-XR 40V 5.0 Ah Variable-Speed Cordless Blower

The special quality of Sun Joe IONBV-XR is that it is 3 in 1. It is a cordless leaf blower, a vacuum, and a mulcher. It contains a battery of 40V and 4 AH. It gives a fast and easy cleanup of leaves. It contains 16 gallons of vacuum bags. 

It is very easy to switch from blowing to vacuuming in a few seconds according to your desire. The ratio of reduction is 17:1 which means that High impact-resistant impeller shreds leave to about 1/17th to their original size.  It is a rechargeable blower, vacuum, and Mulcher. 

It is also lightweight but very powerful. Its 40 Volt Lithium-Ion-Battery powered contains a power of a hurricane which makes your yard cleans fast. It is approx. The calculation that is 45 minutes of runtime, gives a good cleanup to porches, garages, patios, walkways, and decks. 

It cleans light snow also. It has six adjustable wind speeds. Sun Joe IONBV-XR easily changes from 200 MPH blower to a colossal Mulcher with a reduction ratio of 17:1. Its battery recharges quickly.

It is a multi-purpose blower. If you are looking for something to remove fallen snow then it is the best solution to your concern. The best thing is you can instantly adjust the power or speed according to your wish. 

  • Possesses a battery with a long lifespan.
  • 3 in 1 design helps you to finish the task from start to end.
  • Filling in the vacuum bag is easy.
  • Quite bulky and not suitable to be called as a handheld.
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3: WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower, Black

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As I am illustrating the third leaf blower and it is named as WORKX WG520 Turbine electric leaf blower. Like the above two, it is also distinguished because of its turbine fan technology and 12 amp turbine. 

This technology delivers high capacity, forceful air volume which twice as much as the professional blowers do have. It has a dynamic design of airflow and also got hyper stream nozzle for more efficient performance and tough conditions. 

You can clean outdoor challenges as well by taking advantage of its variable speed control. It can blow the leaves from six inches which piles up everything which was scattered. WORX WG520 Turbine has weight about to 6.4lbs and it is very lightweight. Therefore, it is called a handheld leaf blower. 

It is ergonomic, lightweight and powerful. From three power options, you can select your option according to the requirement of your work. Its rated voltage is about 120v/60 Hz with an airspeed of 60/110 amp. It is quite loud when it comes to sound, it is louder than the mowers.

It is not just a leaf blower but also used to remove dust from the car. It does not need any maintenance. It must be stored in a dry place or location. 

 All you have to do is plug in its heavy-duty extension and it gets started. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes of usage to get ready for storage. It is eco-friendly because of its being electrically powered.

  • Equipped with a hyper nozzle that works in rain.
  • Fan technology provides perfect air capacity.
  • Variable speed control.
  • There is no vacuuming and mulching.
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4: Makita XBU02PT1 18V X2 (36V) (Best Cordless Leaf Blower) 

The demand for cordless equipment has increased and landscapers and contractors usually need this kind of equipment and Makita XBU02PT1 18V X2 (36V) plays an important role in this.

Makita XBU02PT1 18V X2 (36V) is LXT Lithium-Ion (36V) brushless blower. Makita 18V X 2 (36V) cordless blowers is an innovative solution with zero emissions and lower noise (sound pressure rating of 61 dba) which is measured per ANSI B 175.2 standard. 

Zero-emission is great as it reduces maintenance. It provides twenty-eight (28) minutes runtime at mid-speed of (15,800 RPM) using two 18V LXT 5.0 Ah batteries. BL brushless motor plays an important role as it delivers up to 120 mph air velocity and 473 CFM of air volume.

It has no load speed because you can vary the speed (11,400 21,500 rpm). It has a 6-stage air velocity/ volume section dial with having variable speed control trigger. In-line fans improved ergonomics and give a good to balance. 

Its ergonomic and compact design is about 38-3/4” long. Its weight is also not much as it is about 9.9 lbs. its batteries reduce operator fatigue. It provides great convenience to users as it has 3 stages telescoping long nozzle. 

It has conveniently located the hole on the housing bottom of easy storage. It is a tool with lock-on buttons for continuous operation. It has dual-port charger features. One tip I want to add that if you are going to buy this then please use only genuine Makita batteries and chargers.

  • Double battery fuel gauge.
  • It makes less noise.
  • It comes with two extra batteries.
  • Most powerful battery leaf blower.
  • Quite heavy. 
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5: TECCPO 20V 310CFM Lightweight Cordless Leaf Blower

You will get the TECCPO 20V 310 CFM blower in a kit that contains a 2.0 amp-hour compact lithium-ion battery, a charger, an extension blower tube and the booklet for the instructions. It weighs 4 lbs and 9oz with battery. It is also lightweight like the blowers I have explained above and it is also fairly compact.  

The blower is simple enough with fair ergonomics. It has got variable speed control of about 9000 rpm/15000 rpm and 2.0 AH Lithium Battery. It has innovative axial fan design which maximizes the air output up to great extent and causes the air volume much larger than the centrifugal force. This cleans your yard, garden or porch properly.

It has high capacity air volume which is up to 310 CFM and air seed up to 85 MPH, which delivers strong wind power to complete work steadily. It has rubber over-molding on its handle which gives a very smooth grip and saves you especially when you are working with wet hands. 

You will get the battery halfway charged along with the extension with this blower. All you have to do is insert the extension tube into the slots and twist them clockwise slightly and your blower is ready to work. When you feel that speed needs to change you can easily vary it according to your requirement.

It is a handheld tool because of its lightweight and even women can use it easily. And the best feature is the lock-on button to keep the tool on for the desired duration, your hand will also not get tired.

  • It comes with a compact design.
  • High air capacity.
  • Battery along with a charger.
  • The battery doesn’t last for longer.
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6: DEWALT DCBL770X1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Lithium-Ion Brushless Handheld Blower

The flex volt is a handheld blower that is designed to withstand every day heavy duty usage. If you add this blower in your life it makes your life easy. The flex volt blower contains 20V/60V max*. Its battery is 6.0 Ah and the power source is lithium-ion. Its battery powers the 60V max and makes it able to work backward with 20V max. 

It delivers the 423 CFM air to remove debris at 129 MPH. Like other cordless blowers, it also has a speed control feature, it works on variable speed. It has a speed lock for total power control.

Its noise rate is 67 dB. Its weight is 9.8 lbs, so it is lightweight as well as ergonomics which helps in increasing control and decreasing stress on your arm. Its high-efficiency brushless motor increases the run time and motor life. 

It has a flat concentrator nozzle which increases the speed of air about 175 MPH which works for stubborn debris. Its battery and charger sold separately so you can easily buy.

  • With flex volt lithium-ion, it gives you intense cleaning.
  • It makes a noise very less which is below 67 DB.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It lacks in fast charging.
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7: DEWALT DCBL720P1 20V MAX 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Blower

If you are gazing for a daily basis household use then you must consider DCBL720P1 20V max 5.0 Ah lithium-ions XR brushless leaf blower.

It has brushless motors that ensure the durability and efficiency of a blower. Its innovative axial fan delivers maximum air output and run time. It has 400 CFM power and up to 90 mph airspeeds. 

It includes 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery with the charger. 400CFM is enough for patios and walkways it cleans them properly. It has a variable speed option and speed lock for total user control. It weighs 7.1 lbs which are lightweight.

Lightweight design is ergonomic which plays an important role in providing user comfort. You can start the machine with little effort by just instant triggering. If you want to blow the hard leaves then you need more power for that speed control allows you to increase the speed.

It has large blow tubes which blow a wide column of air which can easily cover large areas. Its battery placement is one of its best features. It allows for easy handling and reduces arm fatigue. If you are those homeowners who do not want to disturb their members by any equipment’s noise then it is the best solution for you guys. 

Even contractors demand this for their site blower when they need a cleanup. Its battery is quite good that you can complete your job with plenty of battery life leftover.

  • It is a powerful cordless blower.
  • Multipurpose cordless blower.
  • Can clean porch, driveways, and patios.
  • Can control speed on increasing airflow.
  • Full strangle speed drains the battery quickly.
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8: 80-Volt Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) 500-CFM 125-MPH Heavy-Duty Brushless

If you want a quick clearance then Kobalt 80-volt max is best for you because it gives a quick clean to leaves and small sticks of your lawn. It has 80-volt max 2 Ah batteries which get charged in only 30 minutes. Air volume is about 500 CFM at full speeds. 

It has a high-velocity axial jet fan with up to 125 MPH airflow. It’s run time is seventy minutes at a lower power setting. It’s 500 CFM which is powerfully throw away the grass clippings, straw and other kinds of trash.

The brushless motors provide great power, durability, torque and motor life. Its voltage is 72V nominal under a typical load.  It has electric push buttons that allow you hassle-free operation. It also has a variable speed feature with three-speed selections you can set according to the demand of your task. 

It weighs 8.9 lbs consider as lightweight and you can perform operations with one hand and you can easily do the job inside or outside the house. 

Kobalt 80V blower ensures ultimate performance. It can be easily used indoors for cleaning and removing debris from garages and porch. It has five years warranty for a tool and a three-year warranty for battery and charger. Total five-year limited warranty.

  • The battery gets charged really fast.
  • It is a lightweight machine.
  • It is a handheld machine.
  • Can throw solid trash away.
  • A little bit noisy.

9: Husqvarna Battery Leaf Blower 320iB

Husqvarna 320iB brushless efficient cordless leaf blower will help you in quick cleaning of your yard that is why I am illustrating its features. It offers easy swapping. Like all the above blowers its motor also uses an innovative axial fan design which increases the air output and runs time. 

It has 410 CFM air volume at 120 mph which is fair enough for a good tool to clear the debris. It weighs 5.29 lbs which is amazingly low and provides great comfort to users. Husqvarna has a cruise control option which allows a user to easily set the blower at the optimum RPM for any particular task. 

It comes up with a low noise feature which longer the working period and also enables the machine to work in noise sensitive and restricted areas. Its operation is emission-free and due to this, it is an ideal tool for industrial, commercial and indoor areas. 

If you are lefty then don’t be sad because it is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people. This machine is famous because of its amazing ergonomics and efficient performance. If you have it then you will have no tension of fuel refilling and maintenance. 

It has fewer parts to serve and invest and an electronically controlled drive system which causes low operation costs. The best part is one battery of 40V fits all in this device, which includes a chainsaw, trimmer and hedge trimmer for more convenience. Its slim design and low weight make it easy for a user of any age to carry comfortably. It offers 2 years limited warranty.

  • Reliable tool.
  • Robust.
  • Can use the button with a gloved hand.
  • Expensive and less powerful.
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10: EGO Power+ LB4800 480 CFM 3-Speed Turbo 56-Volt Lithium

EGO Power 480 CFM is highly efficient for cleaning tasks because of its brushless motor. It has variable speed from 250 CFM to 480 CFM and has three-speed designs which are:

  • Speed-1 is high efficiency with 250 CFM
  • Speed-2 is high power with 358 CFM
  • Speed-3 is turbo boost with 480 CFM

You can choose among these according to your task.

It has a turbine fan which is inspired by advanced aeronautics technology. This fan delivers up to 480 CFM. It is compatible with all EGO POWER + Arc Lithium Batteries and chargers. It’s run time is up to 75 minutes with the battery plugged in. the battery is easily detached or charged.

It is lightweight with 5.1 lbs which extends tool life and longer the run time. Its compact design reduced vibrations. Its boost feature is best you can press only one button to get rid of the debris fast with 480 CFM. It also in throwing heavy debris because of max speed of 92 MPH. 

It is lightweight as well as odorless and noiseless. The operator button is intuitive. It has a 5-year tool warranty and 3-year battery warranty.

The feature which makes it significant is that it is weather resistant. It is a super compact garden tool. It is best for cleaning debris for small areas but for larger areas my honest suggestion is that you should buy a spare battery for a safe side.

Generally, if you want to know how much power do I need in a leaf blower? So the answer is that mostly CFM of leaf blower lies between 200 to 400 but if you have is equal to greater than one acre then you should go for the leaf blower with CFM between 400 to 700.

  • It has three-speed designs.
  • The smallest yet powerful tool.
  • Very cheap in comparison with others.
  • Make noise while charging.
  • Less run time.
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Final Words

Have you decided which cordless leaf blower will you prefer to use? After reading this article, I am hoping that it would be easier for you to decide which leaf blower would be helpful to you. And obviously, I am suggesting you choose the most powerful cordless leaf blower from the list which I have compiled for you.

All the main features of the most powerful leaf blowers have described in this article which will guide you to choose which one is for you. It depends upon you if you are looking for a leaf blower with a lot of speed or a good run time, lightweight leaf blower or reasonable. 

You can easily decide this by just going through this article. Do not forget to share your feedback as I love to read them.

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