Dell vs HP – Which Laptop Brand is Better? [2021 Analysis]

dell and hp
Dell or HP?

Dell or HP? It is the most common question you hear when you are going to buy a nice laptop for yourself. Well, Dell and HP are worldwide famous laptop brands. The friendliest suggestion is that you read the article and decide it yourself. The court is in your hands.


Talking about Dell and HP, both outclassed and trending brands for laptops nowadays. Not only this, but they also have maintained their perfect and classy image for years. But surely being different brands, differences come. Differences may be in performance and graphics, if not then in appearance and costs.

Comparison of Malfunctioning rates of Dell and HP

These differences do not mean that one brand is on the top and the other is below it. It just highlights merely the comparisons based on facts. In the end, it is only your choice and preferences that differentiates these brands from one another.

For long term use comparison, you must know the details of essential things related to these brand so that decision becomes easy.


While looking for a laptop, the first thought that comes into mind is your current budget status. How much money have you got to buy a new laptop? Will it be sufficient for what you want? When you know the answers to these questions then the next thing is your needs from the computer. The laptop must fulfill these needs in the presently available budget you have got. Then Dell and HP do not matter, what matter is your pocket money and needs.

The price of Dell and HP differ. Dell comes in handy in cost matter. HP, on the other hand, is costly. Dell being cheaper is mostly preferred by users. If one brand has more competitive rates, it does not make that brand low quality. Dell provides high-quality laptops at considerable prices so that everyone can afford these. It is the strongest point for Dell laptops.

Costly HP laptops

If you find yourself tight on budget, go for Dell laptops. HP laptops mostly sold from a dedicated retailer which makes it expensive than Dell. Dell, on the other hand, sells their laptops directly from their specialized vendor. So, this makes up the price difference between these two laptop brands.


The thing which is the most required from a laptop is its performance and high speed. Either it is a gamer or a student or a businessman, the direst need is a laptop’s performance. No one wants the tasks to delayed. So, let’s compare the performance of Dell and HP laptops.

Both these brands are known for their high-performance laptops. But in comparison, HP wins this race. HP has always produced best performance laptops for years. This brand always amazes the users with new technologies and speedy operating systems. In simple words, no brand compares to the performance of HP laptops. Other brands may have a handful of good performance laptops, but for HP, each computer is outclassed in this manner and never disappoints its users.

In laptop and technology universe, HP is considered to be the king. However, this does not mean that Dell laptops are cheap quality ones. Dell laptops also have high performance and no hindrance while running even massive operations on notebooks. But in comparison, Dell laptops’ performance is not a match for HP laptops’ performance.


Well, each brand has some specific look that reflects in all of its laptop models. It is an essential factor, as it affects your first impression about any laptop model. You go to a laptop store and take a look. Then you select one for yourself based solely on looks. So, a laptop is needed to have a captivating and eye-catching appearance that attracts the buyers towards it. Also after buying it, it makes you feel relaxed and calm whenever you take a look at it. This signifies the appearance of any laptop model.

Dell or HP?

Now coming towards the comparison, Dell exceeds in this criteria. It is not because Dell laptop’s appearance exceeds HP laptop’s presence, but because the former has a variety to provide to the users. Dell laptops come in different designs and colors. It makes it more versatile in appearance that appeals the users. These laptops mostly attracted toward the teens and people in their twenties.

Dell Pavilion Colour Range

On the other hand, HP laptops mostly have a general, sophisticated aura. Mostly HP laptops come in grey or black colors and give a robust metallic look. Shiny backs of the HP laptops’ screens are also very common. It gives off mature vibes and mostly preferred by people in their thirties and aged. Also, if you are a businessman and want to look fresh and elegant in front of your office staff, HP will be the best option for you.


Apart from color and overall appearance, these two brands also differ in their hardware and professional looks. Dell is known to have a durable and hard outer covering of laptops. Its laptops are too large as compared to HP. The HP laptops have end-to-end keyboards and overall a very sleek and smart look that does not look rigid. These features are not present in Dell laptops. This makes HP laptops easy to carry around.

Dell XPS 13 vs. HP Spectre x360Talking about features, Dell laptops have an excellent exhausting system installed that does not allow the laptop to heat up easily. Hp laptops, however, get heated up very easily. Most people complain about the fast heating up of HP laptops. So, you must use a cooling fan base while working on HP laptops.

Dell laptops have an excellent exhausting system installed that does not allow the laptop to heat up easily. Hp laptops, however, get heated up very easily. Most people complain about the fast heating up of HP laptops. So, you must use a cooling fan base while working on HP laptops.


Human is by nature greedy; he wants everything perfect and long-lasting. Battery life of a laptop is one of the essential requirements from the customers.

Dell laptops, in comparison with HP laptops, have lower battery life. Although the company ensures the best battery life for each laptop model, the status not maintained through the years of use. With the passage of some years’ use, the Dell laptops charge less and provide power for less time.

Hp laptops, on the other side, have an extreme and long battery life. Not only this, but it completes its promise of constant battery performance for years. Even after years of use, the battery of HP laptops has a similar response as of the first day. This makes HP brand to stand as a reliable laptop brand among others.


The more features a laptop has, the more it liked by the customers. It is because people use laptops to enjoy different features and applications it provides. So, it is natural to attracted towards a brand that provides you with more services.

HP Stream 14-in Notebook

HP laptops surpass the Dell ones in this criterion. HP laptops are known for their versatility in user facilitating applications and features. Dell, on the other hand, lags.


Dell laptops, as mentioned above, are very versatile in their looks and designs. It provides a wide range of notebooks to the customers to choose the best one from that. You can quickly get the laptop you wish for, from Dell’s variety.

But the same does not go for HP laptops. HP provides a handful of designs and colors which gets repeated in its other models. If you get yourself an HP laptop, then you have to compromise on some of your needs as it will not fulfill all.


Every buyer needs a better customer service so that he or she can contact the serviceman for help and guide. This customer service entertains the customer with a lot of facilities.

While comparing the customer service, HP provides outstanding services to the customers through its official website. But Dell exceeds in this field too. This brand known for its excellent customer services that everyone feels comfortable while contacting when encountered by a problem.


In short, both companies are doing their best to provide day-by-day better laptop models to the customers that exceed in performance, style, and variety. Based on battery life, performance and versatility of features, HP will do better in the long run as compared to Dell. I hope now you better know which brand laptop to choose for your requirements.

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