3 Best Motocross Boots For Wide Feet 2023 – Review & Buying Guide

Motocross boots are highly robust gear to wear while riding dirt bikes and are designed with high protection levels. So much so that if you are planning to ride an adventure bike, then, next to a helmet, these boots are crucial for rider safety.

The first requisite of adventure is security and safety; hence, while planning to hit the road with those dirt bikes, make sure you are uptight with your safety equipment because nearly 12.4% of all fractures that happen while riding a dirt bike occur in the lower leg.

Wide Feet Requirements

When it comes to finding the right fit for yourself, be it any gear, it is imperative for overall comfort and enjoyment, especially while you’re dirt bike riding. But unlike others, riders with wider feet can find that catching the right sizes can sometimes be tricky.

Here are some of the product reviews and buying guides to help customers make an informed buying decision while sealing the deal. This specialized safety equipment for dirt biking provides protection as well as comfort to the rider.

1. Leatt 4.5 Enduro Boot – Red

Source: enduro21.com

Buying Guide


A lot of room in the footbed area provides plenty of room for the toes.


Despite being roomy for wide feet, it still looks sleek.


The toe box has been kept at a low profile to provide smooth and easy gear shifting.

The buckles

The buckles are made from a high-tenacity composite polymer for compressive strength and a stainless steel base.


The inner sole of the boot is kept flat to provide a substantial grip.


Heavy-duty hinges are installed, which are very comfortable and durable.


A one-way sliding closure is designed to seal off the top of the boot.


Source: adventuremotorcycle.com

For the on-the-toe riding style, an extended footpeg riding zone has been implemented.

Steel shank

For extra rigidity and stability, a reinforced and CE-certified steel shank is incorporated between the heels.

Mesh liner

Zero heel lift is achieved with a mesh 3D liner with an anti-slip microfiber fabric that covers the inner seam of the boots.

Slide Lock system

An adjustable one-way sliding auto-locking closure at the top of the boot provides a secure fit.


Heel grip ankle design to adjust the space automatically and keep the feet from slipping out. It also prevents shoes from rubbing the feet and provides stability when riding.


With several features similar to the 5.5 Flexlock, the Leatt Moto 4.5 Enduro Boots provide outstanding comfort with an excellent fit even for wide feet. Budget-friendly and comfortable to carry, these are legit.

Despite taking a bit of time to break in, it works as a reliable security feature. The buckles are solid and provide a solid grip, and their edges are super fine. Good work on design and durability. It’s a win-win deal.

2. Gaerne SG-12

Source: motocrossactionmag.com

Buying Guide

Toe box

The entire toe box area is covered in a sturdy plastic material that is lightweight and increases comfort. Additionally, the toe area of the shift lever is slimmer, giving it a better feel.


With its Swiss breathable fabric, ACRONOS, the gaiter is exceptionally stretchy but maintains a perfect shape so that no sand or rubbles get into the gap between the boots and pants.


A new shape and new design steel toe cap have been reinforced to provide that tougher look.

Heel Cup

Source: ultimatemotorcycling.com

Heel cups have been placed directly under the sole for cushioning and support to absorb shock. These robust orthotic devices help in the case of rear compression.

Shin Plate

A thermoplastic polyurethane shin guard is functionally molded to provide a perfect fit.

Position Adjustable Buckles:

They can be adjusted in three different positions with the lightweight, premium quality top two buckles. By doing so, the opening of their knee brace can be adjusted while they move.

Grip Guard

SG-12 features an inner heat-resistant pad and grip guard that allow one to grip the bike even under difficult conditions.


Gaerne is all about providing the finest MX boots, and when it comes to delivering quality, there is no question, but for the same high quality and comfort, these SG-12 come to a tad too pricey. Because of the product’s focus on comfort, it works well for people with wide feet.

3. Alpinestar Tech 3

Source: njuskalo.hr

Buying Guide

Toe box

Bigger toe box for better protection, the toe box of Tech 3 is made of stretchable synthetic material for high abrasion.


Vigorous and extended PU or synthetic polyurethane leather gaiter helps to seal out excessive water and dirt entry into the gap.

Upper construction

Constructed with light microfiber material that is flexible and resistant to abrasion on the front and rear gives more comfort to the flexible area.


Source: rockymountainatvmc.com

A replaceable EVA footbed or insole has been incorporated with textile lining on top that provides extra cushion and comfort to the sole.


A high-quality pliable, high-grip rubber compound outsole has been added to the boots, where the soles are also replaceable after abrasion. This extension provides extra fine life to the Tech3 boots.

TPU Construction

Ingeniously engineered Thermoplastic Urethane calf construction, along with TPU inoculated shin plate and steel-clad foot shell, ensures that the foot stays in gripped position throughout the ride.

Foam Injected Ankle

Immaculately crafted Tech 3 boots can accommodate wide feet with ease, and the foam-injected ankles play a dual role in providing protection and comfort to the wearer.


CE-certified Tech 3 incorporates technology and performance into an anatomically profiled player that delivers protection and comfort with innovation. These dirt bike Boots are durable yet lightweight and display several protection features, inside and out. Their multi-density foot base structure is a long-lasting high performer. The TECH 3 boots are CE certified to EN 13634:2010.


In conclusion, while purchasing dirt road bike gear, people with wide feet must find boots that are a little bigger than their regular size so that their toes will have plenty of room in the boot. In this way, the motorist may prevent any serious injury to the lower legs, like the shin, ankle, foot, or limb, as well as the suffocating feet. These gears can withhold extremely hazardous situations like mountain climbing, trail biking, sports touring, etc.