What is the Best Operating System for Gaming? [2023 Guide]


Are you fed up with the constant lagging that your old and slow operating system faces while you are in the middle of your real-time gaming session? 

Well, you do not have to worry about it anymore because the following article will enlighten you about some of the best gaming operating systems that are featured as one of the best in 2023.

Therefore, buckle up to get upgraded into the best gaming operating system of the new century.

The majority of the people have a mindset that Operating systems for gaming are just all about showing off the extravagancy by installing cool gadgets, expensive hardware, and fancy consoles. 

In fact, that is not true because just choosing the right operating system can make a great difference to your gaming experience.

Before looking at the various types of operating systems available in the market, one should also know that the type of operating system you use also depends upon the games you play.


The best-operating systems for gaming from the best to the better are listed as;

Looking at some of the well-known operating systems used commonly for gaming purposes are as follows:

  1. Microsoft Windows XP
  2. Microsoft Windows 10
  3. Microsoft Windows 7
  4. Ubuntu
  5. Linux
  6. Macintosh Operating system(MAC OS)
  7. Microsoft Windows 8

Looking more into the details of the above mentioned operating systems, the following context below will give you a better view and understanding of each clearly.



Microsoft’s most efficient and famous Operating System till now has been Windows 7. It is the users’ most favorite operating systems when it comes to gaming.

It is very important to mention here that Windows 7 is equipped with the latest DirectX software. It makes it stand alone among all other popular operating systems. This feature makes it best among all the Gaming Operating Systems.

There is no doubt about it because it is very easy to install unlike other systems even Microsoft’s other Windows. Adding to the attributes, it is also crash-free.

Windows 7 Interface



Every operating system has some requirements which must be fulfilled by the PC in order to run it. For Windows 7, the system’s requirements are simple and easy to meet. Some of these are as follows:

The above table shows the minimum values of all the requirements, so higher values are also facilitated.


Gaming is all about High-Quality display, vibrant colors, clear volumes, and speed. Talking about the graphics of Windows 7, these are just fantastic. It is also equipped with very good themes. These give great support to High-Quality games.

Counter-Strike Game Screenshot

While playing different games on the Windows 7 operating system, you will recognize how its display features help you in enjoying the beautiful sceneries or the battlefield chaos filled with blood in the games. Gaming without coloring screens is just boring.

Colors light up the creative and active portion of your brain helping you in understanding the game better. A lot of games solely depend on colors. These are called photosensitive games. So in a broader sense, for a better gaming environment, vibrant colors and quality displays are demanded.


Gaming and performance go hand-in-hand. It is a fact that the better system you have got, the better it will carry out all the tasks without slowing down. The performance requirements for the Windows 7 Operating System include 1-2 GigaHertz 32-bit or 64-bit processor, 1-2 GB RAM and 16-20 GB Hard Drive storage.

These features are easily available nowadays laptop products. Even very advanced models have been introduced. So, the performance requirements are not a problem.

Secondly, these features are easily available on many laptops which cost under 300$. So, it will be an economic choice to use Microsoft Windows 7 in a budget laptop.

Many other Operating Systems which are very popular are not liked by the users. The main reason is the slowing down of the system under the usage of heavy games or playing games for hours. Gaming is a play of time.

If you are a PC game lover, you will surely spend most of your free time playing games. Especially on weekends, you will love to play these overnight without any hindrance. In this scenario, the slowing down of the system changes the mood in some minutes. So, the selection of an efficient, fast and responsive Operating System is very crucial.


Microsoft DirectX is a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) for handling tasks related to multimedia, especially game programming and video, on Microsoft platforms.

It is widely used for the development of games for the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. The addition of this feature in Windows 7 is very much appreciated. It helps in interacting with different applications in an easy and safe way. Games are easily available and can be installed safely.



  • Stable
  • More customizable than Microsoft Windows 10

  • Easy to grasp
  • Lighter than Microsoft Windows 10
  • Best GUI design


  • Prone to many viruses
  • No support for DX12

2: Microsoft Windows 10 

Looking at the brighter side of the famous Microsoft Windows 10, from many of the others, widows 10 is mostly used by gamers all around the world. Additionally, it is one of the topmost in the category of best gaming operating systems of 2023.

Windows 10 is most commonly famous for its stability and its modern software structure. Moreover, windows 10 tends to be more user-friendly when it comes to the beginner level. 

When you are using windows 10 for gaming, it must be noticed that windows 10 minimizes the system failure or breakdown. Apart from all these, from a gaming point of view, windows 10 covers a great variety of games and thus is more accessible.

However, security is a downfall for windows, 10 users, as it is vulnerable when it comes to online gaming and internet platforms. Plus, the old version of games is usually not supported well by Windows 10.

  • Stable
  • User-friendly
  • Has a large variety of online games
  • Security
  • Breakdown issues

3: Microsoft Windows 7

The very first Microsoft windows gaming operating system is windows 7, which was in use even before Windows 8 and Windows 10 were released.

Being one of the longest runs in the Microsoft windows department, windows 7 is the most common among gamers. 

Even though Windows 7 lacks behind in the speed as compared to other latest operating system, it still holds its uniqueness.

While the newer operating systems tend to be more compatible with upcoming games, windows 7 lacks behind in it.

  • Mostly used
  • Quick response
  • Does not offer a variety of games
  • Compatibility issues

4: Ubuntu

Ubuntu has a portion of qualities from windows and Macintosh combines and therefore the combines properties make it unique for gaming.

It was better explained by the people who have been using Ubuntu for a very long time. Ubuntu lacked in customization and had very fewer graphics and GUI.

  • Enhanced properties
  • Fewer chances of error
  • Very secure
  • Not very user-friendly
  • Need skills to be used
  • Less GUI

5: Linux

You must have heard of Linux as only the operating system that is used only by the hackers or back end professional programmers due to its sophisticated options as well as the set of skills required to bring it in function.

Widely used by the most sophisticated and high-level PC users, it is one of the most secure and robust operating systems.

Furthermore, Linux provides gamers a free end to explore options, unlike windows which limit user options.

But then again, performance and speed is a disadvantage to using Linux specifically for gaming purposes.

  • Robust system
  • Unrestricted options
  • Sophisticated design
  • Slower speed
  • Performance issues

6: Macintosh Operating System (Mac OS)

The highly recommended operating system which has exceptional graphics and visuals can also be taken in use for gaming purposes.

Rather than weak virus protection like many other operating systems, MAC is more secure and also grants very fewer chances of viruses and threats over the World Wide Web.

Apart From a gaming point of view, MAC may be slightly due to its high cost and the lack of performance when it comes to loading heavy graphical games.

  • High-quality visuals and graphics
  • Secure
  • No threats online
  • High cost
  • Performance decreases
  • Limited options

7: Microsoft Windows 8

It is true that since it was released after Microsoft Windows 7, it was better at performance and also perfected the flaws that were noticed in windows 7.

Windows 8 performance was dependent upon the hardware drivers that were being used in the PC by gamers. Furthermore, it was well known for its recognition and ease with almost all the online games in the industry.

Just like windows 10, which was released later, Windows 8 was also one of the most stable operating systems known for gaming.

Although Windows 8 is recommended by most gamers, the hardware requirement was one of them as it required the specific hardware to run with the software.

  • User-friendly
  • Well known in the games industry
  • High Stability
  • Hardware expenses
  • Easy to customize

Wrapping up the Article

It is equally important to consider the three common factors that must be possessed by every gaming operating system in order to give the best results. Those include the performance, the hardware compatibility and how user-friendly the operating system is.

The gaming industry is continuously evolving and to stay at the level of that fast-growing pace you must look into the latest operating systems that are being used for gaming in 2023. 

Hence, the ideal way to pick out the best of the best operating system for gaming in 2023 is to look at the unbiased comparison between their features, pros, and cons.

 In short, the facts discussed above will surely let you decide which is the best gaming operating system of 2023 will provide you with the ultimate experience.

Do share your experience with me by commenting below in the comment box.