What Are The Issues In Charging Laptop – Battery

How to Charge A Laptop Battery Without The Laptop [2023]

The laptop is a portable device which makes it extremely convenient to use. Just charge it before you need it for work when do not have an electric socket near to you and you are good to go. It is the best part right, But with convenience comes some inconvenience.

What Are The Issues In Charging Laptop – Battery?

What Are The Issues In Charging Laptop – Battery

It is very common to face problems related charging, whether it is battery or the charging port. Changing the battery is not difficult, but when it comes faulty port, then it can be a headache. Usually, you can get it fixed, but if somehow it does not set, do not worry. You can still charge your laptop battery, let me explain how.

AC Adaptor Hookup – Easy Way To Charge Laptop Battery Directly

Take the battery out of your laptop upon examining you will notice that the battery has groves which fit in the laptop to get charged.

Along those groves, some batteries have the option of AC port to connect the charger directly to it, but some do not come with this option for such situations, there are the connectors. You can buy a separate connector, which can be plugged in the battery and the charger to make an AC hookup. Here you go now you can charge your battery out of the laptop.

Compatible External Voltage- Charging Battery without Laptop

You have to find an external battery; that gives an output same to your laptop battery input. If not adjust the output voltage till it reaches the same level. Be careful you don’t want to blow the battery on your face, make sure you are using the AC mode option while charging it.

Solar Panel Option- Convenient way to charge Laptop Battery

Source: europa.eu

You might have heard about the solar charging; I bit you have. So, here is the thing, look for small solar charging panel that is easily available at a low price.

You can hookup the sockets with the help of solder to attach it on the battery. Let me warn you again, use this method when you are clear about the input and output required for the battery.

Power Supply Socket – Friendly Way to Charge Battery

You might have an old pc or machines that have a power supply. Simple is the case, the power supply usually divides the power and generates a low voltage. Here you go, find a power supply of a CPU or Kitchen Machines and check for the output that it gives.

Read it carefully and adjust the voltage accordingly to charge your laptop battery.

External Charged Cells Options- Charging Laptop Battery with Re-Cycled Cells

Having digital equipment’s like DSLR, Video Recorder, etc., uses the recycled cells/batteries. You can adjust the voltage by adding the right numbers of cells to reach the voltage required for a laptop.

Once you align the cells, you can use the solder to link the wire and attach with the laptop battery.

Specific Battery Series- Easy Parts for Battery Charging

The laptop battery you are having may require different procedure; change in output, voltage, etc. You might find various external devices that can help you to charge your laptop battery. You can find these easily on eBay or Amazon.

All you need is to look for the right equipment that fit for the charging process.

Rules To Remember While Charging The Battery Without A Laptop

Rules To Remember While Charging The Battery Without A Laptop

Cover Your Battery- Avoid Heating Up

Don’t get much excited while you forget to cover it up. Majority of laptop’s battery uses Lithium that can case injurious so be careful while charging it.

Don’t Expose to Sun Light

While charging the laptop battery with the help of a solar panel or any other option mentioned above. Cover it up in the sunlight you don’t want things messy, as these procedures might create fun in your mind but safety comes first.

Don’t Mix Up Wires

When you make all the necessary arrangements, do not forget to separate the wires, I suggest you should mark it up with colors. You don’t want to mix the negative and positive points. As you know what it makes when this both mix-up.


Above mentioned points might help you when your laptop’s battery drains out, and you want to charge it without a laptop. Or say you want to try an experiment. The important thing is you have to care about the voltage, giving the extra voltage might harm you and cause severe damage. I recommend that you should take safety measures, wear gloves, safety glasses, etc. And you are all set.