The Pros And Cons Of Moving From Nashville To Chicago

“Home is where the heart is.” This quote rings true and is especially hard when you have to move from a place you thought was home. Life’s predictability lies in its unpredictability. Things are constantly changing, with the current of time not stopping for anyone. We’re all small ripples that feel like we honestly have a choice to change the predestined set of events.

But the truth is in the end; we are all subjects of time that need to move with the current. Moving from one place to another can be a massive inconvenience due to our reluctance to move out of our comfort zone. Those moving from Nashville to Chicago can have a hard time doing so. Mainly due to the differences between the two states.

Feeling at home in Nashville and then moving to Chicago can be a difficulty both mentally and physically. More info in this post about moving from Nashville to Chicago can be found on the website. Nashville and Chicago have a distance of 409 miles. This, in comparison to other pairs of states, isn’t too far. But for a continent having 50 states, things do change fast with the slightest bit of distance.

This is what creates the mental feeling that you’ve moved out of a place that you originally had a homely feeling. Nonetheless, if you’re moving from Nashville to Chicago, there are a few things you need to know about Chicago, so it eases the entire moving process altogether. Therefore without any further ado, let’s get started!

Everything You Need To Know About Chicago Before Moving

This Midwestern Metropolis is the third largest state in America. This means a much more high profile and pace of life. This can be an entirely different shift from the type of life you would be having in Nashville, so here are the things you need to know about Chicago.

1. High-paced work-life

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Chicago is one of the busiest states in all of the United States. It has a fast-paced lifestyle suitable for those that are always on the move for work. You can enjoy life if you’re a lover of public commute. Superficially speaking, you will never feel alone when you go out because of the people around you. Chicago looks like a place where something or the other is always happening. There’s honestly a lot that you can savor here.

2. Employment opportunities

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This state has one of the highest rates of employment opportunities created in a year. It is home to many high-level companies and must settle if you’re looking for an immediate job opportunity. From skilled to unskilled labor, Chicago has so much to offer for labor as well as a corporate lifestyle. Chicago never fails to provide employment opportunities since most fortune 500 companies have their headquarters in Chicago.

3. Housing

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Chicago has an affordable cost of living giving how many people it employs in the entire state. And mind you, the employment of people is not uniform. There are millionaires and people who live from paycheck to paycheck, which makes sense for Chicago to have an affordable cost of living. You can comfortably rent a two-bedroom apartment for a lot less than what other states have to offer. The electricity and water charges are also not that bad for one to catch up on. All around, this state offers excellent and affordable housing for the multitude of people working in Chicago.

4. Excellence in Food

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Chicago is the birthplace of various famous food items that are loved and consumed by people worldwide. Chicago is responsible for the emergence of hot dogs. Although an individual creation, people recognize hot dogs as a state creation as it began to spread like wildfire within the state and outside, making people associate the dish with the state.

The Differences Between Nashville And Chicago

Now let’s see how Nashville compares to Chicago statistically. Based on these statistics, you can make inferences about the type of life you can have and the way you’d be having it.

1. Population

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The differences in population between both states are staggering. Nashville has a population density of 460 people per square kilometer, whereas Chicago has 4447 people per square kilometer. This is a very high difference in densities. Chicago is over nine times denser in population in comparison to Nashville. This means you might have a hard time in Chicago if you like the low crowds in Nashville.

2. Population Growth Rate

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PGR or Population Growth Rate is an annual basis calculation of the rate of increase in the population of a territory. According to population statistics, Nashville has a 0.55% growth rate in the population, whereas Chicago has a 13% growth rate. This is clear due to the increase in jobs every year and more people coming to Chicago looking for more jobs. Even if you get used to Chicago’s crowds presently, they will keep increasing as time goes by.

3. Healthcare

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One of the most significant downsides to moving to Chicago is its lack of public healthcare. It makes sense a state employing and housing so many people will incur huge losses on catering to every individual’s health through public healthcare. On the other hand, Nashville has public healthcare, which is a lot less expensive than it is in Chicago.

4. Homicide Rates

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The homicide rate is the rate of murders that take place in a given territory. The lesser the rate is, the better the state is for your safety. The homicide rate is considered out of every 100 thousand people. Chicago has a 19 homicide rate, whereas Nashville has about 8 to 9 making it a safer place to stay in. This is understood in Chicago as there are plenty of people up and about.

The unemployment rate in Chicago is also higher, which means more desperate individuals resorting to crimes to survive. Due to mugging, turf wars, and other causes, Chicago has a higher homicide rate in comparison to Nashville.