7 Best Water Shoes Good for Your Feet – 2023 Guide

Be it an outing along the coast or a rafting trip, clumsy and irritating shoes are the worst companions you can have. Just think of it – having slippery and smelly shoes will totally spoil your holiday. Whether you’re an adventurer or not, a proper pair of water shoes will be very useful anytime. The best water shoes are the ones that always keep you comfortable and safe.

Water shoes are a great investment – if you think that they are only for those who have an adventure streak, then you may be wrong. Water shoes are not perfectly waterproof specimens – no, rather they are shoes that drain water easily through vents and keep your feet dry, comfy, and healthy.

Now that we have established the need for a nice pair of comfortable water shoes, let us take a look at all the factors you need to think of, before you buy a pair of these shoes.

Things you should definitely consider before buying a pair of Water Shoes

  • Fitting – While it might occur to you that a loose pair of water shoes equals easier drying, it is not the case. Water shoes need to be snug so that they do not come off easily – they also offer you traction and keep you steady.
  • Material – Water shoes should be made from breathable material, especially in the upper part. The sole of the shoes are usually made of rubber to provide proper grip, but the upper part varies from leather to mesh to textiles. Opt for the one that caters to your needs – textiles are lightweight and easy while leather might hold on tightly.
  • Grip – Your water shoes should definitely hold you firmly on any kind of surface, especially in slippery places. So it’s always best to choose shoes that offer higher traction.

7 Best Water Shoes in 2023 – The Ultimate Guide

1. Notriv8 Men’s Lightweight Barefoot Water Shoes – Breathable and Lightweight

Source: nortiv8shoes.com

One of the best ones out there, this lightweight water shoes by Notriv8 is perfect for all kinds of activities, both on land and water.

The upper fabric is made of breathable material, thus enabling easier ventilation even when you are constantly in water.

The velcro strap of the shoes make sure that your feet are safely strapped and keep you upright. Also, the traction provided by the rubber sole is incredible – this is the right one of you want an all-round performer!

2. NRS Kicker Remix – The Budget-friendly Buy

Source: rei.com

Looking for a budget-friendly pair of water shoes that will keep you going steadily? Then, this might be the right one for you!

Kicker Remix keeps your feet warm and comfy even in wet conditions. Also, the sole is excellent at offering traction on slippery surfaces, so you need not worry much about balancing yourself on uneven and jagged surfaces.

The shoes are designed in a way to fit your feet snugly – they can be compared to a pair of thick socks that offer insulation even when your feet are wet. But because they are thin-soled, they are not the perfect option for hiking and other similar activities.

If you are not much of an enthusiast when it comes to adventures, but still need a good pair of water shoes, then the NRS Kicker Remix is the perfect option for you.

3. Speedo Tidal Cruiser Water Shoes – The Ultimate Comfort Pick

Source: amazon.com

The Speedo Tidal Cruiser can be your go-to choice for a fun day at the beach. This is because the shoes are designed in the perfect way to enable easy drying and quick ventilation.

But alas, the shoes are not just good at keeping your feet dry. This pair also offers ample protection from hard and sharp surfaces – the synthetic sole gives you maximum traction while also adding a layer of comfort.

The neoprene collar that comes with the shoe is a handy feature – you can slip on and slip off the shoes easily, without much fuss. Also, the shoes are sleek – this water shoe is not just a practical option, but also a stylish one.

Lightweight? Check. Under budget? Check. Sleek? Check. Speedo Tidal Cruiser gives it all to you.

4. Astral Loyak – Built for High Performance

Source: rei.com

The best pick for enthusiastic adventure seekers is here – Astral Loyak is one among the most recommended water shoes on the market, and it is the perfect choice for you if you need shoes that offer high endurance and versatility.

Designed especially for easy drainage of moisture and high performance in tough conditions, this pair of shoes is a hit because of its features. It has a double hydrophobic upper canvas that keeps the wearer comfortable and dry. The Loyak fits like a sock and offers incredible traction. You can even swim without much hassle and worry in these shoes.

Although it looks subtle and sleek, this pair is a monster when it comes to performance – practically perfect for all types of usage, this might be the right pick for you if you seek out adventures in full force.

5. Merrell Choprock Sieve – Iron-clad Grip

Source: runrepeat.com

Are you a person who worries about losing balance on an uneven surface? Then worry not, Merrell’s Choprock Sieve will help you out. The Vibram Megagrip feature of this shoe’s sole keeps you steadily going, even on rocky coastlines and jagged rocks.

A great pair of water shoes overall, the Choprock Sieve scores in various aspects –

  • there is a removable sole inside that enables quicker drying
  • the toe bumpers keep your toes safe while navigating through jagged edges,
  • and there are some cool color options too!

The shoes might feel a bit sweaty when not used in water, but still this pair is a great option for those who need high performing water shoes.

6. Crocs Men’s Swiftwater – Lightweight yet Tough

Source: amazon.com

Here is the classic pick of 2023 – Crocs are always a statement choice for many, but these water shoes are not just stylish but also extremely useful. Known for their build and lesser weight, these shoes are a great option for light watersports and extreme vacationing.

In Crocs Swiftwater, the sole is synthetic, and the upper part is mesh – both the materials enable quick drying and easy ventilation for your feet. The fit is quite snug, and the comfort levels are unmatched.

One thing to remember while choosing the Swiftwater is this – as the pair is snug, you should choose the right size; the mesh is not a stretchy one, and the wrong size might be very uncomfortable.

7. Keen Whisper – All-round Performance

Source: rei.com

From strolling along the coastline to kayaking happily, Keen’s Whisper delivers the best in all situations. Technically not shoes, these sandals are special – the unique elastic cord lacing adjusts according to your comfort and secures your feet even in rough terrains.

Made of 100% polyester, the water sandals feature a special odor-reducing technology that plays a major role in keeping your feet smell-free and fresh. The hydrophobic mesh lining keeps your feet safe from blisters.

Lightweight, fit, handy, and easy to wear, Keen’s Whisper is an option that will satisfy your needs.


Water shoes come in very handy when you want to have fun – just think of how good it feels to wear shoes that will dry out easily once you are out of water. This list of the best water shoes of 2023 will help you to pick the right shoe for you as per your needs!