Best Riding Lawn Mower Under $1500 to $2000

10 Best Riding Lawn Mower Under $1500 to $2000 2023 – Top Reviews

After reading the title now you’re curious that how it can be possible to buy a riding mower even the best riding lawn mower at that much cheap price. I’m right, am not I? 

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Walk-behind mowers are pretty much time-saving machines in this busy world. Everyone wants to finish their work conveniently, quickly and without getting tired. 

Best Riding Lawn Mower Under $1500 to $2000

10 Best Riding Lawn Mower under $1500 to $2000

Now there is no need to put a lot of effort, energy and time by using the walk-behind mower. You can effortlessly complete your work even you can do your job much evenly and smoothly by owning a riding lawnmower.

But remember one thing we don’t randomly invest in anything and we always do research about such things which we intend to purchase.

Similarly, finding a perfect and the best riding lawn mower under 1500 wants you to do a lot of research. Let me tell you the basic features on which you have to keep an eye while looking for the riding lawnmower. 

The first thing which you have to check is the size of the mower because some mowers are quite large in size for which you need a big space to store the mower. 

I hope that now you will choose the mower according to the area that you have in your home to store the riding mower.

Best Riding Lawn Mower Under $1500 to $2000

If the mower is of high power then it will give you amazing performance. The second and the most important characteristic is that the mower should be more powerful to provide you with the best performance of the mower.

Having a comfortable seat is also the most essential feature while purchasing a riding lawnmower. It’s understood that if you are comfortably sitting on the seat then you can work for hours without having any pain.

Let’s jump into the list which I have made for you, so you can easily pick riding lawn mowers according to your work need.

1: Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series Riding Lawnmower

Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series Riding Lawnmower


If you want to do your job conveniently and properly then the riding mower which you have to go for is Cub Cadet XT1 enduro series. 

Cub Cadet is a foremost riding lawnmower and possesses Kohler 18 HP engine that allows you to complete your work as soon as possible. The Briggs & Stratton Platinum engine also allows you to mow even on hilly areas and effortlessly.

This easily affordable and beautifully design Cadet riding lawnmower has a commercial deck size 42 inches as well as double blades through which you can clip out and clean the accumulated grass away fairly and evenly. 

Another big advantage in this lawnmower is that you can adjust the cutting height of the blades according to your desire; it’s up to you at what height you adjust the blades. Sounds interesting!

Let’s talk about the frame of the lawnmower, this Enduro series mower has made up of stiff and strong frame to provide the mower durability. The Cub Cadet 42 inch riding lawnmower also has an e-coat corrosion defense system to keep the machine free from any sort of rust.

I think safety comes first if you want to keep yourself safe while performing your task then Cadet lawnmower will be the best choice. Cub riding lawnmower has four anti-scalp wheels that make you able to mow smoothly and softly.

Some people don’t have enough time to work in the daytime and a lot of people mostly avoid working in sunlight because of many reasons. Now the problem has been solved with the stunning invention of Cub Cadet Mower.

Because Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro model#It42 mower has an amazing quality that is integrated built-in headlights. I am quite sure that this headlight feature will definitely attract you; this mower provides you easiness to work even at night.

Some extra qualities that Cub Cadet Lawnmower offers its users are a cup holder, now you can enjoy anything which you would like to take even during work. 

The second one is an adjustable and comfortable seat through which you can do your job with ease without having any pain. To provide you well a, soft-grip the mower has rubberized steering. That will also help you to control the lawnmower even in high pressure.

In many mowers, you cannot mow around the curves or trees and this obstacle has been faced by the majority of the people. This is the reason because of which people avoid using riding mowers but Cub Cadet Lawnmower has the ability to mow even around the trees comfortably. 

The Cub Cadet mower is specially designed with one bagger and also two bins in which you can clip grass. In Cub Cadet Mower, there is no need to shift gear in order to move the mower quickly, just push the paddle and start mowing!

In the last, I would like to add one more thing that a Cub Cadet mower offers you that is three years warranty on the purchase of the mower. In case of any damage or problem, you can easily contact the manufacturer.

  • I can work in hilly areas.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Won’t ever rust.
  • Have a little vibration issue.

2: Husqvarna LTH17538 Lawnmower

Husqvarna LTH17538 Lawnmower



  • Adjustable 13 in. mid-back seat, ergonomic steering wheel and easy step-through design provide comfort and easy operation
  • 17.5 hp Briggs and Stratton Intek engine offers powerful performance
  • Foot pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission allows you to change speed and direction, which lets you keep both hands on the steering wheel for optimum driving control
  • Reverse operating system allows the operator to mow in reverse with a simple turn of a switch
  • 38 in. reinforced cutting deck with air induction mowing technology and dual anti-scalp wheels

Husqvarna LTH17538 is probably the best model design by Husqvarna. When we go to purchase something the first thing that attracts us is the appearance of that thing. 

Similarly, if you are looking for an attractive and stylish riding lawnmower, then Husqvarna riding a lawnmower absolutely excites you. Because of its ultra-modern, smart and fashionable look that has been beautifully designed especially for you.

Let’s talk about the most important feature which people demands. Yes, you are thinking right, exactly I am going to talk about comfort. Husqvarna has the full easily operated machine as well as a comfortable and adjustable sliding seat that has a high seatback. 

The seatback provides you with relaxation and also allows you to complete your task easily without having any sort of pain. If you have a cervical problem then this one is best for you. No more pain!

Now you don’t need to worry about any large space to store the mower because of the Husqvarna mower’s compact size. Another stunning feature of LTH17538 lawnmower is its safety mechanism.

The mower has a cast-iron front axle and dual draglink to give your mower a better overall balance and a tighter turning radius. That’s quite safe for you and helps you to don’t lose grip of the mower while running. 

We know that cleaning of the mower is like a headache but the Husqvarna riding mowers give you the opportunity to clean and wash the mower effortlessly. Just remove the footpad because the detachable footpad leads you to clean up the mower with ease.

Husqvarna always cares about its buyers to facilitate them, Husqvarna offers 3 years warranty and also gives outstanding customer service. In case of any obstacle or damage, you can easily contact Husqvarna a get rid of the problem of the mower quickly.

To provide LTH17538 mower with great power, efficiency and smooth operation the mower has 17.5HP Briggs & Stratton Intek™ OHV Engine. And its great performance engine is quite enough to help you with working.

In this foremost riding mower, the engine can’t start until the deck is disengaged and the controls in a neutral position to avoid any problem. The action you need to start the engine is that you have to insert the key in the slot. 

Husqvarna LTH17538 also features air induction tractor mower technology that improves deck airflow that helps produce clean, even cutting.

This riding lawnmower has an Advance Debris Management system that helps to increase the life of the machine and also filters the dust particles to make the engine clean.

The hydrostatic transmission is used in Husqvarna mowers to make the mower smooth, easily forward and reverse. The reverse operating system in the mower automatically disengages blades when in reverse, you can easily reverse the Husqvarna mower.

To improve the airflow within the deck the Husqvarna mower has air induction mowing technology that also helps the mower in better cut and collection.

The Husqvarna mower also reduces clumping and rowing-great for wet and thick grass. In my opinion, it is the best garden tractor in 2023.

  • Great engine.
  • 3 Years warranty
  • Very fast speed.
  • Average Weight.

3: Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower



  • Powered by a 382cc Auto Choke OHV engine with top forward speeds of 4.25 MPH and a 6-speed transmission
  • The 30-Inch cutting deck featuring 5 adjustable settings couples the benefits of a standard riding mower with the size of a wide cut walk behind mower
  • Designed with an 18-Inch turning radius with 13×5-inch front wheels and 16×6.5-inch rear wheels
  • Manual power take-off for fast and easy blade engagement
  • This neighborhood mower is ideal for standard land owners with a medium-sized landscape and relatively even terrain

The Troy-Bilt Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower holds 382cc OHV of a powerful engine that is efficient enough for performing the operation in small and medium-sized yards.

One amazing feature I have found in Troy-Bilt riding tractor is while even reversing this mower could cut the grass because of having an operator-controlled reverse system. That feature makes this mower different from another mower available in the market place.

As the mower is just 336 pounds, intend to store you can lift the mower easily. And the thing one should keep in mind at the time of buying a new mower is that the lighter your mower would be the easier to handle it would be. Moreover, light mowers used to move quickly as compare to giant mowers.

This neighborhood mower is the perfect model for even terrain. For easy engagement of blades, Troy-Bilt is offering you 5 height adjustments with manual power take-off. And while seeming the need of sharpening the blades you can take-off and sharp them out.

However, with the help of a 5 height adjustment feature, you can make cuts from any possible height. These 5 height adjustments would be more beneficial for you in case of having a long and thick grass yard. 

For making your small yard more attractive and different from others you can cut different areas of grass from a different height. This compact-designed riding mower occupies quite less space and can easily store anywhere in your home or even in a garage. 

The Troy-Bilt 382cc is the best riding lawn mower under 1500 in the market. The fuel capacity of this mower is a 1.3-gallon tank. For small to medium-sized lawn mowing this fuel capacity is fine enough till the end of the operation. 

The other additional and supreme feature of Troy-Bilt 382cc riding lawn mower is a fuel sight window. That allows a user to check the gas level from time to time. This neighborhood riding lawn mower is engineered with an 18-inch turning radius. That means Troy-Bilt would be quite easy to maneuver. 

There are built-in 13×5-inch front wheels and 16×6.5-inch rear wheels. If we talk about the speed of this riding lawn mower, it comes with 4.25 MPH of top forward speeds as well as 6-speed transmission. 

Troy-Bilt gives a pretty fine view of mowing with a 30-inch cutting deck. This 30-inch lawnmower is super comforted as the mower is equipped with a comfortable mid-back seat. Moreover, there is a 13-inch soft grip steering wheel and the steering column could be adjusted to the desired height.

This durable riding lawn mower offers a 2-year limited warranty with extensive courage. The dimensions of this product are 62×34×26 inches.

4: Troy-Bilt 13A6A1BS066 mower

Troy-Bilt 13A6A1BS066 mower



  • Automatic headlights provide increased visibility and added safety at any time day or night
  • Includes operator-controlled Mow-in-Reverse capability
  • California residents see Prop 65 Warnings

As we all know Troy-Bilt is offering a wide variety of lawnmowers with a lot of stunning features for your Convenience, Troy-Bilt 13A6A1BS066 is also one of them. If you have a large lawn then it’s understood that you need a big riding lawnmower.

We can understand that an underpowered and undersized lawnmower most become a frustration for the individuals who own a lawn over acres. Troy-Bilt riding mower has specially developed for the people who own large size yards.

Troy-Bilt lawnmower serves as a highly effective power plant that is 547cc engine. This highly powered engine allows you to cut through even the thickest grass, also provide the pressure for the hydrostatic transmission.

I have something exciting for you people, the Troy-Bilt super bronco has been clocked at a top speed of 5.3 miles per hour that is quite amazing. 

If you have limited time to work or you don’t have that much time to clean up the lawn then Troy-Bilt will be the best investment that you will make.]

As you have a large size yard then obviously the neighbors of yours might be in view and it’s the biggest advantage that you have. Because unfortunately engine noise is the most common problem in the Bronco mowers, similarly 13A6A1BS066 lawnmower is also a bit noisy.

In the summer the grass gets thick because it builds up thatch in the upper layers of the turf. I know now you’re thinking about its solution, don’t worry because Troy-Bilt has solved this problem. 

This riding lawnmower has 42-inches deck size that can easily cut a large swathe of grass and even its thick and highly durable blades don’t choke off. Troy-Bilt 13A6A1BS066 also has the same pressure sensor in the seat that usually comes in all the above standard lawnmowers.

The seat of Bronco mower is quite comfortable that provides you full comfort while working, now you can finish your work effortlessly with full relaxation.

Another advantage of this Super Bronco mower is that the mower has enough power to pull lawn carts and small trailers, now you don’t need to put effort into pulling these things. I think you should avail of this opportunity.

As we all know the mulching tool is used to feed the lawn with small spent grass clippings and the bagger provides you with tons of material for the garden compost pile.

If you purchase Troy-Bilt Super Bronco then it comes with extra mulching or bagging accessories in your original purchase that will be helpful for you to save the aeration costs.

Let’s talk about maintenance. Like all the other mowers Troy-Bilt also need usual maintenance, you should grease the pulleys of the mower seasonally and also you have to change the oil after some period of time.

Troy-Bilt riding lawnmowers also provide you the facility to work in darkness. Just turn on the headlight of the mower and start your work even at night.

  • Powerful engine.
  • Comfortable seating.
  • 3-years warranty.
  • A bit noisy.

5: Craftsman T135 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton 46-inch Gas-powered Riding Lawn Mower

Craftsman T135 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton 46-inch Gas-powered Riding Lawn Mower



Thanks for durable Turf Sarver 15-inch front wheels and 20-inch rear wheels. These long-lasting wheels are engineered to tackle uneven terrain. This mower is pretty easy to handle on the uneven surface more than that Craftsman T135 is the best riding lawn mower for hills and uneven terrains.

Craftsman T135 is built-in with an 18.5 horsepower Briggs and Stratton powerful gas engine, which ensures you continue operation for a really long time. This is one of the most powerful and most efficient mowers in the market compared to the other best mowers.

For an easy and quick start of your job, Craftsman gas lawn mower is providing you a ready start technology. You can make a quick start of mowing without facing any trouble.

There is a wide cutting deck of 46-inch equipped in this mower for trimming, cutting and clipping of grass in first brushing. Moreover, Craftsman T135 also includes a deck wash for clean operation by which you get your job done very nicely.

The mower is equipped with CVT footprint transmission. And for those areas that seem trouble spots to you, you can take the Craftsman riding lawn mower in reverse and can easily mow that particular area.

Well if you are mowing a quite large yard, it’s important for you to have a comfortable ride. While engineering this versatile riding lawn mower they kept this thing in mind and include a supportive backpack seat that rests in the middle of the driver’s back for more comfort and ease.

Craftsman 46-inch gas-powered riding lawn mower has a 2-year limited warranty. The weight of this mower is 503 pounds, while dimensions are 70×47×35.5 inches.

  • Durable turf saver wheel.
  • Supportive backpack seat.
  • Powerful engine.
  • Wide cutting deck.
  • There is no mulching kit included.
  • A bit heavy.

6: Craftsman T225 19 HP lawnmower

Craftsman T225 19 HP lawnmower



  • POWERFUL BRIGGS AND STRATTON GAS ENGINE WITH READY START: Powerful gas engine suitable for larger yard jobs while ready start technology provides a quick, efficient start.
  • 46-INCH CUTTING WITH INCLUDED DECK WASH: Lawn tractor comes equipped with wide 46-Inch cutting deck for cutting, trimming, and clipping grass in one quick sweep. Included deck wash saves time when underside cleaning.
  • HYDRO-TRANSMISSION: Unit is equipped with foot hydrostatic transmission.
  • MOW-IN-REVERSE: Take your mower in reverse to easily maneuver in and out of trouble spots.
  • SUPPORTIVE HIGH-BACK SEAT: High-back cushioned seat provides optimum comfort.
  • DURABLE TURF SAVER WHEELS: 15-Inch front wheels and 20-Inch rear wheels for better clearance and easy, long-lasting maneuvering around your yard.

If you want to perfect your lawn for the upcoming season then Craftsman lawnmower can help you to complete your work easily as well as quickly.

The Craftsman T225 is a gas-powered riding lawn mower that has quite excellent features and functionality that can help you to keep your lawn well-groomed.

The problem of cleaning the mower will be no more because Craftsman T225 mower is quite easy to clean and maintain.

This Craftsman riding lawn mower comes with 46 inches widest deck size to provide you the safest experience of mowing. This mower’s 46” deck size lets you mow large yards quickly and effortlessly.

The large deck size of T225 mower can work even on thick grass without leaving any clumps on the grass. This mower has a port that you can attach to a hose to clean out underneath the mower while running the blade. 

After completing your work just hook up a hose to the deck wash port to rinse away all the clippings and debris, this feature of Craftsman mower absolutely welcomes convenience to you.

The fully padded a decent back support seat of the mower has beautifully designed to provide you comfort and relaxation during work. But remember one thing, you have to fit the seat to the mower by yourself. Just pick up some tools and fit the seat, you’re done. 

Make sure that you have done perfectly otherwise the seat can be loose and start spinning all over that can be quite dangerous especially while mowing.

To provide you plenty of ground clearance while mowing the lawn, the craftsman has beautifully designed 15 inches front and 20 inches rear wheel for better performance, clearance and easy long-lasting maneuvering around your yard.

There is no chance of any problem because the best wheel size of this mower also allows you to mow even on hills because of its good grip.

This best riding lawn mower for hills hits 19 HP Briggs & Stratton engine also offers you hydrostatic transmission gear that you can effortlessly operate by using a foot pedal. 

As we know no one wants hurdles while working, if you may have trouble spots and obstacles in your yard, don’t worry. Craftsman lawnmower has forward and reverses mowing capability that is also a great time-saver, now you can turn your mower reverse easily.

This stunning Craftsman riding lawnmower has also a parking brake that has especially design attribute which is located on the left side to stop the mower even on slopes to get rid of any emergency.

  • Fast in speed.
  • Maintenance is easy.
  • Strong and durable engine.
  • Bit Noisy.

7: Husqvarna 960430212 riding lawnmower

Husqvarna 960430212 riding lawnmower



  • FAST auto transmission for a maintenance-free operation
  • Air Induction mowing technology improves airflow within the deck, ensuring a consistent cut every time
  • Convenient fender mounted deck lever is spring assisted for easy operation
  • Deck wash port to easily connect your water hose to the underside of your deck for washing
  • 3 year limited, 5-year frame/chassis and front axle consumer warranty

Husqvarna riding lawnmower is the best choice for people who have a medium-large size lawn. Indeed Husqvarna is the best riding lawn mower for rough terrain.

Husqvarna riding lawnmower has designed to carry a collection of attachments such as a trailer for hauling feed for your livestock or plows for clearing snow during winter.

You can also attach tools for collecting leaves and grinding for turning cut grass into manure. The quality to hold attachments makes the mower capable of the best mulching.

Husqvarna lawn tractor has a cutting blade that has the ability to cut the grass up to 4 inches tall. The YTA22V46 lawnmower has 15×6 inches wheels to help you to cut the grass smoothly and evenly while mowing. 

The anti-scalping wheels of the mower also help to protect the mower and as well as your lawn by creating a cushion between the deck and the ground.

This foremost riding lawnmower has another latest feature that is the key start ignition system. Yes, this mower can easily start by using a key instead of the pull cord for starting the engine. 

This feature is quite helpful for people who have any injury or doesn’t have that much strength to pull the cord.

As we all know the hydrostatic transmission system makes us able to keep our hands on the steering and we can adjust the speed and direction of the mower with foot pedals.

Similarly, Husqvarna lawn tractor has a feature of a hydrostatic transmission system that allows you to operate the mower with the help of a pedal. Sounds good!

The Husqvarna always tries to provide you comfort while working and offers the finest features to ensure that you have a comfortable mowing experience. This riding lawnmower has a vinyl comfort seat and cruise control. 

Husqvarna also has an extra feature of a cup holder to make your work enjoyable. You can hold a cup of coffee or anything which you want to take by availing yourself the feature of a cup holder.

If you’re seeking a high-speed lawnmower for your yard then Husqvarna will be the right choice for you. The air induction mowing technology in the mower improves the airflow within the deck make sure a Consistent cut every time.

22 HP and 724 cc Briggs and Stratton Intek-V twin engine of Husqvarna has been specially designed to make the mower cool and also to provide more power as compared to other mowers. Husqvarna also has full pressure lubricant system with a spin-on filter to keep the mower clean.

Like some other lawnmowers, Husqvarna also cares about the convenience of its users. For your ease, Husqvarna has designed LED headlight that makes you able to perform your job even at night. I hope this feature of the Husqvarna lawnmower will attract you.

Let’s talk about the warranty, this riding lawnmower offers 2 years warranty in case of any misfortune. Unfortunately, in any case, your riding lawnmower gets damaged or has some issues no worries; you can contact Husqvarna and resolve your issue.

  • Powerful engine.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Air induction technology.
  • The average quality of headlight.

8: Snapper 2911525BVE Classic RER 28-inch 11.5 HP 344cc Rear Engine Riding Mower 2691525

Snapper 2911525BVE Classic RER 28-inch 11.5 HP 344cc Rear Engine Riding Mower 2691525



  • 11.5 hp Briggs & Stratton Power Built 4-Cycle OHV Engine
  • Vertical Stand-on-Edge Capability

This brand’s new engine would be certainly going to exceed your expectations. For starting the operation what you all need to do is just put some fuel in and start enjoying mowing your lawn.

There is a mulching option offered by Snapper classic riding lawn mower, which could mulch the grass in quite well manners.

For investing in this mower would definitely give you a great return as well as you would get a trouble-free experience. Snapper riding lawn mower is the best riding lawn mower under 1500 in the market.

This adaptable riding lawn mower is providing you with both manual rope and key electric start. Isn’t it a decent lawnmower? You can adapt your method to making a quick start, either by manual rope or by connecting a switch with electricity.

Snapper 2911525BVE classic riding lawn mower has equipped with 11.5 HP 344cc Briggs & Stratton power Built 4-cycle OHV Engine for trouble-free operation.

This mower is pretty lighter in the weight you can easily lift the mower and store it anywhere. The vertical stand-on-edge capability makes Snapper more attractive and productive.

As mentioned above the Snapper classic is very lightweight, so this mower is quite easy to control and has 5 convenient speed shift-on-the –go disc drive systems.

The 28-inch deck height of the snapper classic riding lawn mower gives a clear view of the lawn at the time of mowing. And for the comfort of the user, there is a comfortable seat equipped in the mower.

  • 2 starting options.
  • Quite light.
  • Easy to handle and control.
  • 5 convenient speed shifts.
  • Vertical stand-on-edge capability.
  • Occupy less space to store.
  • Many of the users gave positive comments.
  • Can’t go for a tough job.
  • No height adjustments.

9: Troy-Bilt 540cc Briggs & Stratton

Troy-Bilt 540cc Briggs & Stratton



  • Powered by a reliable 19 HP/540cc Briggs & Stratton Intek engine and a Foot-Pedal automatic transmission
  • Featuring power and operator comfort, this automatic mower is ideal for mowing large areas
  • Soft-touch steering and a mid-back seat for ultimate comfort
  • Equipped with a large 46-inch side discharge mowing deck and Mow-In-Reverse capabilities
  • Backed by a 2-year limited warranty

Looking for the fastest riding lawnmower? If yes then you should go for Troy-Bilt 540 cc lawnmower. Troy-Bilt riding mower has the capability to cut the grass of a quarter-acre lawn in just 20 minutes and then clear debris from messy trails exactly like it’s nothing.

Troy-Bilt 540 cc lawnmower helps you to do everything which you cannot do manually. Now you are thinking that what I’m talking about for? Actually, I want to inform you that with the help of this mower you can ride up easy on steep hills. 

You can also power over stones and also cut the wild-growing vegetation that you cannot do in the manual. The Troy-Bilt 46 inches mower has a reverse caution mode that is quite helpful to reverse the mower. 

As you have to clean everything after use similarly, you have to clean up this mower after each use that will help you to provide the best performance every time. The troy-bilt lawnmower has 570 cc HP Briggs and Stratton engine that is quite reliable and allows you to mow more than half acres of lawn flawlessly.

You can adjust its 46 inches cutting deck either up or down according to your needs and desire. Have a look at how you can adjust the height of the cutting deck, it is simple just use the 5-position hand lever to adjust the height.

The cutting deck of this lawn mower is made up of 13-gauge steel that can low and can be raised by making the movement of your hand. In this mower, you have to clean the hood, dash louvers, and battery terminal after every 10 hours of use like other lawnmowers. 

And don’t forget to lube the pedal pivot points, front axles, and rims and also don’t forget to clean up the cooling fins after every 25 hours of use. 

It’s necessary if you want to keep your mower in great shape. One more thing that you should keep in your head, check the cutting blades often.

I’m sure that you already know about the oil change. Yes, you should keep an eye on the routine of oil change and filter after some interval. Keep all the above things in practice which I have mentioned only for your reiteration.

The troy-bilt lawnmower has some other signature features, the mower includes the StepThru Frame which allows you to get in or out easily. Troy-Bilt lawnmower also has fast attached accessories that are helpful to make the mower a quite versatile workhorse into time without the need for any additional tool.

The troy-bilt mower also provides you other optional attachments such as rider bagger and mulching kit. To make the mower stable there also some weights that you can mount on the back which gives the lawnmower counterbalance.

  • Headlights.
  • 2-years warranty.
  • Optional snow blade.
  • Steering can be loose.

10: Husqvarna YTH18542 42 in 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower

Husqvarna YTH18542 42 in 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower



  • 18.5 hp Briggs and Stratton Intek engine offers powerful performance
  • Foot pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission allows you to change speed and direction, which lets you keep both hands on the steering wheel for optimum driving control
  • A tight 16 in. turning radius allows you to mow in tighter spaces and navigate around obstacles Adjustable 13 in. mid-back seat, ergonomic steering wheel and easy step-through design provide comfort and easy operation
  • 42 in. reinforced cutting deck with air induction mowing technology and dual anti-scalp wheels
  • The reverse operating system allows the operator to mow in reverse with a simple turn of a switch

The compact design of the Husqvarna riding lawn mower makes it easy to maneuver and handle. The uniqueness of this mower is that you can roll in on every surface type. There is no need to worry about mowing of hilly areas and uneven terrain if you do Husqvarna hydrostatic riding. 

This mower is designed to tackle heavy-duty and tough work. If you own a very large state or looking for a mower for commercially working, Husqvarna riding mower should be at the top of your priority list. This is absolutely the best riding lawn mower under 1500.

For optimum driving control, foot pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission is equipped in this riding mower. With the help of this transmission, you can change the speed and direction while keeping both hands on the steering.

There is a feature placed in this by with the help of you can navigate the obstacles place around you. Cutting deck of Husqvarna YTH18542 is 42 inch which also includes air induction mowing technology. 

This amazing feature of the mower allows the air to pass from the bottom to the top and keep the engine of mower cool throughout the operation. I personally like this mower of having multiple capabilities. The 18.5 Hp Briggs and Stratton Intek engine of Husqvarna riding lawn mower is just incredible. 

The engine delivers the supreme quality of mowing for a very long time. The 16 inch tight turning radius allows the user to user to mow even in tight places easily and more efficiently.

The weight of Husqvarna 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic riding lawn mower is 490 lbs whereas; the dimensions are 70×50×41.4 inches.

  • Powerful engine.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Peak performance on hills.
  • Optimum driving control.
  • Air induction technology.
  • Not that much light.

Final Words

Best Riding Lawn Mower Under $1500 to $2000

I have done lots of research to provide you enough information about the leading riding lawnmower. In this world of expensive people and things, it’s difficult to find the best garden tractor for all time with all the finest features at a cheap price. 

We have listed the riding lawnmowers which have the best quality and high power engine, most comfortable seats, convenient in size, good deck size, has long-lasting battery time as well as best safety features.

All the above lawn mowers have their own strengths and weakness but it depends on you which mower you will choose.

I am sure enough that after reading this article, you can easily evaluate which mower will be the perfect lawn mower according to your budget with entire features.

Then what are you waiting for? Just go through the links which I have provided you above and pick up the best riding lawn mower under 1500 and do your job much faster and more efficiently.

Check out some other interesting models avaialble on today’s market:

Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower
  • 26 HP Kohler engine provides reliable startups and a max speed of 6.5 MPH
  • A patent-pending park brake system automatically activates or deactivates as the steering levers are moved outward or inward
  • Air induction mowing technology draws air from the top and bottom of the deck, improving grass and delivering a superior cut
  • Reinforced steel stamped cutting deck is made of heavy flat-stock steel for maximum durability
  • Clippings can be discharged, mulched or bagged (mulching kit and bagger attachment sold separately)
Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 24 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower
  • 24 HP Kawasaki engine provides reliable startups and high ground speeds
  • Roll-over protection system (ROPS) ensures safer operation in all conditions
  • Fabricated 11-gauge steel cutting deck offers an excellent 61 in. cut with an ergonomically designed deck lifting system for quick and easy...
  • Clippings can be discharged, mulched or bagged with a 9-bushel triple bag collection system (mulching kit and bagger attachment sold separately)
  • High-back seat with armrests, foam-padded hand grips and vibration dampeners make mowing comfortable for hours on end
Ariens Edge 52 in. 726 cc Zero-Turn-Radius Lawn Tractor
  • Featuring a 52” fabricated deck constructed of strong 11-gauge steel.
  • Powered by a 726cc Kawasaki FR651 engine​​.
  • Foot-operated deck lift, hi​gh-back seat with seat springs, sealed ball bearings​​
Husqvarna Z248F 48 in. 21.5 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower
  • 21.5 HP Kawasaki engine provides reliable startups and a max speed of 6.5 MPH
  • Hydrostatic, no-maintenance transmission is worry free, allowing the mower to take on a variety of cutting conditions
  • ClearCut deck offers a best-in-class 48 in. cut and better bagging thanks to its deep deck design, superior air flow and high-performance blades
  • Clippings can be discharged, mulched or bagged (mulching kit and bagger attachment sold separately)
  • Comfortable seat, ergonomic control panel and anti-slip foot area make mowing intuitive and safe
ChickenlifeAriens 991151 Apex 60" 24 HP Kawasaki FR730 V Twin Zero-Turn Riding Mower
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning,...
Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52" Zero Turn Mower 23hp Kawasaki FR691 Series
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning,...