How Many Calories Do You Burn Rock Climbing

You all know that there are so many ways to burn calories. For better understanding, we all should know that what does it mean by burning calories?

Burning Calories is a weight loss in other words, which you all have done once in your life or some of you wanted to do still to get fit in your old favorite dresses.

Weight loss totally depends upon the number of calories you burn per day includes a basal metallic rate. It only keeps your body function and if you want a major difference in your size then you can burn additional calories by some physical activities.

Physical activity can be rock climbing also which sounds fun. It seems like a challenge but in the end, you will be rewarded.

Many of you people are confused and maybe thinking that why you choose rock climbing for weight loss. I will tell you the answer and the reason why should this physical activity is best for burning calories if you are a nature lover and interested in such adventures.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Rock Climbing


Keep reading the article and you will get to know a lot and I hope this article will be helpful for you.


Health is very important as someone said: “Life without health is like a river without water.”

1: Calories Burn Per hour

Many of you are having this question in their minds that how much calories the rock climbing activity can burn?

In my opinion, it totally depends upon the situation and your effort. Like if you and your friend are out for climbing both are spending the same time but the burning calorie rate of each of you is different, now the question is why is that? Because you both put the effort in your own way, take pauses according to your choice which makes the difference between calories burned per minute.

Many types of research prove that you can burn 500 to 600 calories per hour through rock climbing as it burns some series of calories. But it is not specific this research does not include extended periods of rest. Another research says that a rock climber burns 8 to 10 calories per minute while climbing if it takes one hour of pitching. It is still a serious calorie burn of 600 calories per hour.

It seems interesting that rock climbing can burn so many calories per which means if you only climb for 3 hours it will burn 1,800 calories maybe which is great. But one thing you should keep in mind that while performing calculations only include the time you have invested in active climbing and do not count the time you have spent resting, chatting, eating or anything else rather than climbing. If you do so you will get a better estimation.

2: Calculation

If you want to calculate how many calories burned rock climbing indoors? So, yes it is very simple you just have to multiply the individual basal metabolic rate and the PAL metallic factor (which is a value for the intensity of certain activity) together.

To perform calculation there are some terms you must be aware of.



It stands for Basal Metabolic Rate. It is a rate of energy expenditure at the time of rest.


It stands for Physical Activity Level. It is the number of kilojoules you use to perform physical activities throughout a day.

BMR+PAL= energy you required daily

4: Indoor Rock Climbing Workout

It is a full-body workout and independent of age or size. In this kind of workout, you just have to put all your weight on the wall and it will make you feel light.

There are so many benefits of indoor climbing, it is a good full-body exercise, makes your muscles work and be in good shape. You can maintain good body weight through this amazing workout.

It is not only good for physical health but also good for your mind. It refreshes your mind and also allows you to socialize with other climbers of different ages and sizes.

Now the question is how many calories burned rock climbing indoors?

It is possible to burn up 300 to 500 calories in half an hour but then again the intensity of climbing is all that matters. If you are initially doing it then maybe your start is slow but for professionals, it is easy to cop up the intensity while climbing.

5: Outdoor Rock Climbing Workout

Outdoor rock climbing is a bit tough exercise compared to indoor rock climbing because so many other factors are involved in outdoor climbing.

The most of all factor is the weather which you have to deal with while climbing the rock outdoors, you should know how to balance because it gets risky if you lost your balance even though you are under the belts. 

Good stamina is required for this workout because good stamina boosts up the energy and will to complete the workout which helps in burning more calories.

It burns more calories in half an hour than the indoor workout. It almost burns 500 to 700 calories in half an hour if you are doing it in the right way without any long pauses.

Caution: As it is dangerous to climb rocks outdoors so before going for it, satisfy yourself from safety conditions and the equipment.

6: Calories in Food


Do you know how much calories does one boiled egg contain?

It contains 155 calories which means by doing half an hour of indoor rock climbing you can burn calories of 4 boiled eggs which is a kind of motivation you can start your workout with.

Just like that, a plate of rice contains 270 calories which we all almost eat daily so by one hour of rock climbing we can burn 3 to 4 days calories, we have gained from the rice.

You just need to think about this and it will motivate you to burn calories and remain fit for the rest of your life.

Benefits OF Rock Climbing

It is in human nature to ask a reason before following any suggestion. So, those of you who are thinking that why Rock climbing or weight loss will get their answer.

What else it offers along with a weight loss?

It offers much more than you think. It has a number of benefits from which some of them I want to share with you guys.

1: Fun Factor

Do not consider indoor or outdoor rock climbing as a workout only but it could be a fun factor for you.

It helps you to maintain your physical health as well as provides you a chance of having an adventure and once you get control then you will always find a fun element in this full-body workout.

It needs the full attention of your mind and body. It keeps you engaged and excited and you can try your own techniques to get better in this.

Hence, rock climbing is not a typical boring workout exercise but you can call it an adventurous workout.

2: Muscles Building


Do you think rock climbing plays any role in building muscles? Yes, I know it sounds impossible to you but it does.

Most of us have this concept that muscles can be built only in the gym. But no anybody workout which involves push and pulls can build your muscles.

The most amazing factor of rock climbing is that it plays a role in both upper body muscles and lower body muscles as well.

Your muscles will get stronger in your back and arms when you are pulling yourself upward. You have the engage the muscles of your core, quads, and calves to stabilize your body while climbing.

Rock climbing increases functional muscle ability and improves muscle memory. If you are not frequently going to the gym or maybe you are not a gym person then this is the best activity for you to build muscles.

Take as much time as you want to warm-up and stretching before starting this. It will be really helpful to you.

3: Reduces Anxiety& Depression

Many climbers who have experienced climbing said that rock climbing exercise helps a lot in reducing stress and anxiety.

Once you get involve in the activity you will forget the reason for your depression for some time because you have to focus on your movements.

It may seem easy or fun to you when you are watching people in indoor climbing but in actual it is also not easy because you have to be attentive while rock climbing to decide the correct placements of your hand and feet to avoid falling. There is this kind of so many moments to moment decisions you have to make so for that your brain and mind should both be I present state and work effectively.

Mental health is equally important to physical health. Rock climbing helps you enhances your problem-solving skills.

4: Increases Flexibility

Usually, in daily basis, we are just doing every other activity in just one direction like for example if you are running, cycling and etc. but if we talk about rock climbing it helps you to move your body in all directions like you can move your body up, down and to the sides all in one workout. The constant change in direction when you are climbing requires your body to adapt and learn to effectively move in all three planes of motion.

 These movements make your body flexible enough to perform daily activities in a flexible manner, for example, carrying groceries while walking, throwing the football, cleaning the house and many more.

A flexible body is far much better than the normal one.

5: Relaxes Mood


It will move you to a state of clarity and relaxation that improves all your moods and reduces your tensions.

To relax your mind you have to be in a state of flow, once you are in a state of flow your depression and anxiety will disappear and you will get relaxed.

Here relax does not mean physically but mentally because physically maybe and definitely you would get tired but it is a strong motivator of relaxing minds.

6: Improves cardio & strength

It is good to invest your time and energy in rock climbing than to waste it in cardio and gym sessions.

The constant movement because of climbing will cause your heart to elevate and you will burn more calories.

A single session can burn about 500 and 900 calories which are better than to run on treadmills. 

You do not have to go anywhere for your cardiovascular fitness because indoor rock climbing will help you with improving your cardiovascular fitness which is really important.

7: Conquers fear

Another very amazing advantage of rock climbing is it strengthens our stamina, builds patience and helps us to conquer our fears.

Fears are the only obstacle that can stop you from moving forward. Challenging rock-climbing fear provides a great way to increase our confidence and self-esteem.

8: Burns calories


You all know that rock climbing is a calorie-burning sport. Even you can burn between 330 to 490 calories by just climbing for 30 minutes uphill but it totally depends upon your weight.

Final Verdict:

Health is equally important as beauty is, if you are healthy then you look more beautiful and you sound good too because your physical health is connected to your mental health.

Yes, rock climbing is an exercise that results in an excellent amount of weight loss. It is a full-body exercise.

The amount of calories you can burn by this ultimate body workout is given in this article which you can read and maybe gets some motivation to do this physical exercise.

All of us want to be in good body shape, for that you do not have to stop eating you just have to control your diet and burn some additional calories through these kinds of exercises.

If you love these kinds of activities then weight loss is not an issue for you but if you are new in this then I say you need a little practice.

Do read the article and share your healthy views.