9 Things To Look For When Buying Custom Beats Online – 2023 Guide

Looking to buy custom beats online? Buying custom beats online will make your journey of becoming a rapper or a singer easy. No matter how alluring your lyrics are, if the beat is not up to the mark, then the song produced will not be enticing enough.

Beats play a major role in making a song popular among people. You will find a lot of songs that have fragile lyrics, but the beats are awesome, which is why people love them. It is one of the major reasons why you should use beats in your new composition.

The process of buying custom beats for beginners is tiresome and expensive at the same time. However, buying them online would be cost-effective, instead of buying beats off-set. If you are also looking forward to buying beats online, check out tripleabeats.com.

Pursuing your dream of becoming an artist? We have discussed a few tips below that would make the process of buying custom beats online easier.

1. Understand the Music Licenses

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There are two kinds of music licenses, exclusive and non-exclusive licenses. You should understand the difference between the two before you set out to beat custom beats. When a beat has an exclusive license, you will be granted exclusive rights of using that particular custom beat you have chosen, in your project. However, if the beat has a non-exclusive license, you can use the beat for your composition, but the right remains with the producer, and if they want the beat can be sold to another artist as well. It is recommended to always opt for beats that come with an exclusive license.

2. Ensure that You Don’t Overpay

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You will find several beat owners out there in the market who think that their beats are unmatched, and because of this ego, they charge abnormally high rates even for a standard custom beat. However, it is not true. You can find a similar kind of beat from any other producer who is charging less. On average, a licensed beat will cost you somewhere around, $100-1000, whereas a non-licensed beat will cost just around $15-50.

The above-mentioned prices are dependent on the popularity of the producer who is selling that beat, and upon their talent as well. We strongly recommend that you should not pay more than $1000 to a person who is selling licensed custom beats, especially if you haven’t met him in person.

3. The License That You Should Consider Buying

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We just saw that licensed custom beats are more expensive than non-licensed ones. However, buying a licensed beat is crucial if an artist is looking forward to releasing a commercial album. On the contrary, if you wish to just record a mixtape or demo, then a non-licensed beat is a good choice. Besides, you should always check with the producer about the user rights that you get to enjoy when buying a particular beat. The rights that users have often vary from one site to another site.

4. Authority Symbols Are Crucial

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One of the most crucial aspects that a composer should look for in a custom beat is a third-party trust symbol. Such symbols are reliable certifications from several companies which ensure that the website you are dealing with is reliable and will not cheat.

A few symbols that depict the trustworthiness of a website include, Paypal Verified, Antivirus safety certifications, BBC Certifications, Shopping Reviews, etc. The symbols should also contain a link to a different page that clarifies what is meant. It also shows that the website fits your requirements.

5. The Website Should Receive Regular Updates

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Several websites don’t receive any updates. The website you choose to deal with should be live. People are very busy producing beats that they often forget to update the website. Updating the website often is recommended and small updates must be installed. You can check if the website gets updated or not, by checking its blog section, when was the last time new beats were uploaded, etc.

6. Check The Genuineness Of The Site

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Make sure to email the site and wait for their reply. Fake sites often feature fake email ids on their websites that do not have any existence. Only genuine sites reply back to their customers. Moreover, why should you care to buy from a provider who doesn’t care about replying to your queries?

Also, this step will ensure that the website is a genuine one and is not run by robots. Instead, it has a “human” customer care team who will help you in case you face any problems.

7. Look For Testimonials

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Testimonials play an important role in gauging whether the site is genuine or not. However, you must know that often sites feature fake testimonials to attract customers. Hence, it is always recommended to check the reviews and ratings of the seller site on any third-party website.

You can find numerous websites on the internet which review these selling sites. Moreover, you can also ask your friends or family members who have recently bought something from the same seller, for a review.

8. Avoid Producers Who Sell On Third Party Sites

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A .com domain costs less than ten dollars and if a producer does not have his own domain then it can be a warning sign that something is fishy. Frauds generally do not want to invest a single penny. Thus, it is recommended to always buy from genuine producers who sell via their own website.

9. Search Up The Website’s Name On Google

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The best way to gauge whether the site is genuine or not is to search it on Google. If anyone has posted any negative reviews about the producer then they will show up in your search results. This is one of the best ways to check the reputation of the site.

Final Word

We hope that by now you are aware of the ways in which you can buy custom beats online. Make sure to conduct proper research as per the points mentioned above and only then finalize the deal with a producer.