Best Poker Chip Sets For Private Games Or Corporate Gifts

There is an infinite number of activities with which we can fill the free time we have left in the day. It is not possible to just sit in one place and just look at one point. We need to make sure that time passes quickly, and at the same time that we are fully entertained. When it comes to how we spend our free time, people here are divided by opinions and views.

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Introverts happen to be withdrawn as well as shy, people who need to spend time completely alone, we can meet them in the park enjoying the springtime while drinking their favorite coffee, they enjoy and know how to immerse themselves in reading a good book, for weekends doing marathons watching their preferred movies and series etc. Of course, to be on the perfect level of balance in the universe, some extroverts love to be in the company of other people and by nature are fun and socially with a positive attitude.

These people love all of the activities in which more than one person can participate. You can see them playing basketball with mates from the neighborhood, dancing and singing with total strangers at a music concert, organizing a small gambling championship along with colleagues, and so on. It’s not that gambling is just fun for extroverts, it turns out that introverts can also be good players, and not just poker, they are pretty good at other casino games like blackjack and roulette.

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You can imagine this people, at home, sitting in their comfortable chair next to the desk. Their favorite drink is in their hand, music is going on quietly in the background, while the page is open on the PC or smart device, and they are making a decision for which one of the many online casino games is suitable for that night. The site offers suggestions for some of the most popular online casino games, where you can make a decision from a wide range, and through a simple registration that does not take much time, and you should start gambling right away.

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What extroverts do best like no other is organizing parties and events. They are absolute kings when it comes to this, from ordinary small gatherings of beer and pizza with friends, parties with loud people to loud music and hot drinks, to poker nights with favorite co-workers. Just express a desire for fun, they are here to exceed all your expectations.

It is not easy to be constantly socially active and to interact with other people, so playing games has proven to be a good tool to help us maintain that interaction with our friends and relatives. Just as in childhood games helped us to make new friends, so today they help us to have discussions with other people and to create a relationship.

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One such game of that kind is poker, with which while playing you lose track of time and conversations can go on until the early hours of the morning. That would be even better if you decide to present the new playing chip collection to your team mates.

If you do not already have such a collection, you are probably wondering where to get one from. How to recognize if it is quality? What should you pay more attention to when you choose it? How to pick the best collection for yourself?

The best poker collections consist of 500 pieces in three or four colors for different denominations, two pairs of cards, a dealer sign and some other additional things that are needed for the game.

1. Brybelly collection

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One of the larger ones that have 1000 pieces with lovely design, the chips are classified in 10 colors and weigh 14 grams. The set consists only of chips, no cards, dealer button, etc. They are packed in a transparent acrylic casing which will allow others to admire you.

2. Trademark gambling package

Packed in a lockable aluminum casing, arrives with 500 pieces weighing 11.5 grams and has a classy look. The poker coins are divided into four colors without denominations on them, so you can choose the value of each of them. Additionally, you have two packs of cards and badges that are needed for the game as it is known.

3. Pro clay gambling package

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The poker coins between your fingers will make you imagine like you are having a game in Las Vegas, there are around 320 pieces in number that are divided into several colors and the poker coins do not have the value on them, which is great for high and low stakes. The collection also has two packs of cards, five dice, and buttons for the roles in the game as well as a green poker, felt, and two cutting cards. And all this is ready in a perfect vinyl leather package, realistically everyone would envy you for a collection like this.

4. Kovot

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A modest number of gambling plastic coins of 300, available in five colors, which do not weigh much and have the most resemblance to the real ones and are ideal for a casino contest with your mates if you are a beginner or a professional player. They are transferred to an aluminum box that has compartments for the chip coins and additionally has a pack of cards and five dices as well and three buttons for the roles in the game.

If you want to give a special impression, you have a opportunity to ask for a personalized package, with which others will surely be so surprised and impressed. The game coins are packed in a adorable leather box where your name or some initials can be written if you want to give someone such a gift.

The chips are prepared in the case, they are available in few colors, in addition, you get two pairs of cards and six dices. The novelty is that with all this plus you can choose some alcoholic drink and tobacco. What would a game be without a drink and a piece of tobacco? They go side by side and should never be separated.

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I hope this little research of ours will help you in the decision because there are a lot of variations. They differ in the material from which the special game coins are made, whether they are plastic, ceramic or composite, they differ in weight, color, design. Then the card set you play with can be made of plastic paper or vinyl and this means how long they will last and how good they will be. If you know someone who works in a casino, or someone who plays poker professionally, consult on the subject, you may get some more advice plus. When you buy the perfect set, all you have to do is put on a poker face, and don’t let them find out you’re bluffing.