7 Best Tree Pruning Tools every house Owner Needs to Own

We all live in a time of increased global warming that has many consequences. One thing whose reduction this happening affects, and without which we cannot live, is oxygen. By increasing environmental awareness among people, we could significantly alleviate this problem as well. We know that every planted tree is a direct producer of oxygen. So why wouldn’t each of us plant a tree and take care of it at least once in our lives? Many generations after would be grateful to us for doing that.

If you are one of the people who enjoy nature and has a garden, good job for you! If you want to maintain your yard correctly, daily care and dedication are necessary. I believe that you think that keeping trees in the garden is quite a complicated job and that you need professional help, but that’s not true at all! In addition to the love, the tree needs pruning that’s not expensive and that you can do all by yourself. Pruning makes your tree look beautiful and grow healthy.

To help you get started in this process on your own, below we offer you a guide for the best tree pruning tools every house owner needs to own.
So, take a look!

1. Loopers

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Loopers are an essential tool that every home should have. At the time of flowering trees, you will love to use this tool. Its use is extremely simple. It consists of long handles that allow you not to use ladders to reach high branches. The head consists of very sharp blades so that you can easily shorten the branch. It’s essential to use loopers with both hands to avoid possible injury.

Remember safety first!

This instrument can be used for medium and large trees. If you have a fruit or flower tree in your gardens, such as magnolias or cherries loopers will be your great friend.

2. Pruning Shears

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Do you know how gardeners always tell not to go with a tool to a tree because of the possibility of falling and branch breaking? This is not the case with this tool. Its use is huge and useful. Shears are smaller and they’re quite easy to use. They remind us of scissors, but much sharper ones. With one hand you can do the whole job! They are suitable for pruning smaller branches. Their size allows you to reach even those branches that grow at the strange corners. Our advice is to look for shears that are made of titanium to avoid corrosion and moisture damage.

3. Pruning saw

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You could hear from old greenskeepers that this is one of the favorite tools that do a great job of trimming trees. They are used when pruning thicker branches that are within reach. This tool has shorter handles but extremely sharp and long blades. The blades can be curved at the top which helps you stay on the desired branch. Straight saws are ideal for cutting green wood while those with curved tips are more used for larger trees with stronger branches. The saws are very strong so you can trim a branch whose thickness seems questionable to you. In addition to this hand saw, which is good for “home use”, there is also an electric saw that is recommended for garden lovers and professionals.

4. Ergonomic

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We know that working in the garden can often be tedious and hard work. To facilitate your work in the garden, it’s recommended to use this simple and useful tool. They are designed to be adjustable for the hand so you won’t have hand crumps while performing the desired procedure. Try to find an ergonomic with soft rubber or plastic handles. No matter how much time you spend in the garden, you will feel less pressure, fatigue, and pain. This tool is recommended for elders and those who have sore hands.

5. Anvil pruners

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Anvil pruners are designed for cutting dead branches and smaller twigs. Their long handles allow you to reach even the hardest available places. They consist of only one straight blade, which means that they are not intended for pruning thicker branches. If you try to use it for that, you will only do more damage to both the wood and the tool. It is recommended as an ideal tool for felling and maintaining confusing plants. If you have a hydrangea or rose tree, this tool will be your favorite one.

6. Telescope pruners

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The biggest advantage of this device is its flexibility. Newer tools like this provide several brand-new features and shorten the job. If you want to remove unnecessary branches from a tall tree, this tool is a warm recommendation. You won’t need much time to get the job done. Therefore, this tool has a mechanism that allows it to expand up to 3 times its length. Depending on the height of the branch, you can adjust the length of the telescope. Sounds great, doesn’t it? There’s also the possibility of locking the telescope at a certain size, which means that it is very obedient. For all of you who don’t like using ladders, this tool is a must-have.

7. Chain saws

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The tool that is a true master of his craft is certainly chain saws. If a tree seems too thick and you don’t know how to approach it, this tool has a solution. Pruning thick trees, dense trees will never be easier. Your job will be much simple and the time saved is huge. This instrument can have an electric power supply, work with the help of gas, and there are also chain saws that run on batteries. They are of equal quality so the choice is yours. It’s important to take care of the maintenance of this tool. Constant oiling will extend its life. Also, the most important thing with this tool is your safety, so we advise you to carry safety equipment with you before using chain saws.

If you’re new to gardening and can’t decide which tool you need most, that’s fine. Give yourself some time, go through our guide once again, or learn more here. I hope we have encouraged you and explained that gardening is not hard work but an incredible pleasure.
Plant a seed and enjoy its fruits!