10 Best Desk Accessories for Your Home Office 2023

The introduction of the concept of work from home is a new yet interesting idea. After all, staying at home is an underdefined luxury, and professionals got the opportunity to work with ease, and Oh! not to forget the pleasure of working in night suits – the most comfortable attire amongst them all.

But posture is important while working, which is possible when you have a good office-like look in the form of a desk and chair set up at home. The desk has been one of the most sought purchases during this time that successfully offers an office-like experience. So, it ought not to be a boring one. For, you have to spend some time of your day sitting and working on it.

How about converting a desk at home into a mini office with a professional and fun vibe?

An amazing idea indeed!

Scroll on to explore ten of the best accessories that will enlighten the aura of your home office in 2023.

1. Wrist Rester

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Office equipment like laptops and desks are often used with different equipment like a mouse that adds to the degree of ease and convenience for the employees. But, sitting in that position may cause joint pain and swelling on the wrist and palm. Hence, it is recommended to use a wrist rester that keeps the hand in a comfortable spot while working. The wrist rester should be one of the initial purchases to make the work-from-home journey comfortable and productive.

2. Enlighten The Desk With a Lamp

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Your desk will feel incomplete without good lighting. Treat the same by having a pretty lamp in your home office to ensure appropriate light. Also, such a light ensures that you are working in a bright aura that does not induce sleepiness or laziness. You can consider investing in lamps with different lights so you can change the light based on how you like it.

3. Some Stationery

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What does the office furniture look like without some pretty stationery pieces?

Stationery items are an underestimated piece, especially for adults. Be it the markers or the highlighters, pens and pen stands, pencils, and notebooks of different kinds, all of them generate unparallel happiness. The colors are fascinating. You can look for an online stationery store like shopnoteworthy.ca and add everything you like to your office desk.

4. Books And Plants

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You can opt for some decoration on your desk. Also, they are instant mood lifters even if the work is challenging every ounce of your being. You can create a small rejuvenation center on the desk where you can keep motivational books and some plants. A little succulent will take the least space on the desk and still manage to have a good effect on you throughout the day.

5. Wireless Chargers

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The next one that should make it to your office desk is different kinds of chargers for various devices. For example, what will you do if there is a power cut at your place, the backup is exhausted, and your laptop runs out of battery?

Letting your seniors know this situation should be the last resort. Hence, you should have wireless chargers and power banks that can help your devices to work for a long time. Power banks are available for devices like smartphones, laptops, computers, earphones, and Bluetooth devices like the computer mouse.

6. Seat Cushion

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If you have back pain or feel strained after a long day at work, you should consider investing in a seat cushion. It will keep you comfortable throughout the day while working and even keeps your back less strained. Otherwise, the strain can increase and give rise to other problems as time passes.

7. Some Musical Device

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It would help if you had some entertainment when you have a huge workload. Also, music is the best remedy when you are having Monday blues or looking for motivation mid-week. Additionally, music is the best remedy when you are not in the mood to work or have to stretch hours whenever needed. It distracts the mind whenever it tends to generate tiring or bad thoughts.

Hence, a musical device should be one of the things at your home office. You can go for speakers, music systems, Bluetooth earphones, headsets, and AirPods, amongst others. The electronic industry is booming owing to its ability to meet the diverse requirements of different professionals.

8. Pads For Note Making

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What if you have a clear desk and suddenly, you enter a meeting and want to note down some pointers for making the meeting minutes?

Rather than jumping here and there in panic at the last minute, you can invest in a notepad or sticky notes and let them rescue you in urgent situations. They are colorful and have nice textures that will help take good notes to be used in need.

9. Water For Hydration

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Hydration is important for the qualitative functioning of the body; hence, a good water bottle is necessary for your office desk at home. If you are guilty of being lazy around having proper water intake for your body, here is a quick tip for you. You can put your smartphone to use. You can reach out to the ‘App Store’ or ‘Play Store’ to search for applications that help you with an hourly or bi-hourly reminder. These reminders are a great way to keep pace with the body requirements of the body while meeting professional commitments.

10. Anti-Fatigue Desk Mats

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The last desk accessory that is a must for the home office in 2023 is an anti-fatigue desk mat that can be placed near the footrest. The foot tends to get sore when it is at rest for a long time, and hence, it causes problems that can move up to the legs and spine. So, you can keep your feet on the mat and stand on it during the break or lunchtime. Standing in such a position relieves a person from back pain resulting from bad posture. Also, it can help remove the knee and foot strain.


So, that’s all about the things that can make their way to your home office. These are simple and in-budget things. Hence, please don’t wait for the right time to get them; instead, get them or your home office right away!

Happy working!