Best Slipcovers for Protecting Your Couch – 2023 Buying Guide

Slipcovers are the best way to protect your furniture from scratches and grime. They can also mask unsightly stains and tears. A striking slipcover will add extra charm to your home. But it’s essential to consider a suitable slipcover for your needs. There are specific characteristics that should be considered when purchasing a slipcover. Let’s take a look at these factors.


The length of your slipcover should be such that it covers your couch completely without sweeping the floor. If the cover is too tight, it can cause the couch to appear ruffled and untidy.

The material of your couch

It is not advisable to place a slipcover on a couch with a wooden frame. Slipcovers are best placed on soft cushiony couches. Leather couches can also be covered with a slipcover.

Slipcovers will not fix your couch.

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Slipcovers are external covers. They will not fix any structural issues with your couch. If there is something wrong with the cushioning or springs of the couch, then you might need to take it to a showroom. A slipcover will only hide stains and rips. It is advisable to replace a malfunctioning couch instead of wasting money on repairing it. This will save you a lot of money in the future.

Choose a proper fit

Like all other accessories, slipcovers come in a lot of designs and looks. Your slipcover should be in harmony with the design of the rest of your room. You can also get custom-tailored slipcovers for your couch if you’re unable to find anything that fits your tastes.

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Fabrics can make or break your slipcover.

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Fabrics such as velvet and wool should be avoided for slipcovers as they’re rather heavy and will not mold into the shape of your couch. There are fabrics such as cotton and corduroy, which are fantastic for slipcovers. Not all fabric is suitable for slipcovers.

However, heavy fabrics can be used for custom-made couch covers and will give your couch a sophisticated look. If you’re going for generic slipcovers, then lighter fabrics are the way to go. You should also choose a tightly woven fabric to prevent tears. Your couch should not be visible from under your slipcover.

Certain textures look exceptionally appealing on couch covers. Materials such as soft fleece and nylon-based fabric will provide a gorgeous texture as well as a comfortable feel. But please consider your preferences when choosing a slipcover.

Keep an eye on the details.

Custom-made slipcovers can be expensive, and it will cost a fortune to get them remade in case they’re not to your liking. The nature of welting on your slipcover is also a determining factor in the durability and look of your slipcover.

You can accessorize your slipcover by getting it welted by a tailor or by welting it yourself if you’re proficient in knitting. You can add certain knick-knacks like braided wool, buttons, and other decors for some added beauty.

Best Couch Covers to Buy in 2023

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Here are some of the best couch covers we’ve seen in 2023 that can suit any need you have. They are all best sellers and have stellar reviews from previous customers.

Easy-Going Stretch Couch Cover

This cover is made of polyester spandex and completely engulfs your couch. This will conceal any tears, rips, or stains you may have. This is a best-selling cover and has been praised widely because of its stretchable fabric and affordable price. It’s very easy to use, and you can single-handedly slip it above your couch.

This piece comes in twenty-four colors, so you have the choice to either go for demure, muted colors or make a statement with eye-popping, bright colors.

Lutzer Universal Sofa Cover

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This cover is universal, and you can use it to cover your sofa and couch. The Lutzer Sofa Cover comes in various colors, but its navy blue slipcover is widely popular because of its royal looks. This cover is made of a mix of polyester and spandex as well and provides commendable durability and convenient cleaning options. This slipcover can be machine washed, which makes it extremely easy to maintain.

Stretch Modern Block Four Piece Sofa Slipcover

This cover will take care of your cushions as well! This minimalist sofa cover is made of breathable but textured fabric, which not only provides it a sophisticated look but also makes it an extremely easy and comfortable choice. This bestseller has a block design and will be the ultimate choice for first-time buyers.

PureFit Super Stretch Sofa Slipcover

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This slipcover is again made of extremely stretchable and breathable fabric and will ensure all-around protection for your couch. It will not only conceal the stains and tears in your old couch but will also save your new one from damage. Its strong material provides safety for kids and animals, and it’s easy-to-clean design makes it an ideal fit if you have a family. This slipcover comes in muted colors and can be installed very easily by anyone.

Skirted Box Cushion Sofa Slipcover

The skirted sofa cover only comes in a cornflower blue color. But it’s thick and textured material more than makes up for it. The material not only offers protection but also provides a very quirky aura to any room. The material is considered very easy to clean and very convenient to maintain; however, you might have to make some adjustments as the fabric is not as stretchable.

Great Bay Home Modern Velvet Plush Strapless Slipcover

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Even though we have advised against velvet slipcovers, this one seems to break the stereotype and maintain a flexible and yielding look throughout the couch. It will protect your couch and will give it an expensive and noble look. This cover is also extremely easy to install and clean. But be careful, since it has a velvety texture, it may lose its sheen if not washed properly.


These are the best suggestions we have when it comes to couch slipcovers!

Any of these covers will protect your couch and give you the looks that you desire. Be considerate of your own preferences!