Top 5 Essentials To Pack For Your First Backpacking Trip – 2023 Guide

Backpacking is one of the most fun activities you can do with your friends and family or even by you. Travelling is probably one of the most therapeutic things to do in your life. “The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page.” This quote resonates deeply with every travelling fanatic.

Backpacking in its purest sense differs from travelling in reference to the utilities and money spent. Backpacking is more of a low end type of travelling in which you take all your belongings in one bag or rucksack and just hit the road. It embodies the spirit of exploring at its finest.

Backpacking is not only for those who decide to take a vacation once a year, but those who live a nomadic lifestyle also practise this way of travelling. Backpacking involves:

  • Visiting new places.
  • Having all your belongings in a bag.
  • Sleeping at low-cost shelters, inns or motels.

If you want to know more about backpacking and vacations, you can find various tips and suggestions for pulling a backpacking trip properly for the first time.

Backpackers use hitchhiking for transport in their purest way, although most of them use a more stable means of transportation such as a bike or even a bicycle. Vacations can be very expensive, which is why most people don’t take a lot of them. Backpacking is a form of travel that is purely meant for wanderlusts and those to dare to live on barely any means.

The Top 5 Essentials You Need For A Backpacking Trip

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If you’re a first-timer when it comes to backpacking, you might have a few doubts regarding the entire thing. What should I carry? Which belongings do I prioritize more when I have way too many things I want to bring? Do I take my phone? Do I stay off the grid? Do I need to take any supplies like food? All of these doubts can arise from a simple misunderstanding of what a backpack kit entails. That being said, let’s take a look at the various supplies that you need to carry when you’re backpacking, all while reaching an optimal point that will sustain you well.

1.Rucksack or Backpack

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Well, it is only apparent for this to be the first on the list. The backpack is the foremost thing you need to carry all your other essentials in. Based on your essentials storage needs, you can choose a backpack accordingly. There are many types of backpacks to choose from.

Knapsacks, rucksacks, daypacks, satchel backpacks and so on. Depending on where you’re going and for how long, you will have to choose the right bag. It is also essential for you to take a backpack that has various storage compartments with secure zippers. This way, you can put your wallet, compasses and other smaller items in the zippers.

2. Filter water bottles

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Water, as we know, is the most crucial essential in our lives. You can go for a few days without eating food, but it is implausible that you’ll survive for more than two days without any water. As they say, water is life. Hence it would be best if you had a water bottle in your backpack at all times. Now here’s another critical point to consider.

You will not always have mineral, filtered water all the time. You might find rivers and tap water. Given the amount of pollution and wastes secreted into these bodies, it isn’t suggested that you drink straight out of these sources, so you need to carry a bottle that also has a filter in it. This way, it filters out particles and gives you clean water to drink. You can buy affordable filter bottles on the market as well.

3. Mobile Chargers

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For a beginner who’s backpacking for the first time, it’s better to take it slow and not directly jump into the area of soul searching by throwing yourself off the grid. This means you’d be taking a mobile with you for emergencies and other features based on you. And for a mobile phone, you require a charger.

Make sure to take universal adapters as your charger design might not be compatible everywhere. Universal adapters help you charge your phone from regular electrical sockets to tent sockets with a power source that’s enough. Therefore, make sure to take your charger, adapters and other wires that are important for the functioning of your phone.

4. Torchlights

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Light sources are significant on backpacking trips, especially if you go on a hike or a camping event as forests have no natural source of light and would be very handy to have when you’re walking through the woods during the night. It’s best to buy a quality torchlight as it will last you for an extended period of time and will be bright enough for you to tread around safely.

5. Compass and Navigation

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Unless you don’t mind getting lost in the middle of nowhere, you will need a compass. Previously our ancestors used to look to the pole star to determine North, South, East and West. Unless you want to put in that much work to navigate, make sure you carry a compass.

It is also advisable to have a map of the place you’re travelling to. Yes, we know that a phone can do all of this, eliminating the need for you to carry all that extra items. But if one wishes to be an old school traveller, we’d suggest compasses and maps making your trip a little bit more exciting. After all, what’s a good trip unless you get lost for a while?


Essentials apart from those that can directly sustain the human body are entirely left to choice. It depends on what you consider important and what’s essential on your terms. Therefore, we hope our suggestions helped you pack your bags and tap into the traveller you were meant to be. Be safe and have a happy journey!