4 Best Cable Providers of 2023

One thing that Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z can agree on is that television has shaped our lives. It has been there with us in the toughest of times and through the best phases as well.

According to a report published in 2017, watching television reduces stress, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and inspires creativity. Now that we have so many choices regarding TV, it has become even better. The improved technology, vast channel lineups, customized Cable Providers, on the go applications, live streaming, DVR service, and so many more options have made the television experience immersive.

With so many great options, cable TV is still the viewer’s number one choice. In this article, we have come up with a discussion around the best cable TV providers of 2023, so you can make an educated choice for your household.

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1. Xfinity

img source: digitaltrends.com

Xfinity is considered one of the best cable TV providers throughout the nation because of its immense coverage area. It is reliable and reasonably priced.

The basic cable TV plan starts from 30.00 USD and offers over ten channels allowing people with limited interests to pay for exactly what they want. Xfinity offers contractual and contract-less cable TV plans. However, contractual plans are cheaper in comparison.

Another great feature provided by Xfinity is the voice-controlled remote. The Xfinity Stream TV application allows you to take your TV wherever you go. Its DVR service, Xfinity X1 DVR, allows you to record six programs simultaneously.

Xfinity charges extra for the additional services. For example, you will have to pay 10 USD for HD monthly, 20 USD for DVR monthly, and almost 9.99 USD for receivers monthly.

Here are the best cable plans offered by Xfinity:

Cable TV Plan Monthly Price Channels Offered Highlights
Choice TV 30 USD More than 10 Includes HD service
Digital Starter 59.99 USD More than 140 HGTV, TLC, Bravo, FX
Digital Preferred 69.99 USD More than 220 NBA TV, NFL Network, MLB Network 
Digital Premier 84.99 USD More than 260 Starz, HBO, TMC, Showtime


  • Available in over 38 states and has excellent coverage
  • Xfinity X1 DVR has incredible storage capacity and is capable of recording 6 different programs at the same time
  • Allows customers to choose standalone TV packages


  • Charges extra for HD service, DVR, and receivers

2. Optimum

img source: cableproviderdeals.com

Optimum is one of the most favorite cable TV providers of the customers – its ACSI score is 61/100. It caters to a limited audience as it is only available in four states. However, if you fall into its coverage territory, you must subscribe to this cable provider. This is because, in addition to the best and most extensive channel lineup offered by Optimum at affordable rates, it also provides customers with extra perks like HD service, buyout option of up to 500 USD, on the go TV app, voice-activated remote, inbuilt applications, and much more. You can find more at https://www.localcabledeals.com/optimum/cable-tv.

Optimum also does not bind customers in contracts which means that you can switch to it by letting it pay the cancelation fee to your existing company and if things do not seem right, you can cancel anytime without paying a dime – if this is not the best-case scenario then we do not know what can be!

Here are the best cable plans offered by Optimum:

Cable TV Plan Monthly Price Channels Offered Highlights
Optimum Value TV 74.99 USD More than 255 Includes TLC, Animal Planet, FXX, A&E, Discovery Channel, WGN, VH1, Nat Geo Channel
Optimum Select TV 89.99 USD More than 340 Includes all Value TV channels and premium channels like MLB Network, BBC World News, NBA TV, NFL Network, MTV2, Sundance
Optimum Preferred TV 124.99 USD More than 420 Includes all Value TV and Select TV channels and premium channels like Showtime, HBO Max, NHL Network, Starz, beIN Sports, TVG


  • Extensive channel lineup
  • High customer service score
  • Offers services without any contracts


  • Limited coverage

3. Spectrum

img source: wshu.org

Spectrum is available in 41 states and is considered a national service provider. It offers cable TV plans at prices that can suit everyone’s budget. The starter packages are well designed and include some great channels. Spectrum also offers bundled packages that allow customers to save money extensively.

Furthermore, Spectrum does not bind you in any sort of contract. Its ACSI score of 63/100 shows that it is well-received by customers as well. For interested customers, it has a one-hour installation window.

The one thing that Spectrum can work on is the number of its cable TV plans – there are limited options.

Here are the best cable plans offered by Spectrum:

Cable TV Plan Monthly Price Channels Offered Highlights
Select TV 44.99 USD More than 125 Free HD service, access to Spectrum TV app, Includes channels like ESPN, ABC, HGTC, CNN
Silver TV 74.99 USD More than 175 Free HD service, access to Spectrum TV app, Includes premium channels like Showtime, NFL Network, HBO Max, Nick Jr.
Gold TV 94.99 USD More than 200 Free HD service, access to Spectrum TV app, Includes premium channels like Showtime, NFL Network, HBO Max, Starz, TMC.


  • Affordable cable plans
  • Top-tier plans offer exclusive channels
  • Great money-saving on bundles


  • Less standalone cable TV plans

4. COX

img source: tucson.com

The best thing about Cox TV is that it provides every customer with a personalized experience. The bundling options offered by Cox include internet, TV, phone, and home security. It also allows customers to choose equipment and add-ons at every step of the way making it a complete customized choice.

Cox offers varied levels of DVR service – the rundown of which is below:

Essential DVR at 10 USD monthly

Preferred DVR at 20 USD monthly

Ultimate DVR at 30 USD monthly

Cox offers its services in 18 states and has an ACSI score of 63/100. Cox, further, allows you to customize your TV plans with add-ons called ‘paks’. These paks include select channels for sports, kids, news, etc.

Here are the best cable plans offered by Cox:

Cable TV Plan Monthly Price Channels Offered Highlights
Contour TV Starter 50 USD More than 75 Includes HD service
Contour TV Preferred 90 USD More than 140 Includes premium channels like HGTV, ESPN, CNBC, A&E, Bravo
Contour TV Ultimate 130 USD More than 250 Includes premium channels like Cinemax, HBO, Epix, Showtime, Starz


  • Allows easy and convenient payment options
  • Excellent help center
  • Low priced packages for budget-conscious customers


  • Add-on options can increase the overall price of the package
  • Extra 20 USD for DIY service