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How To Play PS4 On A Laptop Screen With HDMI

How To Play PS4 On A Laptop Screen With HDMI
Written by Edward Eugen

PS-4 application is used in controlling the PS-4 among your computer with such application installed on the PC or Mac. This provides the immersive PS-4 gaming by connecting remotely through PS-4 systems

Functional Requirements

    PS4

    Laptop

    HDMI with dual functioning

    Dual Shock remote Controller

    Micro-USB Cable

    Internet Connectivity

If you intend to play on Play Station-4 (PS-4) on laptop screen rather than the big LED TV screen then you need to fulfill specific functional requirements. It is not viable to connect PS-4 directly to the laptop because the High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port on the computer is mostly unidirectional means it only takes either input or output.

HDMI port is unidirectional as it only displays the content of the laptop screen through the HDMI to the external monitor. The functional requirement demands that the laptop must have the video input and HDMI input on the computer. This thing builds up a link with the PS-4 and not a lot to do.

If you want to use a laptop as your screen for playing PS4, then you’ll be needing the female DVI-D male video adapter along with the DVI cable. Then you can get video from PS4 within something that the laptop can handle on-screen, although it might not take the sound. You should connect the speakers itself to PS4, or some quality speakers form any sound system available in the living room.

For external sound system make sure to adjust the sound settings for PS4 by going to the settings. Adjust the sound settings and audio output settings to reflect the use of speakers if you want them to work. If you have a laptop that has the HDMI ports two of them one for input and other for output. Since most of them with single HDMI port having the single output port.

How To Take Input Through HDMI Cable On The Laptop?

How To Play PS4 On A Laptop Screen With HDMI

The main reason for the fame of USB ports and their popularity among people is their utility and consumers giving a blind eye to other available options. These ports are the general trend of different laptops. HDMI is an audio/video standard interface for transferring the uncompressed data either audio or video for the purpose of consumer electronics.

HDMI superseded with VGA(Video Graphic Array) and DVI (Digital Visual Interface) connectors and their existence of HDTVs, decoders, DVD players, gaming consoles and so on. This interface is already activated on the laptop during the installation of an operating system for the viable transfer of video and audio to the external devices.

The state of the art sound quality and better picture for the gaming experience this options is viable enough to handle the complexities while connecting these devices as input to the laptop and giving output to the gaming consoles.

Laptops have the dedicated input port for the HDMI cable to plug the cable into the port at the back of console where it is turned off. Plug in the other end of the cable into your laptop’s HDMI input port. Turn on the console, and the laptop automatically varies the source of input for the screen to output which is coming from the gaming console itself.

Note: While connecting the HDMI cable with PS4 and laptop is a tricky task. Every laptop has a different Integrated development environment and pre-installed operating system on it. The laptop machine can either be windows based or a MacBook. We usually connect PS4 through HDMI for the remote connectivity medium.

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Connecting PS4 To The Salvaged Laptop

How To Play PS4 On A Laptop Screen With HDMI

This connectivity is not possible with direct connection of Laptop LCD with the adapter. Its shortest response is no. The viable option is using an inverter with the conventional LCD and a backlight and power supply to operate the backlight of the screen and the HDMI to LVDS converter. Of course, LVDS is one of the most common interfaces for LCD panels, but it’s not the only one out there.  You’d have to know which interface your panel has, and have a pinout for it if it uses a non-standard connector.

Connecting Laptop with PS4

A USB based HDMI is required to capture the video in connection with the computer. Such interfaces are used for the Livestreaming, Ustreaming, and Twitch. Usually, the vendors are Roxio, AverMedia, Blackmagic and Hauppauge. The requirement to spend the extra amount in this scenario. The range of lower cost devices is around $50-$70 which provides better quality devices run $150-200 or more.  They intend to be leggy except you have a pretty powerful machine.

Connecting the PS4 directly to the laptop HDMI output port and getting the signal on the screen but there is an option to use the video capture card along with the HDMI input for the display of video on the screen of the laptop. A simple HDMI cord won’t work directly for the display.


This thing does not pertain the long-lasting problem if you intend to connect the laptop with the PS4 you might try remote connectivity without getting into the hassle of continuously worrying about expensive hardware and LCD/LED screens and their connection with costly laptops.

The crucial end of properties lies in the range of highly customizable software which comes along the PS4 where you can easily connect a device with a laptop. The main reason for this connectivity is natural, and customized placement of screen rather than strictly sitting in front of the big LED and kept looking at it.

Lots of people don’t have expensive laptops as they do not belong to IT industry or their requirement is just a handy and straightforward laptop to use Microsoft Office or watching movies or listening music or doing somehow minimal calculations. Why anybody would come up with the idea of getting an out of range laptop and meet its expensive price range.

Remote play application is one of the handiest options to handle this particular problem. It is recommended to choose the solution with minimum cost and high rate efficiency.

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