how much does it cost to repair a laptop screen

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Broken Screen Laptop? (2023 Guide)

For every laptop brand in the market, there exists a different screen price. Now as far as the costs of a broken laptop screen are concerned, it totally depends upon how you are going to repair it. Whether by hiring a professional or doing it all by yourself.

I would suggest you pick up a local computer repair shop unless you know perfectly well how to fix it at home. But still, if you choose to DIY, there are plenty of videos available on YouTube guiding you to fix your laptop’s screen in just $80-100. That obviously eliminates the labor costs, so that’s economical.

Here’s all about:

How much does it cost to repair a broken screen laptop?

Repairing a broken screen including the parts and the labor would cost you almost near to $200 or even lesser if you have an older laptop version, luckily! Before going for a Tech to fix your laptop’s broken screen, You can verify the details of the cost on online sites such as that of ScreenTek by following these 2 simple steps:

  • Entering the laptop’s product number in the Product Search Field.
  • Comparing the price your tech offered and the site displays; be wiser!
how much does it cost to repair a laptop screen

These steps would assure that the repairing cost you are going to pay to the tech doesn’t involve any kind of double-dealing. Make sure the Tech offers you a guarantee for the repaired version so that your fixing money doesn’t go into waste in case some trouble with the laptop screen occurs again.

FOR ACER 15.6 (Laptops with a big screen):

For laptops like Acer’s 15.6, the repair costs can nearly touch $300. This is because of its solid fixed body that would cause the Technician to open it all up hence adding another 100$ to the repairing costs.

Also, be safe from the local frauds that would get it fixed at a lesser price WITHOUT guarantee.

FOR HP MODEL LAPTOPS (Older version Laptops):

The older versions of HP Laptops may cause as high as $500-600 because their parts and repairing components are difficult to find. Also, if fortunately, you find the components at a lower price, the technician would demand more money since Hp’s older versions such as that of HP 250 G6 Core i5-7200 have to be opened up completely when it comes to to the repairing of their screen.


Basically, the cost is almost the same for a touchscreen laptop as well. I.e. a random touchscreen laptop’s screen gets fixed in $200-300 if referred to a technician. And doing it by yourself would subtract a hundred dollars which are definitely the labor costs.

However, for the touchscreen laptops like that of Apple and Microsoft Signature Versions, the repairing costs can almost be near the price of the laptop itself!

So take the best care of your laptops because obviously even $200-300 is no less money at all.