12 Essential Products to Bring on Your First Private Charter Flight – 2023 Guide

Heading somewhere on your first-ever private charter flight? If that is the case you should be prepared & well-equipped for your journey. Often times we are not too sure what to bring on the plane with us, and it can get even more stressful when you’re headed on a charter flight. This new experience and the ambiance itself can be a bit distracting, which is why you should apply our tips & tricks when packing. Keep on reading and bring all of your essentials!

12 Essential Products to Bring on Your First Private Charter Flight

1. Your cozy & favorite hoodie

You should enjoy and wear a comfy hoodie that feels soft against your skin. A hoodie will help you when you’re up in the air and you start to feel the temperature change. It is also great to sleep in, chill, relax, but also a must-have if you are a germaphobe. Simply place it over your seat and enjoy the flight, no matter how long.

2. Earplugs or earphones

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You can cancel all the noise and sleep during your flight or read a book in silence with the right set of earplugs. There are also some high-quality earphones that have the noise-cancellation feature which can help you zone out. If you are not a people person and you love & value your own free and spare time, this is a must-have for you.

3. A good book

Speaking of books and interesting content, you can always read a good book and get lost in it, or imagine that you’re in another world to kill your spare time. Mystery novels or something that’s intense will help you get your mind off things + it is great for guys or girls who are afraid of heights or flying. It will also help out with anxiety and high levels of stress.

4. Phone charger

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While more and more airplanes have electrical sockets, it is always a good idea to bring your own portable charger just to be safe. Our batteries tend to run out at the least convenient time, wouldn’t you agree? Do not get stressed about your next destination, service, or airport procedure since you can have all the time in the world once your battery is at 100%.

5. Your laptop

Oftentimes our laptop is more than necessary and welcome since it can keep us busy and distracted from any turbulence. Also, if you have some important business to do and finish you can do it on the plane. Catch up with your favorite show, do a presentation or prepare some emails to send out – the choice & variety is up to you.

6. Favorite snacks

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Charter planes will have a bit of everything, but they probably won’t have your favorite snack (especially if you are super picky). You can bring your favorite snack, smoothie, or chocolate bar with you. Have a good time and a full stomach, do not starve or become hangry during the ride.

7. Pain relievers

Unfortunately, pain relievers are becoming a necessity as we age. More often than not you will experience a headache, nausea, pain back, or overall stiffness of the body. This is where ibuprofen could come in handy. If you are allergic to something make sure to bring your allergy medication with you, and have everything in airtight sealed bags.

8. Chewing gum

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Not only that it is convenient for stopping our ears from popping on the plane, but chewing gum is also delicious and the most common candy for adults. You will get rid of bad breath in a matter of seconds without brushing your teeth + you can be that person who will have a spare piece for someone else, and everyone needs & loves this type of person.

9. Hand sanitizer

You never know when you’ll need to clean off your hands on a flight, especially nowadays with the global pandemic and more germs than ever. You should bring your wipes and a hand sanitizer with you on the flight. Bring mini bottles or travel sizes for easier & convenient use. Reach for it & reapply whenever feeling sticky.

10. Face mask

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Yet again, this has become a new staple in our lives and a protocol for every country, region, means of traffic, as well as social gathering situation. Bring two to three masks since it is always better to be safe than sorry. Wear them during your flight and avoid any social interactions.

11. Compression socks

Did you know that the right pair of compression socks will help maintain blood flow? It is also great for decreasing any swelling around the ankle that tends to happen quite often to most women. You don’t have to walk around during the flight to get the blood pumping, the socks will do the process for you.

12. Makeup

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Lastly, this one applies to those who love to wear makeup & who wish to do a slight touch-up throughout the flight. You should reapply your lipstick and your powder foundation (especially if you’ve been wearing a mask). On the other hand, a lip balm should be in your bag no matter your gender. It will help with any dry & cracked lips, as well as lips that lack shine.

Are you ready to take off?

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