6 Top Stickers you can Use for a Custom Sticker Marketing Campaign in 2023

Custom-made stickers represent an incredibly versatile marketing tool that can be used to appeal to many different target groups all at once. They can provide your brand with enhanced visibility that goes beyond geographical borders, all while helping you attract a broad audience to your products or services.

The number one rule in creating a perfect sticker marketing campaign is to stay creative and original every step of the way. Once you come up with a unique, eye-catching concept, all that’s left to do is to choose the type of stickers that suit your idea the most. In this article, we’re going to go over the most effective sticker types to help you set your campaign in motion. So, here they are!

1. Rectangular and square-shaped stickers: the timeless classic.

img source: hestickybrand.com

Rectangular and square-shaped stickers may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we’re talking about creativity, but their simplistic design has many strengths that should never be ignored. Since the sticker layout isn’t overly complex, you’ll be able to go wild with the base design, which allows a lot of space for imagination and expressiveness.

These types of stickers are a great fit for anyone intending to stick them on their mobile phone or laptop, as they complement the usual shape of these devices quite well. We suggest getting them in different sizes and tones to appeal to a wider variety of preferences and needs. Remember, if you want them to be effective, your custom stickers should be showcased by your clients as a sleek accessory they’d love to talk about!

They do have their limitations, though. They’re not incredibly versatile: they look pretty plain when paired with certain items, so they’re not suitable in some instances.

2. Oval layout for a modern twist.

img source: www.stickergiant.com

If you’re looking for something that fits almost every occasion, then round-shaped stickers might be the best possible solution out there. They’re a bit more attention-grabbing than their rectangular counterparts, making them one of the most popular sticker types in the marketing industry.

Other than that, they also allow you to direct everyone’s focus directly at your message, as people are naturally drawn to the center of the circle. These can be used to enhance your company’s logo or motto in a stylish way that will keep everyone interested and engaged at the same time.

The only downside to this sticker type has to be the fact that almost everyone uses them! If you’re going to present your new stickers at an event with many of your competitors present, we suggest you opt for something a bit more unique instead.

3. Circle stickers: practical and trendy.

img source: www.pinterest.com

While colorful and vibrant designs look incredible on their own, they can sometimes lack practicality. If you apply an already dramatic sticker to a complexly designed item, you’re likely to get an awkward clash of colors and patterns that simply doesn’t look “right” together.

So, if you’re about to apply your stickers on your bags, notebooks, or clothing, we suggest you try to avoid the aforementioned scenario. The alternative? Circle stickers! They’re simple, versatile, and trendy, so what’s not to love!

This sticker type is mainly made out of premium vinyl, so it’s likely to be slightly on the pricey side. Still, these are some of the most fashionable sticker options out there, which usually makes them worth the price. Ensure you find a reliable printing service to ensure the design is provided with the image clarity it deserves, as vinyl can be pretty tricky to print on. You can learn more about circle stickers on websites such as customsticker.com if you’re interested in that.

4. Die-Cut stickers for an edgy look.

img source: www.stickermule.com

Die-Cut stickers provide you with the option to choose a custom shape for your sticker. It’s perfect for brands with complex logos that would need to be adjusted and repurposed to suit regular pre-made conditions most printing services offer. Die-Cut labels can provide you with a unique marketing solution that will undoubtedly pique everyone’s interest.

Of course, if your logo isn’t “oddly” shaped, you’ll have little to no need to go for this particular option. Besides, adjusting your logo or message to a preset template can make perfect sense in some instances. Making a couple of versions of the same logo is nothing new in the world of marketing, as it provides more visual variety and keeps your audience engaged and interested.

5. Bumper stickers: travel while promoting your brand.

img source: www.kuow.org

Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam only to notice that the car in front of you has an exciting bumper sticker? Exactly. Bumper stickers are extraordinarily effective, as they essentially represent a “moving” marketing campaign. You can make use of bumper stickers yourself by applying them to your company cars as well! It’s a cheap way to spread your brand’s message wherever you go, and if you can get your customers to do the same, the possibilities are endless! The only issue with this label type has to be the decreasing popularity of the trend. If people aren’t entirely in love with your brand, you’re hardly going to motivate them to place your logo on their car. Still, even if you’re the only one driving around with it, it will undoubtedly attract some curious individuals to your business.

6. Photo stickers: tell a story.

img source: www.pinterest.com

If you have any beautiful or exciting brand-related photos to share, you can now do it via custom-made sticky labels. A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say, so why wouldn’t you try telling your story at the next company event?

If you opt for this approach, be careful when choosing the photos for your new design, as some dimensions and resolutions can distort the image during the printing process. Try to keep it as simple as possible, and don’t forget to include your brand’s recognizable colors. Your brand has to be consistent in every aspect if you want to succeed in the long haul.