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Hi there! This guide I composed today is for all those who are on the whole another level of excitement about building up their gaming PC but can’t decide for a decent, well-functioning i7 8700k motherboard to fit in.

Your worries get over here because everything you need to know about the best motherboards for i7 8700k has included.

In this article, I have chosen some efficiently performing motherboards, particularly from the leading brands ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte. Let’s get to the topic already!

WAIT A MIN.. did you know after a lot of research and experimentations by the computer techs, Asus Rog Maximus XI Hero has marked as an all-time best-rated motherboard for a gaming pc. AMAZING, NO? But what is the reason behind those million 5 stars? Let’s explore.


Photo Title Chipset Type Buy
ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming ATX Motherboard Intel Z370 (300 Series)
Asus ROG Maximus XI Formula LGA1151 Intel Z390
Gigabyte Z390 AORUS ULTRA Intel Z390
ASRock Motherboard Motherboards Intel Z370
MSI MPG Gaming Motherboard Intel Z390
ASUS Prime Z390-A Motherboard LGA1151 Intel Z390
MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE LGA1151 Intel Z390

Here below is presented a detailed review of the best motherboards for a gaming PC. I hope you would enjoy it. Happy Reading!

1: ASUS ROG Strix Z370 (Best motherboard for i7 8700k on a budget)

This board from the ASUS has got many fundamentals which a gamer won’t expect in a mid-range motherboard.

Let me first amaze you with its LGA1151 socket that has got all the real support of the ninth generation of Intel processors.

Talking about the exterior, customizable LEDs, are going to make this piece look so attractive and perfect for gaming. Along with strips connected to the RGB headers, ASUS’s this pocket-friendly motherboard offers FULL RGB lighting control too. But for those who don’t care much about the good looks? Hang on a fellow!

Long reliability and durability with an onboard WIFI, equipped with ASUS’s 5-way intelligent optimization tech every gamer would love to have inside his system. To maintain the desired temperature range, further efforts have been made to manage the heatsinks and coolers which won’t disappoint you if provided with the correct volts.

Now enjoy high data transfer speeds up to 32Gbps, with the best motherboard for i7 8700k; thanks to the dual M.2 slots provided inside.

And what’s the best thing about it?

The price of this board is lesser as compared to all the high-end motherboards you would get with the same features embedded inside. I think, letting go of this one off your hands won’t be a good thing to do at all! And that’s assured! 

  • Dedicated space for heat sinkers.
  • Got that gaming essence and aggressive look
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Audio aspects could have been better.
ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming LGA1151 DDR4 DP HDMI DVI M.2 Z370 ATX Motherboard with onboard 802.11ac WiFi and USB 3.1 for 8th Generation Intel Core Processors


So here comes, my favorite one! It won’t be wrong if I say that this is the best motherboard for i7 8700k. Well, that statement needs to be opened up to you people so that I would get to the review quickly without more of wait 😊

Designed for 9th and 8th generation Intel processors, all of the high-end games would run to their maximum efficiency using this piece of tech.

One of my friends was confused regarding the audio aspects of the boards because Asus, seriously needs to work on that and I would mention ‘ONLY,’ so upon lots of research we discovered that a new update had made regarding that and now ASUS is offering, SupremeFX S1220A with its defined boards.

You won’t believe the intelligence level of this board; it has got an overlocking feature that enables it to work more smartly than ever; Auto tuning is now more fun. The temperature maintenance is handled well, too; the heatsinks embedded inside will keep the overall unit fresh and active. 

The Synchronized RGB lighting technology is another best part that gamers are craving, and ASUS ROG Maximus has got that inside too! Ain’t that cool? 

And what’s the best thing about it?

This board has got some other siblings too that would though make you compromise a little on the PERFECTNESS but definitely would satisfy your needs, and that’s just in case you can’t afford to get your hands on this one. Rog Maximus XI Code and Rog Maximus XI Hero (WI-FI) are the two other AMAZING pieces, the latter costing a bit lesser than the former one. HAPPY SHOPPING!

  • Best for overlocking
  • Better RGB
  • SupremeFX audio aspect
  • High on the budget
Asus ROG Maximus XI Formula LGA1151 (Intel 8th and 9th Gen) ATX DDR4 HDMI M.2 USB 3.1 Gen2 Z390 Gaming Motherboard

3: GIGABYTE Z390- ( Best motherboard for i7 by GIGABYTE)

I’m someone who would rather not ignore the exterior of whatever I fit inside my PC. This board is designed mainly for those who want to have an open-faced PC because the sleek, aggressive, and eye-catching look is going to impress many. So if you are hosting a gaming party, do you already feel the appreciation your PC is going to get from all your friends? Haha, just not this! Head over for more.

Apart from a mastermind designed exterior, the interior has got many blues too. Typically like the ASUS boards, it is intended for the 8th and the 9th intel processors and has the capability to work best when pairing it up with them.

Gigabyte has taken good care of the customer’s comments over its products, and now is towards the development of world-class high tech PC components, won’t be wrong if I call this one as a unit from that list! It provides you with 4 DIMM slots, and DDR4 memory as well. 

The thermal design is an advanced one, with direct touch Heatpipe, don’t worry; overuse won’t spoil the fun because this board has got exceptional durability as well. An onboard 2×2 WIFI adds more to the fantastic features.

And what’s the best thing about it?

You are going to get a couple of USB-C ports right on this board. Now is the time to make your data transfer faster and smarter than ever! A MUCH BETTER CHOICE FOR PROFESSIONAL GAMERS. 

  • Sleek look
  • Best thermal design
  • Wifi equipped
  • Memory overlooking could have been better
GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Ultra (Intel LGA1151/Z390/ATX/3xM.2 Thermal Guard/Onboard AC Wi-Fi/RGB Fusion/Gaming Motherboard)

4: ASRock Z370 (Best motherboards on a budget)

This exceptionally teched board stepped right into the market with a surprisingly low price that I can’t believe in! For all those over here, looking for a decent, optimized motherboard which is budget-friendly too; This one surely made for you all!

Before getting to the main review section, I would just let you know that after hours on research on this board, I couldn’t find a single MAJOR feature that you can call as a severe lack in this board. It has got all those casuals you need!

It is designed primarily for 8th generation Intel Core processors and can function to their best when paired up. The cooling socket can also be installed to maintain an average temperature of the unit. Along with DDR4 memory, 4 DDMI slots have provided.

Automatic optimization is another fun feature of this device, very keen attention has been given to the detailing of this board, and its exterior is also just as good as the interior. More updates are still made, and I cant wait to see them!

And what’s the best thing about it?

A steel reinforced slot where you can install a graphics card and boost the casual performance of your PC. Now have more fun with your games and VR with this pocket-friendly motherboard designed for gamers. 

  • Good exterior
  • Better optimization
  • Slots are enough
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Thermal design is not efficient. 
ASRock Motherboard Motherboards Z370 EXTREME4

5: MSI MPG Z390– (Best Mobo for i7 8700k for gamers)

MSI has been known since long for producing useful gaming components whether it’s a gaming laptop or any interior part of it. This board from MSI can’t be called as the best motherboard in the market but can rate as one of the effective functioning ones. Let’s get inside the review and check out what it has got for us.

Just like all other boards on the list, this high-performance i7 mobo is also designed for 8th and 9th generation Intel processors. It is highly functional and shows super compatibility while working in pair with these. Also, it can support the Intel Core i7-8700k CPU.

It knows very well what a gamer demands and has the capability of giving you all that you need. BUT WONDERING HOW? Well, its super automated optimization power has won the hearts of many. Great appreciation has received regarding its autotuning, which is smart and fast and accurate too. 

This motherboard has long-lasting performance, so its durability just can’t be doubted. Like all the ASUS boards, it has got great exterior too but still can’t stand head to head in a row with ASUS Maximus. 

Support up to a whole of 32GB RAM, in four slots, which I guess is more than enough or unusually just enough for a professional gamer. The cooling technology is excellent too, and temperature maintenance need not be an issue or worrying over.

And what’s the best thing about it?

Useful dashboard, Enough memory, Brilliant design. THERE YOU GO!

  • Two “Turbo” M.2 slots.
  • Pre-installed IO shield.
  • Fast data transfer.
  • Mid rated performance.
MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC LGA1151 (Intel 8th and 9th Gen) M.2 USB 3.1 Gen 2 DDR4 HDMI DP Wi-Fi SLI CFX ATX Z390 Gaming Motherboard

6: ASUS Prime Z390-A (Best Selling i7 motherboard)


And what is the hype? Why is it titled as the best selling motherboard? We will check all this out today in this review. Let’s go!

Ahh! The exterior. SO AMAZING.

I couldn’t get my eyes off when I saw this in real fitted inside an open-faced PC. Well ASUS knows how to do that well, but I would say ASUS Prime has won all the hearts. Designed for 8th and 9th generation Intel Core processors, you can’t doubt its efficient compatibility while working with these.

The connectivity offered through M.2 slots, but that’s not all. USB 3.1 has also been embedded inside to provide you with the best of data transfer experience than ever. Updated 5-way optimization feature based on smart tech, is another particular to vote.

This best motherboard for i7 is featuring Realtek ALC887 high definition audio codec, that’s though not the best in comparison to the Supreme, but still good to go. The memory is enough, and thermal stability is super. What else are you dreaming about?

And what’s the best thing about it?

Overvoltage Protection provides durability and reliability so that your money gets its true worth and you don’t have to bear the pain of a circuit exploited mobo. 

  • Better cooling performance
  • Amazing optimization
  • Good exterior
  • Reasonably priced according to the features inside
  • The audio aspect could be better
ASUS Prime Z390-A Motherboard LGA1151 (Intel 8th and 9th Gen) ATX DDR4 DP HDMI M.2 USB 3.1 Gen2 Gigabit LAN

7: MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE (Motherboard for High-end gaming)

This another piece from the MSI is better than the one mentioned before, and it won’t be any wrong if I classify this one as FLAWLESS. But that surely has a reason. Apart from being a little overpriced, I couldn’t find any other drawback in this piece from MSI. Let’s explore it more. 

As the name says, ‘Godlike’; well should have been if some tolerance shown while marketing a price for it. Anyway, just like all other typical motherboards, this one is also designed for the 8th and the 9th generation. And guess what? It’s super compatible with them. 

Not only this; a useful dashboard that features DIMM slots and an OLED layout which plays a significant role in memory storage. And yes reminds me, memory is also great with up to 32 Gb’s.  CPU Temperature maintenance can be well handled and controlled by this unit, thanks to its well designed cooling system. 

If you are looking for the best motherboard for i7 with great VRM, incredible features, better optimization, and high defined performance, the MSI MEG Z390 is designed only for you! Exclusive RBG lighting and four PCI slots to fit in 4 graphics cards inside is another feature to fall!

And what’s the best thing about it?

Ultimate user control that gives much power into your hands and lets you own your unit to the full extent is the best thing about this motherboard for gamers. 

  • Efficient cooling system
  • Well designed exterior
  • Better optimization
  • The BEST RGB Lighting system
  • A bit overpriced but surely worth the dollars!
MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE LGA1151 (Intel 8th and 9th Gen) M.2 USB 3.1 Gen 2 DDR4 Wi-Fi SLI CFX Extended ATX Z390 Gaming Motherboard


So this was all about the best motherboards for i7 8700k. Now it’s totally up to you which specific feature you want to opt for and which one you want to leave behind on the side because obviously, you can’t expect your motherboard to be perfect in every aspect while playing all those casual and the high-end games.  

To save your precious time, and eliminate the need of you going through plenty of reviews and choosing for yourself the appropriate one after that, I have made it sure to review the best motherboard for gamers.

If you have come until here, you must be having an obvious idea about which one to go, I’ll mention my personal favorite from this list, ‘Asus ROG Maximus XI’ because it’s a complete steal for your money. Also for those who want to invest more in buying the best motherboard for i7 for themselves can choose to go for, ‘MSI MEG Z390. All your choice now!

Though gaming components are never designed for a single purpose, we can surely categorize them according to their performance and capabilities. I’m very sure each of the motherboards listed above makes them best for professional use in their distinct way; rest is your choice to choose for yourself the one that suits your needs. I’ll be updating the article in case if I find any other motherboard that is more suitable for gamers, whether professional or beginners apart from these.

I hope you find this review beneficial, for any queries drop your comments in the comments box below. I would love to help to choose for you the best motherboards for i7 8700k; GOOD LUCK!

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