Best Apps for Smart TV

This is the era of smart technology, which permeates the entertainment and media industry, as well. Today’s television sets are not just passive displays that play the programs broadcasted by a TV service. Instead, they come pre-equipped with internet functionality, which allows them to cruise the World Wide Web, in addition to downloading and streaming applications directly online. Such television sets are officially known as “smart TVs.”

Once you acquire a smart TV from a flagship line, you can connect it to your in-home Wi-Fi network and use your TV remote to surf, stream, and even play video games on your television screen. Recognizing the potential of smart TVs, even some cable companies have integrated streaming apps like Netflix into their TV boxes, thus, enabling viewers to enjoy the best of both worlds. Get more info here regarding such a well-rounded cable service. Since there are hundreds of TV apps on the app store, here are the best ones that you should install right away. Bear in mind that the availability of apps may differ from one TV manufacturer to another.



Being a giant video-on-demand streaming platform, Netflix has a special app for binge-watchers, which is compatible with a large variety of displays. Though TV companies like Samsung already host Netflix on their default library of apps, you can always download it from the app store on your smart TV. Netflix requires internet access to work, and you have to purchase a subscription to start watching thousands of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and Netflix Originals on the big screen. After installing the app on your smart TV, simply login to find your account and resume House of Cards from where you last left off.


Plex is a cloud-based repository of trending TV shows, box office hits, 3D movies, home videos, music, and even photos. There are over 180 channels of free live TV, special programming for the whole family, live news from top news networks, free movies touching all categories, and on-demand TV shows, etc. Plus, it offers a media server solution, which automatically scans, sorts, and intuitively organizes your media files in the Plex library, and even curates your photo albums to play a slideshow on the big TV screen. Plex is free to download on a smart TV, though it may have in-app purchases.



There is always something engaging on the radio. For nostalgic souls who revere the simplicity of a golden past, iHeartRadio is a wonderful app, which is free to download on a smart TV. This app encompasses thousands of radio stations and live programs nationwide, so you can tune in while you go about your home, doing your daily tasks. What’s more, iHeartRadio lets you create a playlist of custom radio stations, gathering all your favorite hits and radio jockeys in one place.

Facebook Watch

Are you a hardcore social media user? Do you escape into the world of Facebook to generally ward off boredom? Then, we have good news for you. You can download Facebook’s video app, Facebook Watch, on your smart TV for no added cost. This app will show you the trending videos from the creators you follow, videos that are uploaded by your Facebook friends, top live videos, new video channels, your saved Facebook videos and Watch Party videos on your HDTV, so you can stay entertained, courtesy of the largest social media network.



Listening to the inspiring stories of the people who have won at life is an entertaining and educative experience. Fortunately, you can tap into the riveting talks of fascinating individuals, such as media professionals, music legends, academic pros, tech geniuses, mental health survivors, business gurus, and more on TED, the official app by TED Talk Conferences. It is free to download on your smart TV. So, the next time you’re feeling demotivated or done with the roller coaster that is life, stream a TED talk on your TV to find meaning in the daily rut again.


An unpredictable shower can run you into multiple problems, especially if you’re late for work. This is where AccuWeather comes to the rescue. This app gives you near-accurate five-day forecasts in 12 different languages about the local weather in your area, in addition to severe weather alarms in multiple locations, illustrated by weather radar or satellite images. So, download the AccuWeather app on your smart TV to know if it’s going to be a nice, sunny day ahead.

Kitchen Stories


Kitchen Stories is an award-winning app with a top user rating. It lets you discover thousands of taste-bud-tingling recipes, from weekend favorites to seasonal classics, so you can expand your personal recipe collection and appease the appetite of your friends and family around the table. If you’re a beginner, then you can follow an expert team of chefs by watching step-by-step instructional cooking videos in HD on your TV. On the other hand, if you’re an advanced cook yourself, then you can upload your own tasty concoctions on the app to impress an international community of foodies. Kitchen Stories is free to download on a smart TV, though it may request in-app purchases.

Daily Workouts

Exercise is a great way to start your morning. With the Daily Workouts app, you can add a spark of fitness into your routine, and stay refreshed throughout the day. It features targeted workouts, full-body training, more than 100 exercises demonstrated by certified trainers, and on-screen instructions with a timer to help you keep a count of your sessions, etc. Daily Workouts is free to download from the app store on your smart TV.

Google Chrome


The right browser can upgrade your online experience, unlike anything. Though most smart TVs have a built-in web browser, you can switch it up to Google Chrome, if that’s your preferred gateway to the World Wide Web. Google Chrome is one of the elite browsers in the market, enabling you to browse fast with search recommendations, Autofill forms, use Incognito Mode, try Voice Search, translate pages instantly, and sync Chrome across devices, so you can import your extensions, bookmarks, passwords and personalized settings from your phone, laptop or tablet. This app is free to download on smart TV.

Wrapping Up

A smart TV is “smart” because it enables you to download and use apps on the large-screen display, just as you would on your smartphone. If you’re confused about which smart TV apps to try, then give the aforementioned apps a chance and you’ll see a lively change in your TV time once again.

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