Top 4 Products for Remote Patient Monitoring – 2023 Guide

If the last year thought us anything, it’s that no matter from which country someone is, nor how much money that country has, what’s needed is a much better organization and investment in healthcare, and in medicine in general. In a world where technology is rapidly and constantly improving, that shouldn’t be an issue, and this pandemic made us realize just how important, is to listen to the experts, but not just that, as anyone can listen and what’s really needed is to acknowledge what they are saying and to follow their instructions. And that is the only way we can progress as human beings, keep our health, and live a much happier and less stressful life.

Luckily, as technology is advancing, so does healthcare, and there are some significant breakthroughs every year. Since we already do most of the things online, no matter if it is work-related or for fun, it’s nothing strange that the latest inventions are following this trend. Namely, remote patient monitoring is one of the latest technologies, and telemedicine, the other term for this kind of patient care, is already having an immeasurable effect on overall patient care. It provides patients with much better care, as doctors can more easily and efficiently monitor their recovery process. Now, if you need more info on telemedicine, check this article, but if you want to find out more about the top four products for remote patient monitoring, continue reading as we will further discuss this topic.

1. ResMed

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In this modern and busy world, where every second counts, many people don’t have enough time to have a night of adequate sleep, or enough time to sleep overall, so after a while, many problems occur. Sleep apnea is one of the main problems, and since it is a chronic condition, it requires monitoring and regular check-ups because if not treated properly or on time, it can cause further health problems. ResMed offers devices for monitoring sleep and saving all data that can be useful for a specialist to have insight into the patient’s condition.

Thanks to the online platform, the clinician has access to all necessary data, and thanks to the app, users have an insight into their sleep habits. For those who need help to change sleep habits and improve sleep, the online coach can help them with that at any time. Those devices can prolong the time between two check-ups because it is not necessary to be physically present at the doctor’s office since they can see all data online. There is no reason to stress out how important this medical solution is and how it makes the whole process faster and better for the patient.

2. Chronisense Medical

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Many people are differently behaving when they know that they are wearing a device that monitors their vital signs, and Chronisese Medical is offering a great solution for that. Their wristwatch is easy to use, and it isn’t counting daily activities, so it is ideal for monitoring chronic diseases since patients can wear it all the time. The additional benefit of this amazing product is that they are easy to use, as one can wear them all day. The other one is the fact that they are unnoticeable. That means that you will forget that you are wearing the wristwatch as it is a popular device which further implies that everyone who wears it will act in the same way, like when their vitals are not being monitored.

All that provides a much better insight into your overall well-being and further determine whether some additional treatment is needed. It should be placed on the wrist Radial Artery to allow sensors to measure vital parameters such as blood pressure and oxygen, ECG, vascular resistance, and cardiac output. It is providing robust data of the vital signs, and specialists can check them at any time. Those data can be crucial in monitoring every chronic disease because these conditions require regular monitoring, and sometimes it is impossible to see the doctor every time it is needed.

3. Dexcom

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We all know how having trouble with blood sugar can affect our lives. Living with high blood sugar is always challenging and requires a lot of monitoring and waivers since this can be one of the most dangerous conditions if it is not controlled. Sometimes it can be hard to wear the blood sugar meter with you all the time and check its level frequently, but luckily, there is the easiest solution. Dexcom is offering a great device that one can easily wear that sends alerts to the smart device if the blood sugar is too high. Besides that, it is recording the results, so the specialists can have insight into them when they determine the best treatment.

4. Comarch

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Being pregnant during the pandemic is scary to many pregnant women, and regular check-ups are full of stress because of the risk of infection. Luckily, there are portable devices we can use at home or any other place for measuring uterine contractions and the baby’s heart rate. Those devices send the results to the specialist to check them, so the doctor can react if there is any risk for the mommy or baby. CTG tests allow the specialist to recognize all risks in time and to react when it is needed. On the other side, moms are much more relaxed because they can check their baby’s heart whenever they want to make sure that everything is alright.


Although these are just the top four products for remote patient monitoring, it is enough for everyone to see how much progress is made in this field. After all, our health is and should be in the first place, as only when we are healthy can we dedicate our time to other, less important, things in life. With that said, and knowing more about these products, the only remaining thing is to follow the doctor’s instructions, as science and medicine will cover all the rest. Stay healthy!