5 Best COVID-19 Prevention Product your Store Needs – 2023 Guide

Since the moment COVID-19 appeared, the world has become a different and new place. People have never really prepared for such a pandemic so the coronavirus had no trouble sweeping the planet and causing everything to stop. Business and institutions did not work, people were confined to their homes without the ability to go anywhere and see anyone. Everything was on lockdown and people were in quarantine. To make things worse, the governments and people in charge had no idea what measures to implement and how to do things in such circumstances.

In this new world, for the better part of 2023 and even now in 2023, people were and are left to their own devices. Using their wits and common sense, most of us can guess what should and what should not be done. While some basic measures were introduced and made mandatory around the world like wearing gloves and masks, these were not nearly enough since a lot of people refuse to cooperate and in doing so they allow the virus to spread further.

If you own a business of some sort of a store where people frequently come, you know full well how much devastation the COVID-19 pandemic and all of the restrictions have put on the economy of the world. You have probably done a lot to come out on top and keep your store afloat.

If you are wondering what else you can do to help prevent COVID-19 spread while staying operational, we are here to help. In this article we are going to tell you about the best and most useful products for the prevention of the virus that will also help you attract more customers while following the basic measures.

1. Disinfectants

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All businesses now have sprayers strategically placed around the premise for the customers to use. This is the most basic measure you can have and such products should not break the bank too much. However, they will ensure that your customers and employees are safe at all times at least in terms of clean and disinfected hands while browsing through your store and restocking the shelves.

Depending on the layout of your store, you can place one sprayer on each line, one in front of the store, and another in front of the toilets. It is up to you but makes sure to have at least a few of them spread out nicely. Regarding the ingredients, you should go for products that have ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, or quaternary ammonium.

2. Complementary Masks

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As you already know, a lot of people tend to forget their masks even though we are well over a year into this pandemic. It should go without saying and be a no-brainer really for the folks to keep at least one mask on them at all times, but just like humans can forget their wallets, keys, and phones, they can forget the mask.

Therefore, think about having a box of masks at the ready right behind the counter or even at the entrance just in case. It is better to give out a mask and have a customer potentially buy a lot in your store than for them to go back home and maybe visit another store along the way.

Masks used to be more expensive last year but now they are truly cheap because they are a necessity. It should not set you back really especially because you are probably already ordering many for your workers and yourself.

3. Retractable Belt Barriers

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These have been in use for decades wherever there is a crowd or a queue that needs to be controlled and directed. These ingenious devices are very easy to use and connect to each other and they will allow you to let in as many people as you can or should into your store. What is more, you can make a snake-like queue space where more people will be able to wait but still be six feet away from each other, as is the norm.

Best of all, you can use them wherever, both inside and outside, and once this whole craziness passes you will still be able to use them during sales and whenever you are expecting bigger crowds in your store. There are more than enough size, shape, and style variations for you to choose from so make sure to get the one that fits best with your store. To learn more about these products, we highly advise you to check out CrowdControlCompany.

4. Handheld Thermometer

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In order to properly use this, you will need a separate employee who will have the title of a COVID monitoring person or a COVID janitor if you will. If you have a security guard on the premise they may be the one to take people’s temperature at the entrance.

This is an important gadget that many institutions and businesses with a lot of traffic have nowadays. You have probably had your temperature measured at least a few times by now in multiple different stores. It is crucial because if somebody has a higher body temperature it could mean they are infected, which further means you should take precautionary measures with that employee and advise them to seek treatment. You can always help them get their things or have them delivered to their address so as not to lose a customer, but keeping others healthy is prevalent in these times.

5. Reminders, Posters, Information

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Among the most overlooked things that businesses far and wide fail to include is enough information on and in their stores. It practically costs nothing to set reminders here and there in terms of mask-wearing, keeping distance from each other, and having clean hands.

You can have clever and funny but smart posters throughout the store that will educate the employees and customers alike and remind them to be respectful towards one another. If we as a society are to take care of this virus once and for all, everyone has to do their part. And by doing the most on your end you will have made a great contribution to this. Therefore, think about putting up some key info on the front door and inside your store for the people to read and be reminded of the consequences.