Top 6 Healthy Supplements That You Should Take Every Day

Supplements are an important part of our health habits, and we should incorporate them into our daily routine, so we can get most of them. Sometimes, they aren’t really necessary, especially if the person is healthy, and eats well. A balanced daily menu ensures you are taking all the nutritious ingredients your body needs. Sometimes, we need to add some supplement, especially in winter when the food is not that nutritious, or in cases when we have some deficiency.

If you check, you will find great suggestions on what and when to eat, and which supplements you can include on the menu. Also, you can stay with us, as we will try to cover as many food additions as possible. You can get informed properly, and then find out which are the right supplements for you.

So, let’s see what you can take, to make your health and life better:

1. Cranberry juice and supplements


We all know that cranberry is an exceptional ingredient for all those who have UTIs and similar issues. It’s rich in antioxidants, which help prevent urinary health, especially in women. You can take it to prevent bacterial infections. All the doctors are aware of the benefits of this supplement.

You can take tea or juice, or concentrated capsules, full of cranberry extract. The natural sugar in it creates exceptional prevention and fights against the bacteria that may stay in your urinary tract.

2. Vitamins

Vitamin A prevents the body from bacterial infections. It improves your vision and protects kidney health. Also, it keeps the skin shiny and healthy, and your bones and teeth have never been stronger.

Vitamin B or B complex is used to maintain normal brain function and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Also, it lowers the bad cholesterol in your body.

Vitamin C is great for your skin, bones, and teeth, and protects your body from the common cold.

Vitamin D is one of the most important food additions, even the doctors recommended it as a layer of COVID-19 protection recently. It boosts the immune system and improves the overall health condition.

Vitamin E is vital for organ function. It’s a very important vitamin that prevents heart diseases and reduces the risk of cancer.

And of course, we shouldn’t forget about vitamin K, which keeps our bones strong and improves the body’s ability to heal faster.

3. Calcium

This is a great supplement for healthy bones, and a healthy brain too. It helps the hormone secretions and maintains healthy blood pressure. It helps the muscles to relax, without getting very sore. When taking calcium regularly, you have strong teeth too. And of course, the risk of osteoporosis is lowered too.

4. Krill Oil


It’s an oil that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Many people don’t take them regularly, so a supplement is needed. It boosts insulin sensitivity and lowers the risk for heart diseases. Many people claim that omega-3 fatty acids rich supplements help them cope with depression symptoms.

It’s similar to fish oil, but absorbs faster, without giving the unpleasant fishy odor in your sweat and breath.

5. Magnesium

Another key nutrient that improves bone and muscle health, and boosts your energy. If you take magnesium regularly, you will feel calmer in just a few days, and you will sleep better at night. Also, that will help you regulate the muscles, and balance the sugar levels in your blood. Many people don’t take enough magnesium with their food, so they need to either include more beans, spinach, brown rice, and nuts or take some supplements so their bodies can adapt better.

6. Iron

This one helps the oxygen to travel through the body. If you don’t have enough iron in your blood, your immune system becomes weak, and also, you will feel weaker and tired too. People who don’t eat meat for any reason must take iron supplements, so they can avoid deficiency. When you have healthy levels of iron in your blood, your immune system works better, you easily memorize things, you have more energy, and you can easily focus on what you are doing.

7. Zinc

This one reduces the risk of cancer and improves your memory. You need to take zinc when you feel like you have a common cold. Many doctors recommended it to the COVID-19 patients. The good thing is that you need to take a really small amount of it. Also, it combines nicely with the other immune boosters, so the benefit is huge.

8. Folic acid


Is highly recommended for pregnant women, but also all females between the ages of 16-46 must take folic acid regularly. The doctors can determine the quantity, depending on lab analyses. It’s been proven that when women take folic acid regularly, they are decreasing the risk for babies’ health issues during the pregnancy. Also, it’s an important supplement for couples who struggle with having a child.

Keep in mind that not all bodies are capable to digest it, so a doctor or gynecologist must determine the dose.


Most of the supplements aren’t harmful, especially if you take them regularly. But, you must consult with your doctor before you buy any of it. Sometimes, they may have side effects, that can be weak, moderate, or strong and extreme. Any change in the mood, or every new symptom, must be reported to your doctor.

It’s the same with dietary supplements. You must know what it takes, and how to combine all these things properly. Inform your doctor if you take supplements. If you need to go for surgical intervention, even the smallest, inform the doctors there, so they can determine the right quantity of other medicines.

In general, supplements aren’t harmful, but you may need to be very careful when taking them.

We listed some of the most used and important ones. The quantities may vary. Listen to your doctor’s recommendation so you can avoid unwanted side effects, and health issues in the future.