Best Gaming Monitors With Eye Care Technology 2023 – Buying Guide

Video gamers spend at least an hour per day playing games on average. For some gamers, the duration is more than triple.

Playing video is highly entertaining but can also bring problems. Eyestrain is one of the most common side-effects of playing video games.

However, having the best Gaming Monitors with Eye Care Technology may help you to get relief from this problem. This article explains how you can choose the best Gaming Monitors with Eye Care Technology. Besides, you’ll know how gaming causes eye strain, what you can do to avoid this problem.

Things to consider before buying the Best Gaming Monitors with Eye Care Technology


  • High-quality Gaming Glasses

Recently, gaming glasses have become popular with pro video gamers. They help to prevent the blue light of the screen from directly hitting the eye.

In some locations, gaming glasses are also known as blue-filter glasses as they work against the blue light. Wearing them while consuming media or doing other things by looking at a digital screen will also be helpful.

However, low-quality gaming glasses may not provide expected results. You should select a popular brand with a good reputation for producing such glasses.

  • Low blue light technology:

Low blue light technology can filter the blue light up to 70%. It efficiently protects the eyes against strain, dryness, and fatigue while looking at the monitor screen for a long time. Unlike other filtering technologies, a monitor with low blue light technology offers true color on the screen.

  • Low Blue Light Plus technology:

Blue light plus technology is a more efficient way to filter harmful blue light. A monitor with such a feature will offer you more sharpness and contrast while protecting your eyes.

  • Flicker-free Technology


Within the limitations of your budget, make sure you choose the best monitor to avoid eyestrain. has a list of monitors that are flicker-free and also have filters to reduce the blue light that causes discomfort and eyestrain.

These monitors are specially made for people who have eyestrain problems and passed a lot of time looking at the screen.

Note: Flicker-free monitors with Eye Care Technology do not cost too much, and any gamer can afford them.

  • Automatic Brightness Adjustment

Before you buy a gaming monitor, check if it has an automatic brightness adjustment feature. When working in a place where the lighting changes frequently, repeatedly adjusting the brightness can be irritating.

A monitor with an automatic brightness adjustment system is more convenient to use and also good for your eyes.

An alternate solution can be a gaming monitor that has dark themes. It enables you to keep the brightness at a lower level. So, try to go for a monitor that allows you to change the theme to a darker one.

  • High Resolutions

A monitor with a high resolution not only offers clearer picture quality but also helps your eyes. Our recommendation is to go for a monitor with at least 1440p or higher resolution. It puts less pressure on the eyes while gaming and protects the eyes from harmful effects.

  • Ergonomic Design

Monitors with traditional designs are more likely to cause eye strain. Therefore, you should go for a gaming monitor with the latest ergonomic design. You can adjust the height and angle to protect your eye from strain.

  • G-Sync and FreeSync

Synchronizing your monitor with the latest information sent by the graphics card is also helpful for your eyes. You can go for G-sync or FreeSync to keep your monitor synchronized.

IPS or MVA Monitors


Standard IPS monitors offer an extra-wide viewing angle with stunning colors. On the other hand, MVA (Multi-domain Vertical Alignment) panels use liquid crystal cells.

It creates a natural black display by aligning two panes of glasses.

Between these two, MVA panels are a healthier option for the eyes. Their natural color production offers a better view and helps avoid eye strain.

How Gaming Causes Eye Strain


Looking at different digital screens too frequently or too long causes various eye problems such as eyestrain and dry eye.

The American Optometric Association expresses digital eye strain with the term “Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).”

Several factors are responsible for causing eye strain to gamers. The most known reason is the blue light that is emitted from the digital screen. It penetrates retina lenses and results in eyestrain.

Then gamers also need to hold more attention on the screen. It may lead to a reduced frequency of blinking. Usually, humans blink 15-20 times a minute. Less than that usually causes severe eye strain and dry eye.

Besides, the environment around and the monitor quality also play a significant role behind the eyestrain. The longer you spend time in front of the screen, the greater the chance of having problems. But the good thing is, preventing the harmful effects is possible with some simple precautions.

Things Gamers can do to Avoid Eyestrain


Gaming is a hobby to some while passion to others. All the gamers should do the following things to avoid eyestrain:

Adjust the Lighting of the Room


Most people think that only the light of the screen is capable of hurting their eyes. But the reality is that the lighting around the room is also vital here.

Hence, balancing the lighting may help you. Here balancing means not too bright, not too dark. The lighting should be consistent with the brightness of the monitor.

As a result, the entering of infrequent light density to the eye will be less, which will help to have a relaxing gaming session for the eyes.

Blink Frequently


Blinking is also important for the eyes. As told earlier, an average person blinks 15-20 times in a minute. The number can be higher or lower from person to person.

However, when looking at the screen for a long time, you may forget to blink. That is common issue gamers face as playing games requires high concentration.

Next time when you are playing video games, try to blink frequently. But not too much as that can tire your eyes.

Take Breaks


According to, an average American spends almost 11 hours a day looking at their screens.

If you play games for too long, that can seriously hurt your eyes.

A good practice is to look at a distant object every twenty minutes. After playing the game for twenty minutes, look at an object in your room for at least twenty seconds. If you are in a multiple-player game, you can do this after every match.

Besides, try not to play games for more than two hours continuously. Take breaks and give your eyes some time to relax. This is a pretty efficient way to avoid eyestrain.

Use Screen Filters


If you already have a monitor and can’t go for a new one, a screen filter can be an alternative to anti-flicker monitors. The screen filters prevent the screen from scattering too many lights.

Gaming glasses and screen filters work similarly. However, an extra benefit of the filters is that they provide protection for anyone who is looking at the screen.

Visit the Doctor


If the eyestrain is beyond normal and you can’t tolerate it, the best thing you can do in this situation is to visit a doctor. Usual precautions may not be effective at an extreme level.

A doctor may give you an eye drop with some medicines if necessary. Try to follow his instructions to do gaming safely.

[However, if you are taking medication for eye strain, that doesn’t mean you do not have to follow any rules. Always take precautions to avoid future eye strain problems.]

Final Words

These were some of the things every gamer can do to get the best Gaming Monitors and to avoid eyestrain. In short, get a good monitor with Eye Care Technology to enjoy an extreme level gaming experience without any health hazards.