Hp Envy Vs Spectre x360

HP Envy vs Spectre x360 – Differences and What To Choose? 2023 Guide

Which is your favorite color white or black? Are you confused? Yes, it is difficult to choose the best. Especially when both the options are best. The same goes for the laptop selection too.

HP ENVY 13-13.99 Inches Thin Laptop w/ Fingerprint Reader, 4K Touchscreen, Intel Core i7-8565U,...
Newest HP Spectre x360-13t Quad Core(8th Gen Intel i7-8550U, 16GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD, IPS...
HP ENVY 13-13.99 Inches Thin Laptop w/ Fingerprint Reader, 4K Touchscreen, Intel Core i7-8565U,...
Newest HP Spectre x360-13t Quad Core(8th Gen Intel i7-8550U, 16GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD, IPS...
HP ENVY 13-13.99 Inches Thin Laptop w/ Fingerprint Reader, 4K Touchscreen, Intel Core i7-8565U,...
HP ENVY 13-13.99 Inches Thin Laptop w/ Fingerprint Reader, 4K Touchscreen, Intel Core i7-8565U,...
Newest HP Spectre x360-13t Quad Core(8th Gen Intel i7-8550U, 16GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD, IPS...
Newest HP Spectre x360-13t Quad Core(8th Gen Intel i7-8550U, 16GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD, IPS...

So, we have two options here HP Envy vs HP Spectre x360, you have to choose between them, both options are great enough that makes it difficult to pick one to buy.

HP Envy Vs Spectre x360 Specification Overview

You all know that investing your money for a laptop is such a big deal so you have to be careful while selecting the right one.

Both have equal pros and cons maybe but both have some unique features that help you determine that which would be good for you.

Sometimes the perfect one does not seem right to us because of the features, so it is very important that we should know our requirements on the basis of which we can easily pick the right option for us.

Which is best for me? I will answer this question in this article by describing the features of each of them.

To get your task completed perfectly you have to select the best one and it is only possible if you all will follow the article till the end.

Which Is Best For You?

HP ENVY 13 Inch Thin Laptop




  • Cutting-edge security: state-of-the-art security Features include webcam kill switch and integrated fingerprint reader
  • 4K display: 13.3-Inch diagonal 4K IPS micro-edge WLED-backlit touchscreen with durable protective corning
  • Bios recovery and protection: automatically checks the health of your PC, protects against unauthorized access, secures local storage and recovers itself from boot-up issues
  • Distinctive design: high-quality, durable, all-metal case Built to last, with premium design features including a brilliant backlit keyboard and geometric pattern speaker grill
  • Super Fast Processor: 8th Generation intel(r) core(tm) i7-8565u, quad-core, 1.8 GHz Base frequency, up to 4.6 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology (8 MB Cache)
  • Memory and hard drive: 16 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM (not upgradable), 512 GB pcie(r) nvmetm M.2 Solid State Drive
  • Battery life: up to 12 hours and 45 minutes (mixed usage), up to 9 hours and 45 minutes (video playback), up to 5 hours and 45 minutes (wireless streaming)
  • Dimensions AND weight (unpackaged): 12.08 in (H) x 8.32 in (W) x 0.57 in (L); 2.82 pounds
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Warranty: 1-year limited hardware warranty with 24-hour, 7 days a week Web support
  • OS : Windows 10 Home

If you have not any experience with making a selection, I will help you with this. There are some factors or you can say those key elements which we have to check before making a final selection.

Newest HP Spectre x360

Newest HP Spectre



  • 13.3 diagonal FHD IPS micro-edge WLED-backlit touch screen with Corning Gorilla Glass NBT (1920 x 1080).
  • HP Active Stylus – 2 Thunderbolt 3 (Data Transfer up to 40 Gb/s, Power Delivery, DP1.2, HP Sleep and Charge); 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1 (HP Sleep and Charge)
  • 1 headphone/microphone combo, Accelerometer; Gyroscope; eCompass – 512 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD, 16 GB LPDDR3-2133 SDRAM (onboard).
  • HP TrueVision FHD IR Camera with Dual array digital microphone, Webcam supports Windows Hello – Intel 802.11b/g/n/ac (2×2) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 Combo, Bang & Olufsen, Quad speakers, HP Audio Boost, HP Imagepad with multi-touch gesture support.
  • NEWEST 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8550U (1.8 GHz base frequency, up to 4 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 8 MB cache, 4 cores)+Intel UHD Graphics 620 (16 GB), Windows 10 Home 64 – Dark Ash Color

If the key elements of that product meet our requirement or the configuration we have made then it means we have found the product for us.

1: Hp Envy Vs Spectre x360 – Differences and What To Choose

For instance, if you have two select between two laptops then what we have to do is check some major elements to match our requirement.

Let’s see what are those elements?

  • Quality
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Battery Life
  • Keypad
  • Price

Further in this article, you will see a comparison I have made on the basis of my research related to these laptops. It will help you a lot and I hope it will also easy for you also.

2: Quality of Hp Envy Vs Spectre x360

Hp Envy and Hp spectra are ultrabook laptops and due to their premium build quality, these are far much better than the other ultrabook out there in the market.

Hp Envy build is solid and sturdy with no little flex in the chassis while hp spectra are constructed with all-aluminum unibody and the body has a gold accent in it.

The main thing we check is the quality of a laptop before buying and if this factor satisfies you then you will be convinced to buy the product.

Additionally, the sound quality of HP envyx360 is also good. Its sound quality makes it preferable. But on the other hand sound quality of Hpspectre is no less and can also be preferable so it implies that when comparing these two we can neglect the sound quality comparison because it is almost the same.

If we compare HP Envyx360 vs HP Spectrex360, so we can say that the quality of both the laptops is almost the same, there isn’t any major difference between their build qualities. The only difference is in their weights hp envy is huge and hp Spectre is a lightweight laptop.

Hence, the quality of both laptops will satisfy you.

Moving towards the next very significant feature.

3: Designs of Hp Envy Vs Spectre x360

Hp Envy Vs Spectre x360

Now it’s time to look at the design of these two laptops.

Hp Envyx360 and hp Spectre both come with a compact design. There is a metal used for a lid in hp envy laptop which gives you a great feeling whenever you hold it.

Comparatively, HP Spectrex360 has a better design than HP envy. It is a charcoal black laptop, it is a classy piece of gadget.

Now there is no such difference in their builds, but both have different designs. The HP Envy is made of anodized aluminum and has a silver finish. You can, therefore, expect the same level of security found in the x360 HP Spectre.

If it comes to weight so yes there is a difference in their weighs only if we compare envy 17 with Spectre because this is a bit heavy envy laptop otherwise envy 13 has a similar weight of hp Spectre.

You may not find the gold accents or highlights running in hp envy’s body like the Spectre. Hp Spectre has aggressive edges that envy doesn’t have.

There is a gold finish on the display lid of hp Spectre only. Clockspeed of hp envy is 2.4 GHZ and hp Spectre is 2.7 GHz.

Hp Spectre laptops are not for all of you, it is usually suggested for those who love to make a statement. While hp envy laptop can be good for anyone as it is a pure professional machine for work.

4: Performance of Hp Envy Vs Spectre x360

If we talk about the performance so start with the processor. Hp Spectre and hp Envy both come with Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors. It means you have a choice to select between them. You can select either of the two according to your choice. The Intel processors are quad-core processors for the 8th and 10th Gen i5 and i7.  The new Core chips from Intel’s 8th generation have the edge.

These are the powerful processors used for multi-tasking and easy handling, ideal processor to deal with heavy load tasks. These are ultra-low processors while the gaming laptops are of high performance.

But, for HP Envy x360, the AMD Ryzen processor is only available as an option. 

The other versions have either a CPU for Intel Core i5 or i7. The performance level is, therefore, the same as the HP Spectre x360.

It is Hp specter vs. hp envy, so talk about both laptops together. Both of them have both 8 GB and 16 GB ram. Now the decision is yours which one is to select if you are in the list of the heavy user then you must go with 16 GB ram otherwise for daily use 8 GB ram is enough.

Both offer super-fast use of SSDs. It makes your whole laptop fast and efficient. but the use of HHDs and SSDs simultaneously is only offered by hp envy 17t and not by the hp Spectre.

Both are capable of dealing with casual games but in general, these are not gaming laptops. For AAA title games you have to lower their settings.

These are professional multi-tasking ultrabook laptops which are super-efficient but could be dangerous for daily PC tasks.

5: Battery Life

When it comes to the battery life of Hp envy then it means another good feature is going to be discussed but then we have hp Spectre which offers a big battery of 79.2 WHr and good battery time.

Envy gives a 9 hours non-stop battery time which is enough to watch two movies consecutively without any doubt on the contrary Spectre’s battery lasts for almost 12 hours and 30 minutes even if you watch 180p videos with half-full brightness.

The non-touch HP Envy 13 1080p has outstanding battery life. Under regular use, you look at 9-10 hours. But with the HP Envy 4 K edition, everything goes downhill. 

The new HP Envy x360 13 AMD model is much closer to the Intel-powered rivalry. 

There are many other laptops out there that can stay alive or charged for more than 10 hours some of them can provide 13 hours of battery time but there you have to invest more than. 

It is totally up to you and your requirements that which hp laptop is good for you and can fulfill your tasks need.

The average battery life is 4-5 hours. So if you want great battery life, you’re either going with the HP Spectre x360 or the HP Envy 1080p.

The Spectre x360 13 does not have many features that Envy 13 does,  but the most important benefit is the amazing long battery life that makes it last on a single charge for at least a full 24 hours.

6: Keypad Hp Envy Vs Spectre x360 Comparison


Well-construction of a keypad is very important and preferable, all of you enjoy typing on a smooth keypad without any disturbance.

I know that the keys that are hard to press are really painful for especially when you have a lot to write, it becomes a pain if you do not have a good keyboard no matter how good your laptop is.

So, here according to our research envy has a respectable keyboard. There is a great and enough space between the keys of a keypad along with a decent amount of travel. You would feel that your fingers run on a small pillow because of the quiet keypad. 

It is also a backlit Chiclet keypad. The hp Spectre is a parallel keypad of hp envy as it is also confined and well-constructed with good key spacing but only available in backlit.

The only downside to the stellar keyboard is that it suffers a little from the scale of the keyboard. It is smaller than most trackpads, measuring around 2.25 inches in width, and may interfere with the rotation, swiping, and gestures of comfortable cursors.

The trackpads of envy and Spectre are also amazing. 

Hence, in Envyx360 vs. Spectrex360, both have good trackpads and keypads. Spectretrackpad is way too smooth that your fingers will feel good.

7: Price Hp Envy Vs Spectre x360 best for budget

It is not a criterion to always prefer a cheaper laptop. You should check that the price and the features that the company offers are both reasonable to you. If yes, then without having a second thought grab it.

The revised HP Envy x360 13 is fresh from the blocks and has yet to be decided on pricing. 

In the US, with the AMD Ryzen 5 3500U CPU and 8 GB of RAM at only $699,  it is actually a steal in this configuration.

The US premium compares with the obvious alternatives fairly favorably. With an AMD CPU, the Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 could have been a little cheaper. But it’s not quite as advanced a laptop, it lacks thin bezels and it still has to be introduced with the 3000 series chip from AMD.

Just like HP’s laptops, the 13-inch HP Spectre x360 (2019) has a number of different configurations to match with different specifications and prices. The base model comes with an Intel Core i5-8265U CPU, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB PCIe SSD, and a full IPS touchscreen HD (1080p). 

You can spend around 15000$on a 4 K OLED model with a Core i7 CPU, 16GB RAM and 512 GB SSD if display quality matters more than battery life. On the high end, the setup of 1 TB is worth $1,699.

Here is a video for you:

8: Bottom Line

It is the end now. Above we have discussed almost all major features of Hp Envy and Hp Spectre but if anything was missed I apologize for it.

Have you decided which one you should go for? I hope you did. It is concluded that both hp envy and hp Spectre are almost equal in quality, build and design. The factor where there comes a difference is the availability of ports which is more in Hp Spectre. 

Another factor that you will find a difference in battery life. The battery life of the hp Spectre is great and beyond the majors.

Most of you have that there may be a major difference in price, so let me clear this that prices of both the laptops are almost similar.

Now, you have to decide which should be your preference.

Hope you liked it. Do not forget to share your views by commenting in the comment section below.