5 Best Mouse For Playing World Of Warcraft In 2023

Even if you have never played any video game ever, you must have heard of World of Warcraft. To get the best playing experience with the MMORPG, it is essential to get the best mouse. A good mouse can change the whole gaming experience. Are you also looking for a mouse to play WoW?

It may take hours to find out the best mice for playing your favorite video games. However, to make it convenient for you, we have made a list of some of the best mouses to take your game to the next level. A mouse having several buttons matters a lot if you want to play WoW.

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To get the next level gaming experience, you need to have a mouse with more buttons in it. With this keeping in mind, we have selected some best mice that can be used to play WoW and other games.

Redragon M901 Perdition:

img source: eezepc.com

One of the most impressive mice to play WoW and other MMO games is Redragon M901. It has a DPI of 16400 that can help you to shift between the five gears. By using five different gears, you can have complete control over your game. It also allows you to tackle the lag issues with its 1000Hz polling rate.

It contains 18 buttons, out of which 12 are present at the thumb panel. You can fully customize the commands for each button given in this mouse. It comes with TEFLON pads that are useful in its smooth movement. One of the main advantages of this mouse is that weight can be adjusted quickly. The only drawback is that it is pretty large, so players with small hands may not get comfortable.

Logitech G600:

img source: pcigre.com

If you are looking for a specially designed mouse to support MMO games, this is the one for you. It contains 20 buttons on it, out of which 12 are present at the thumb panel. Using this mouse allows you to take quick action during your play because literally, every command is under your palm. It is up to you to enable various functions to these buttons.

Talking about the DPI, it is up to 8200. The lag is almost negligible because it has a 1 ms USB report rate. The best part is its durability, and it can take over 20 million clicks. If you want to personalize it more, then you have the option to change the lightning of its panel.

The only drawback you can face is that the buttons present at the thumb panel are a bit stiff. So, you might have to get used to it to tackle this.

Corsair Scimitar:

img source: techgage.com

Another mouse that is specifically designed for gaming purposes is Corsair Scimitar. It has got every feature that you expect in any MMO gaming mouse. The 12 buttons located at the thumb panel can be customized according to your comfort and provides impressive accuracy.

It has a response time of 1 millisecond and a DPI of 12000. This means that it works with a lot of precision and will provide you a lag-free gaming experience. It also features the CUE GUI, which allows you to customize everything you want, ranging from DPI matrices to RGB lighting.

The contour of this mouse is designed so that it can fit in any size of hands. The only trouble that you may face with it is its sensors. They may not work correctly when used on any shiny surface. So make sure that you use your mouse pads.

UTechSmart Venus:

img source: rtings.com

If you are looking for some powerhouse to play WoW or any other video games, this will be the best pick for you. It has 16400 DPI, which is the highest you can reach. It means that it is one of the most accurate mice that you will ever find. It can eliminate all your lagging issues with its 1000Hz polling rate.

It has 18 buttons located on its thumb panel, which you can customize according to your wish. It is designed so that it fits like gloves in your hand and protects it from strains caused due to playing for a long time. The only drawback of this mouse is that its wheel is a little loose.

Razer Naga Chroma:

img source: amazon.in

Razer mouse is one of the most popular mice amongst pro gaming players. It contains a total of 19 buttons, out of which 12 are present on the thumb panel. It has a DPI of 16000, which makes it very precise for playing MMO games. It gives a quick response when you play, but the only disadvantage is that it has short battery life.


It is fun to play World of warcraft, and anybody can get addicted to this video game. You cannot play this game with your regular mouse. So, if you want to enhance your gaming experience, you need to invest in some good mouse specially designed for playing WoW and many other related games.