3 Best Self-Published Books You Need to Read in 2023

People fulfill their free time with joy and entertainment in different ways. Some people would watch a movie, others would play games online, etc. However, the purpose of free time is not just to bring entertainment to our everyday routine. We should use it to learn something new or somehow improve yourselves. One of the options to have fun and develop your personality is to read books.

People usually choose books based on their interests and mood. That is the reason why some people like to read science fiction books, mysteries, thrillers, and other genders. But, have you ever read a self-published book? If not, it is about time to change your habit by the end of 2023.

However, the worst thing that could happen is to choose the wrong self-published book. The online world as well as traditional libraries truly have to offer a wide range of options. But, we would like to save your time and highlight the best self-published published books that truly deserve your attention.

Keep in mind that not all the books from our list are published this year. But, you can also be sure we have skipped all the grammatically challenging and unskipped books. The ones we recommend will bring value to your life in different ways.

But, What Is the Best Way to Write Self-Published Book?

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Logically, the first thing you need to possess is writing talent. After that, you need to take care of grammar and spelling. In other words, you will have to proofread and edit your book before you publish it. Another relevant fact worth your attention is the design of the entire book. Sometimes, design plays a key role as most people do not know exactly what a self-published book contains. But, if the design is eye-pleasing, they would get the necessary desire to check out the content.

Even if you are not a professional writer, that doesn’t mean you can’t write a self-published book. There are many services out there that will help you with all the mentioned responsibilities (editing, design) including ghostwriting. If getting professional assistance is something that matters to you, then you may want to check out mindstirmedia.com after reading this article. You will manage to find more information about the services you need.

After we made this part clear, the next way to write a good self-published book is to read other self-published books. There is no need to copy everything you read. Instead of that, you should focus on extending your vocabulary and finding the best structure of the book. Because of that, it is the right moment to find out the best self-published books and find the necessary source of information or simply enjoy your free time even more.

1. Jamie McGuire (Beautiful Redemption)

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Have you ever heard about Jamie McGuire? She is a talented writer that wrote one of the most popular self-published books in the world under the name Beautiful Disaster. Believe it or not, she managed to sell more than 30 000 copies of her book for a couple of months. These numbers may not seem impressive, but they are amazing for self-published books.

However, the future of the book went in another direction. Simon & Schuster decided to buy the copyrights of the book. However, they didn’t stop there as Jamie McGuire published another book under the name Walking Disaster. Both books were sold to the mentioned company.

However, it seems that Jamie McGuire has some different plans. Because of that, she went back to the self-publishing method and wrote another novel. The name of that novel was Beautiful Oblivion. Instead of selling rights, she decided to make an agreement with Walmart. Because of that, her fourth novel under the name Beautiful Redemption became one of the best-selling books on the mentioned website.

2. Amanda Hocking (My Blood Approves)

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If paranormal fiction books are something you love to read, then Amanda Hocking is the name you should remember. She is one of the bestselling authors on Amazon with a big number of novels in her portfolio.

Her life story is actually pretty interesting. Before she became successful, she had a “basic job”. More precisely, during the day she was caring about disabled people. During the night, she had enough time to dedicate her energy and creativity to her passion. That is the reason why many people say her night job was writing.

However, the first steps in the writing industry of this lady were pretty tough. She was rejected for 17 different novels as no one wanted to publish her books. Because of that, she decided to turn to self-publishing and try out to improve her career that way.

The first self-published book that she wrote was a vampire novel under the name My Blood Approves. At the beginning of her career, she was selling only 9 copies a day. However, today, you can enjoy 25 novels written by this talented writer. You can find them all on her website.

3. Marie E Cantu Alegre (The Legacy of Lanico)

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Another self-publishing author that deserves to be on this list is Marie E Cantu Alegre. Her self-published book under the name The Legacy of Lanico is something you should read. Compared to the previous two books, this one is a lot newer – it is published in 2018 for the first time.

At the beginning of her journey, things were not ideal. However, thanks to the assistance of professional editors (we already mentioned how important professional assistance is), she managed to make her book more popular. While you are reading this article, the average rating of the book is 4.9. That only confirms there is something you will certainly like about her epic fantasy.

There is no precise news when her new self-published books will appear on the market. However, in some of her interviews, she confirmed that four books are on the way. We barely wait for them to become available!

Final Thought

If you are a passionate reader, then the books that we mentioned will certainly make your free time more entertaining and valuable. On the other hand, if you want to become a self-published author, then these books can be an amazing inspiration. Use the professional service and allow experts to make your talent even more attractive.