Top 7 Video Editors For Vloggers in 2023

In this era of technology, globalization, and the power of social media, everyone is vying to make an impact in some way or the other. The internet has changed people’s lives in ways we could never imagine. Today, anyone can make their presence felt on social media.

Video blogs, explainer videos, and visual advertisements are exponentially gaining popularity as a great way to reach out to the public. Making video content is not just about shooting a video and uploading it anymore. A lot of work now goes into making it presentable and engaging to the viewers.

In addition to investing in good equipment, it is equally important to invest in sound editing software. Vlogging is one of the most widely preferred means of reaching out to the masses and making a solid impact. Here is everything that you need to know about the best tools that you can use to edit vlogs.

1. InVideo

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InVideo is excellent for both beginners as well as experts. It has a super-friendly, intuitive user interface, making it possible for almost anyone to create and edit videos in less than 10 minutes.

InVideo boasts of over 3 million stock photos to choose from, automated text to speech feature, over 1 million premium videos in the library, 1200+ readymade video templates, and the option of having automated voiceovers in any of your preferred languages! This tool covers pretty much everything that goes into the making and editing of a video.

Some of the other features that are available on the InVideo Platform include converting an article or URL to an engaging video, tapping into a preset template that can be customized, exciting logo revealing videos, etc. which make it one of the most popular video editing software that can be used to edit vlogs.

2. Adobe Premier Elements

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A simpler version of the Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Premier Elements is easy to use even for beginners. Though some features such as 3D editing are available in the pro version and not in the Elements version, it is safe to say that features like the guided edit and face detection make up for it.

The Guided Edit mode allows an editor to apply effects across multiple clips or to the entire video. The Organizer option allows you to compile various photos together to create a dynamic video. Having said that, Adobe Premier Elements needs some level of technical expertise to navigate around it, and it may not always be the best option for a beginner to edit vlogs.

3. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10.5

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VideoStudio has a simple, decluttered, and elegant user interface that allows the editor to design videos creatively. This software supports 4K Ultra HD Video, which lends the video at a high resolution. The Motion Tracking mode allows the editor to add text, objects, stickers, effects, and animation to follow a moving subject across the screen. Clippings can be grouped to synchronize with the music or background. Though the rendering time is slower compared to Adobe editors, the results are gratifying.

4. iMovie

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If you own a Mac, iMovie software is available on the Apple App store! The interface between the hardware and software is commendable. The drag and drop options allow the editor to create a video from scratch easily or edit it seamlessly. The built-in music and sound effects make the video engaging and dynamic. What’s more, you can even add your own music or choose from the preset templates to match your requirements.

iMovie also boasts features that let you create PiP or picture in picture videos, side-by-side videos, and even green-screen effects. The videos, once ready, can directly be uploaded to all the social media handles from iMovies.

5. Final Cut Pro X

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Built to amaze, Final Cut Pro X is often used by professional editors for all their post-production work. Some of its features are Multicam editing, XML import, and external monitor support, which are available only in professional video editing software. This software is specially designed to handle multi-camera projects and can support up to 64 camera angles. Quick rendering and processing make this software a popular choice for big-budget projects.

6. Pinnacle Studio 21 Unlimited

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It is a lesser-known fact that Pinnacle Studio is another product of Coral. This feature-packed software is specially designed for those who are already familiar with the Video Studio Software. Pinnacle Studio 21 has advanced features like motion tracking, split-screen video, 360-degree video editing, stop motion animation, etc. With over 1500 effects to choose from, the editor can use the Live Screen Capture. This feature captures the visuals, system audio, and voiceovers simultaneously to ensure there’s no lapse in Timing.

7. Shortcut

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The shortcut is another popular software preferred by vloggers for editing videos. It is compatible with Windows, OS X, and Linux, which makes it an excellent tool that can be used on various devices. Shortcut offers almost the same principle of work as its other expensive counterparts. It is as simple as placing your video on the timeline and applying the effects as you go. Some of the advantages of using Shortcut are that you have a customizable menu, a plethora of options for filters and effects, easy mobility of tasks, making it easy to redo or undo changes. There is also an option available to configure multiple monitors. One of the significant drawbacks of using Shortcut is that you cannot preview the filters.


There is a growing need for the use of video editing software to get creative and candid. Every vlogger wants to stand out from the rest and make their unique signature content. The tools mentioned above are some of the best video editing software to edit vlogs. Though there is new software available in the rapidly growing market, it is difficult to outdo these in terms of performance and popularity.