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You want to start Vlogging and you are looking for the best cheap vlogging camera with flip screen 2020, drum rolls your search has ended.

We have gathered all the best cheap vlogging cameras with a flip screen for you in this article. Buying a good cheap vlogging camera can be difficult. And if you are a beginner who wants to start vlogging then this might be a challenge to find the best cheap vlogging camera for YouTube.

There are several options available in the market for a cheap vlogging camera with a flip screen, but you must find the one that perfectly suits your needs. A camera for vlogging and a camera for taking still photographs have differences which are why you must first prioritize things according to the need.

Before you enter the world of vlogging, you must keep few things in mind such as the LCD screen so that your eye should always be on it while the camera records. A good vlogging camera must have an autofocus system that is able to keep track of you when the camera is recording. You need a camera that has good audio quality as you want your word to be heard.

If you are a new vlogger and wish to buy a cheap vlogging camera then you are in the right place. Vlogging is critical if the quality of the picture is not good it is most probable that the viewers won’t watch your full vlog instead they will jump to another video in no time. There are several vloggers who started their career with a simple vlogging camera but now the game of vlogging has gone so high that everything is a great competition.

For sure, if you are starting then you won’t buy something that is too expensive as you are still discovering yourself. But there is a bad and good quality in cheap vlogging cameras, so you need to carefully choose. We have made your life easy by gathering all the best cheap vlogging cameras 2018 in this article.

Without wasting any further time,

let’s start with the best cheap Vlogging camera with flip screens available on the market.

1. SONY RX100 20.2 Mp Premium (Best Cheap Camera for Youtube):

The Sony RX 100 is one of the best cheap vlogging cameras which is pocket-sized that is advanced compact. It is a cheap but good camera that comes with a 20.3MP sensor.it features a high-quality 3.6x Zeiss optical zoom that has a fast f/1.8 maximum aperture. It is controlled manually and can photograph raw images. It also has various built-in digital filter effects. It can record 1080p full HD movies.


It offers 20.1 MP, 28-100mm equivalent f/18-49 lens, ISO 125-6400 expandable ISO 80, 100, 25,600. There is a 3-inch LCD screen with 12M dots and an Exmor CMOS sensor.

The temperature range of the operation is between 0 to 40 degrees. It can shoot 1080p video, there is a rear control dial, steady-shot image, also there is a front control ring which is customizable.

The size of the moving image is -640×480 30fps that is approximately 3Mbps. It offers burst mode shots approximate 10fps.

The range of the flash is ISO auto which is approximately 0.3 meter to 17.1 meters (W)

This cheap vlogging camera offers a bright f18 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens that can zoom 36x. There is a full HD 1080/60p video which is controlled manually, and it has a dual record.

It is ultra-slim and has a decent aluminum body.

The dimension of this good cheap vlogging camera is 1016 mmx 581 mmx 359 mm. The weight of the camera is 213g.

There are 3 inches extra fine LCD display with true blacks and bright whites.

SONY RX100 20.2 Mp Premium Review:

If we talk about how this camera shoots then this good inexpensive camera has aperture-priority, a full quartet of program, shutter-priority, automatic modes for point and shoot control and manual modes PASM. The options for movie recording are presented very well which have the ability to shoot high definition videos when the camera is set to 1920 x 1080p Full HD at 50fps in the AVCHD which is HDTV friendly.

You can also put a stereo microphone for which an insert is provided in this camera. Although it already has two microphones in the camera body which can record the sound.

The customers love the point and shoot feature of this camera. They praise the way is captures video and its quality. They are satisfied with what they pay and get. The fact that it is pocket size has been loved by the people. Some people have complained about the battery draining too fast.


  • Black
  • Grey
  • It offers a large 1 in CMOS Exmor sensor.
  • It has good image quality.
  • The quality of the zoom lens is wonderful.
  • It is a good quality vlogging camera.
  • The battery may drain quickly.


You should buy this best cheap vlogging camera because it has all you want for vlogging. This camera is good-quality and takes amazing pictures. Just buy this camera and let the world droll over your skills.

 2: Canon Eos Rebel T61 (Best Cheap Video Camera for Youtube):

What else do you need when you can buy a good vlogging camera at a cheap price. This Canon EOS camera is a very popular entry-level consumer DSLR which is also strong performers. This camera has a 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor which is currently the highest available from canon. It has Wi-Fi enabled and comes with near-field communication.


  • This good vlogging camera offers a 24.2 MP CMOS (APS-C) sensor.
  • It offers you ISO 100-12800 which is expandable to H: 25600.
  • You can capture amazing EOS full HD movies in MP4 format.
  • It comes with a high-speed continuous shooting over 5.0 fps which will allow you to capture actions that are quick.
  • There is a 19-point all cross-AF system which allows an exceptional performance of the autofocus.
  • There are built-in NFC and Wi-Fi.


This inexpensive vlogging camera shoots amazing videos and captures the best pictures. The WIFI enabled will help you a lot in transferring the videos and pictures. This camera has sold very well and is an evolutionary model.

Not all cameras are the best cheap vlogging cameras, but this Canon camera is the one that the customers have rated as one of the best. They seem happy with the camera quality and performance. People have regarded as better than the previous T5i. All customers are satisfied with the camera and have reviewed it as one of the best vlogging cameras with a flip screen.


  • Black
  • It offers 24 megapixels sensor.
  • It has excellent skills.
  • It has NFC and Wi-Fi to make sharing of pictures and videos easy.
  • This camera responds fast and has good focus.
  • The 30p videos are not so good quality.
  • The viewfinder is small.
  • The pairing of the wireless needs to be improved.


No one wants that he or she spends a good amount of money on something that has no good performance and quality. We recommend buying this good vlogging camera and you are lucky to find this camera as it has both good quality and performance at such an affordable price.

3: Samsung Nx300 20.3Mp Cmos Smart Wifi (vlogging camera with flip screen):

Reinventing the new cameras is what the company Samsung has taken as its task. They have thrown into the market a hoard of new cameras that are too good at digital imaging. And Samsung’s digital image quality is always next level. They have improved their sensor technology, the speed of cameras and lens quality which has made them a serious contender in the camera market.

Samsung’s NX300 is the best inexpensive digital camera that offers 20.3 megapixels APS-C sensor, high-quality lens, and fast auto-focus.


  • It offers a 20.3 MP CMOS sensor at good price.
  • There are smart features that this camera offers such as email, social media upload, mobile link, direct link, remote viewfinder, PC auto-backup, cloud service, and all share.
  • It has a hybrid auto-focus system.


The camera can be controlled easily by ample touchscreen on the rear of the camera. There are buttons located on the camera body. The setting changes also have an option called the i-function facility. The touchscreen of this cheap vlogging camera has good-size icons and the menu system of the camera is easy to navigate.

The purchasers of this camera are content with what they get in this device. They have reviewed it as the best cheap vlogging camera which is affordable and has good quality as well as takes good pictures. While some customers are unhappy with the body of this vlogging camera.


  • Brown
  • White
  • It offers autofocus which is fast.
  • It takes sharp images when using the kit lens.
  • It has good internet connectivity.
  • The touchscreen of this camera is way too good.
  • The settings can be changes in the lens ring.
  • The camera only charges with the battery inside it.
  • The battery life is less than the stellar battery life.
  • It does not have a built-in flash.
  • The buffer performance is not good.


Already impressed by this cheap vlogging camera features then what are you thinking about just grab this awesome camera by clicking the link below and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

4: Panasonic Hc-V770 Full HD Camcorder (Best Cheap Camera for Youtube):

This is the only HC-V770 top camcorder of the Panasonic company. The HC-VX870, flagship models and HC-WX970 have stimulated to over 4k. It is a vlogging camera with a flip screen that does not foresee your shooting shifting to a higher resolution. Yet it is the best inexpensive vlogging camera that you can buy. It offers pretty good high-end features and is considerably cheaper than many 4k models.


  • This camera can long 20x zoom and capture the scene from very far away. It is also compatible with remote pan tilt cradle i.e. optional.
  • Forgiving a professional look this camera can reduce the bright spots and has a much high-dynamic-range of features for this.
  • It can connect to your smartphone video camera through wi-fi which gives a picture-in-picture video effect.
  • The image sensor of this camera is ½.3 inches BSI MOS.

Panasonic Hc-V770 Full HD Camcorder Review:

It is a high-end camcorder offered by Panasonic. If you don’t need 4k then this camcorder should be considered. The quality of the image is very good. it includes fun options for times you want to be a creative and comprehensive set of manual settings. If you don’t want to spend your all savings on just buying a 4k model, then this cheap high-quality camera is greatly suggested. It offers rich and high-quality full HD video which will surely win your heart.

The opinion of the customers about this good cheap camera is decent. The customers are glad at the way this camera captures the videos and pictures. They think that it is the best camcorder available at such a good price. Some customers have criticized the working of this camera that it is not functioning properly.


  • Black
  • It is good value for money.
  • It offers comprehensive manual settings with control dial and has good wi-fi connectivity.
  • There is no lens ring on this camera.
  • No 4k shooting.


The Panasonic has come up with this stunning quality camera that is cheap and best among all. You must purchase this camera because of its internet connectivity and professional-looking pictures.

5: GoPro Hero Session Black (Cheap Photography Camera):

GoPro is YouTuber’s friend. The hero session is the smallest camera ever which has been specially designed to be unobtrusive. It can be attached anywhere such as to the end of the guitar and at the front of a ski.  It is one of the cheap good quality cameras that has proved to be of good quality.


  • There is one button that controls the power-on of the camera. It begins shooting pictures and capturing videos automatically when the button is switched on.
  • This camera has been designed to withstand extreme conditions and environments.
  • The best thing about the hero is that it is waterproof which means it can be used to shoot underwater easily.
  • This camera supports up to 128 GB.

GoPro Hero Session Black Review:

This camera has been designed to survive critical conditions. The connectivity of this cheap camera is good, and it offers reliable features. It has both Bluetooth as well as wi-fi connectivity. Both features will allow you to connect easily to your smartphone. It also features additional features that are very useful.

People have adored the way this camera is compact and it’s quality. They have rated it as one of the best cheap cameras available. Yet some customers are dissatisfied with this camera. They have criticized the video stabilization of this camera, the battery draining fast and one customer has suggested buying the card along with the GoPro camera.


  • Black.
  • This is a very small and tough camera that can survive critical circumstances.
  • It is water resistant without any coverup.
  • It has got a battery life which is decent.
  • It captures solid audio.
  • The quality of the video is not that satisfying.
  • The batter is not removable.


We are sure that you have found the best cheap vlogging camera with a flip screen in the form of this GoPro hero because it cannot get better than this. Such incredible features at such a pocket-friendly price are definitely a miracle.

6: GoPro Hero5 Black 4k (cheap high-quality camera)

Start your vlogging career by testing this best cheap video camera for YouTube. GoPro can be your new buddy on vacation as well. It can be used in several scenarios and in a wide range of mounts. It can go with your inside the seawater and in the swimming pool. Will capture all your moments when you dive underwater or flee on the heights. It can be mounted on your helmet while you ride a bike cycle or a heavy bike. Let’s jump onto its best features:


  • It can shoot stunning 4k videos and take 12 MP photos in a burst, single and time-lapse modes. It does not come with the charger.
  • Its durability is good enough. This cheap vlogging camera with a flip screen is waterproof and does not need any cover.
  • You can preview and playback things you have a shoot. You can also change the settings and trim your footage.
  • 2-inch touch display is what you will be getting.
  • You can easily share and access photos and videos.
  • The video stabilization is amazingly good.
  • It can be controlled by your voice. It will work at your voice commands.


This vlogging camera has a good exterior which makes it easy to hold the camera and avoid any shock-proofing. It has been solidly constructed and does not need any housing. The build quality is wonderful. Due to video stabilization, it can withstand bumps and knocks. All features of this camera work well and the best thing about this cheap video camera is that it is waterproof.

The vloggers have rated this camera as best for photography, sound quality, and battery life whereas some are unhappy with the time-lapse video quality. The customers have adored the picture quality of this camera while some people have complained about the camera getting too hot in water.


  • Black
  • The quality of the image is superb.
  • There is good electronic image stabilization in this camera.
  • The microphones are great.
  • It is waterproof without any cover till 10 m.
  • There are additional still image functions in the GoPro.
  • The design is also improved.
  • There is no EIS in 4k.
  • The response of the touch screen is not that good.


Although the touch screen response of this camera is not that good, yet you must pay attention to its brilliant features which are far better than it cons. We totally love this camera and suggest you buy it.

7: Sony A5100 16-50MM Mirrorless (Best Cheap Digital Camera):

The Sony A5100 is a compact camera that has a brilliant sensor and autofocusing system. It has been claimed by Sony that the camera is not a replacement for Sony A5000 rather it is a new range. This is the best inexpensive digital camera that has the best features to offer in an affordable range.


  • There is Ultra-fast autofocus with 179 AF points, also 6Fps.
  • This camera offers high resolution. It offers a 24 MP APS-C sensor.
  • There is instant sharing using a smartphone with NFC and wi-fi.
  • It can take high-quality images in low light with its ISO that ranges between 100-25600.
  • It can shoot stunning full HD 1080/ 24/60P video up to 50 MB/s.


Considering the price range with which this camera comes is it is the best cheap vlogging camera with a flip screen that has all top niche features. It is compact, has an APS-C sized sensor and autofocus system. It is a highly recommended portable camera that is easy to take anywhere and capture the best images and videos of your journey.

It is worth spending the money on. Customers have recommended this best cheap photography camera for street photography. Buyers have rated it as 5 stars and have satisfied reviews. While some customers have criticized the overheating of the camera and the problem with the shutter.


  • Black
  • White
  • The quality of the video shot by this camera is remarkable.
  • The body of this camera is tough.
  • It is small and compact.
  • The image quality is also good and autofocus speed is amazing.
  • The ISO performance is high.
  • The touchscreen response is not impressive.
  • There is no socket for the microphone.


Small, compact, portable, quality performance, crisp pictures, and whatnot. Name it and this camera has it. This camera has not only been suggested by many customers on Amazon, but we also recommend you buy as it is the best vlogging camera and light on the pocket.

8: Panasonic Lumix DMC-Fz70 (cheap vlogging camera with flip screen):

Although there are various options available for the cheap digital camera, it is not necessary that they all are good. while this Panasonic digital camera is the best cheap vlogging camera with a flip screen that has 16.1 MP and a high sensitivity MOS sensor.

There is wide-angle coverage about the 20-12mm field of view. For those of you starting the vlogging career, this is the best thing you can buy.


  • There is about 60x optical zoom which brings the action super close.
  • You will experience a full 1080/60I HD video that records with autofocus.
  • The audio quality of the Panasonic camera is high-end.
  • There is power optical image stabilization and the active mode captures sharp and clear pictures.
  • The panoramic effects that these digital camera offers are breath-taking.


Is budget tight? Don’t be worried this cheap digital camera was meant to in your hands for capturing exceptions images and shoot stunning videos. There is a wide-angle aperture and the zoom lens can zoom very far without affecting the quality. It is a great option for you to start your photography with this Panasonic cheap digital camera.

People got crazy at the high-quality zoom pictures that this camera is able to shoot. They are satisfied with what they are getting by spending a medium amount of money. Some people have reported an SD card error. While some are unhappy with the physical quality of the camera.


  • Black
  • Its lens can zoom up to 60x.
  • There is 20mm wide-angle coverage in this camera.
  • The quality of the image due to the high ISO. It comes with a good speedy focus.
  • There are integrated EVF and hot shoes in the device.
  • It supports raw shooting.
  • The rear LCD and EVF of this camera could have been better.
  • It does not include any microphone input.
  • There is no wi-fi connectivity.


The wide-angle coverage and the 60x zoom says it all. We know you like it already. The Panasonic Lumix is the perfect example of the best cheap vlogging camera with flip screen.

9: Canon PowerShot Sx60 Cheap Digital Camera:

This canon camera can zoom to an extremely good range. It has a 65x zoom that can capture breath-taking zoomed images. The camera has been rated as the best cheap vlogging camera with a flip screen that has all features a vlogger needs at the beginning of his career. Read it features below;


  • There is built-in wi-fi connectivity. NFC is also present that allows wireless sharing of photos and videos.
  • There is a 16.1 MP ½.3-inch-high sensitivity CMOS sensor which combines with DIGIC 6 image processor.
  • It can zoom up to 65x, 260x combined zoom with the optical image stabilization. The video clip length is about 29 min and 59 seconds.
  • There are bright 3-inch angle LCD and an electronic viewfinder. The operating temperature for this device is 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It captures stunning 1080p HD video in the format of MP4 that has a dedicated movie button and zoom while you continue shooting.


You will need a tripod with this if you plan to daily vlog because handling it with one hand might be difficult. Moreover, the tripod will provide more stability to the video. It can shoot videos in raw mode. Shoot full HD videos and needs external microphone support. Overall it is a quite good bargain on this camera.

Customers have rated this cheap vlogging camera as best. They are satisfied with their built and quality. Some buyers have suggested buying SD memory card when purchasing the camera while some have criticized the 65x zoom as not that good quality. Overall the customers are happy with this cheap vlogging camera with a flip screen.


  • Black
  • There is a good zoom range.
  • The handling of the device is good.
  • The build of the camera is robust.
  • There is no EVF proximity sensor in this device.
  • Limited image quality.


Canon has come up with the best cheap digital camera that offers robust image quality and a remarkable zoom range. A vlogger knows what he needs and if you are the one then we totally advise you spend your money wisely by buying this cheap digital camera.


If you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel that you will be posting vlogs on, then it becomes very crucial to purchase a good vlogging camera. We suggested some of the best video cameras for YouTube that you can buy easily and impress your viewers by shooting perfect videos.

The quality content and sound editing are important for gaining views on your channel, but it is also important that the video you are going to display is of high-quality. The vlogging camera with a flip screen can be your first go-to the camera you can start recording videos on. The most important thing for vlogs is the video quality that attracts the viewer and maintains their interest until the end.

But how you will purchase a camera that fulfills all the requirements of a good look. To make your life easier we have gathered some major pointers that you can look for when choosing the best cheap vlogging camera with flip screen 2020.

Let’s have a look at them.


As mentioned earlier that vlogging is all about good quality video and 4k is the feature that a vlogging camera can have for shooting high-quality videos. While purchasing a vlogging camera always keep in mind to check the quality of the video. Don’t get fooled by the higher number of megapixels a camera is offering instead look for all other features that you need for making the video quality better. Other features that you can keep in mind for video quality and shooting is the processor, sensor size and aperture size.

The standard resolution for an HD video is 1080 and we have mentioned cameras that have this resolution. The 4k is another important criterion to judge the quality of the video but the price range for it is not budget-friendly. Yet we have suggested cameras that offer 4k in an affordable range. Otherwise, you can also look for other cameras who offer HD videos.


No one wants a camera that is too heavy to handle and when you are vlogging that is holding in your hands for long times then it becomes more impossible to shoot with heavy cameras. Thus, look for cheap vlogging cameras that are easy to handle and light in weight so that they don’t cause tension in your hands while vlogging.

Handling a heavyweight camera for vlogging can also cause destabilization as you will not be able to handle it properly. So, we recommend buying a lightweight and compact camera that is easy to shoot from and is portable.

  • LENS

Trust us, you need to look for a camera that has got a good lens to offer. For vlogging, a lens should be enough good to shoot quality videos. The zooming of the lens is also crucial. There are cameras who offer great zoom range but usually, the quality decreases with the zoom range. So, you must look for a camera whose quality remains maintained even when the lens is zoomed.


OIS: Besides the above features to keep in mind you should also pay attention to other things that will decide what you really want to buy and if that fulfills your needs. One of those things is optical image stabilization which is vital for shooting vlogs. The presence of this feature in the best vlogging camera improves the low light performance and reduces the bur.

MANUAL CONTROLS: The camera should have manual controls because this feature is important for the vlogging camera as well as those of you who are photography enthusiasts. The manual controls let you control the ISO, shutter speed and aperture manually.

EVF: Another feature you can keep in mind is the EVF that is the electronic viewfinder. While vlogging viewfinder is important to look at as you should know exactly what you are shooting. The viewfinder should be big enough which will provide your vlogs with excellent quality.

WATERPROOF: Water-resistant body of the vlogging camera with the flip screen is also important. As a vlogger might be shooting all conditions and environments around him. He needs something that is physically strong and can survive in harsh conditions. So, purchasing a cheap vlogging camera that is waterproof should also be considered. We have mentioned GoPro that is exceptionally water-resistant and will give a good kick start to your vlogs.

INTERNAL MICROPHONE: The presence on an internal microphone is important as no vlogger wants to shoot videos whose voice quality is not decent. And carrying an external microphone might not be possible in certain conditions so make sure that the camera you are about to purchase has an internal microphone.


For all the vloggers out there, the camera is the most important thing for your career that will stay with you. Purchasing a good quality camera is not easy and when you are deciding it by looking in your pocket then it becomes more important that you choose the right kind of device.

We mentioned all the best cheap vlogging cameras with a flip screen that is available in the market.

Now it up to you to select that one cheap vlogging camera that best fulfills your needs. We highly suggest buying Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 and GoPro Hero 5 4k Action Camera. These two cameras are best at their work. They shoot good-quality videos for you which can help you build a good demand in the market by throwing videos on YouTube that are brilliantly shot.

We are sure that you have found that one camera which you will be purchasing, and it won’t disappoint you.

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