6 Best Tools and Supplies for Interior Designers 2023 – Buying Guide

Performing a job in modern times is quite different from what it used to be several decades ago. Thanks to the constant changes in our society, mostly due to the newest technology and more open nature of people, common practices and ways of doing things are shifting.

If one wants to be at the top of their game and as optimal as possible, they need to scour the industry and do research on the latest trends in their respective markets.

Without the right tools and supplies by one’s side, they cannot really perform the task they need as well as those who know what to do and what kind of help to employ.

For the responsible and diverse job of an interior designer in 2023, there is a whole slate of useful tools and supplies that elevate the experience and performance to a whole new level.

Interior designers, both independent and those who are part of larger collectives, know full well how many different aspects exist in their daily responsibilities.

Every home and office space is different and each client has a different set of wishes regarding the design of their property. In such a line of work, it can be a daunting task to do everything the old-fashioned way, without modern supplies or tools. No more. In this article, we bring to you the best things every interior designer should have in 2023.

1. Protective Gear

Wearing protective gear is a no-brainer whenever something is being constructed. A helmet is always a necessity when touring homes and office spaces, particularly when the renovations are long underway. Protecting the head is of the utmost importance because a lot can go wrong in a split second.

Debris falling down tends to happen much more often than anyone would like it to. Apart from the helmet, a fluorescent vest is needed for everyone to be noticeable more clearly.

A pair of gloves and goggles is a good idea too, so make sure to have them close if there is ever the need to use them. Lastly, since we live in these times of pandemic, you will need a face mask too.

Of course, masks have always been worn when there is stuff being cut, sawed, and demolished. All of these are standard construction site equipment so remember to wear them.

2. 3D and Project Management Software

Source: herzing.edu

Your job is highly dependent on speed, accuracy, efficiency, and design. If there is one thing that can help you do all of these things better and easier, it would be the right kind of software. As an interior designer, a high-end, capable 3D designing software is your best friend and your most trusted companion.

It will be the core tool of your every project and the place you spend most of your design sessions. It is the industry standard and all of your competitors use it, make no mistake about it. The same goes for project management especially if your practice is to work on more than one design at a time. To learn more about the best interior design software solutions available right now, make sure to check out foyr.com.

3. A Sketchbook

Interior designers are artists too, and every artist needs to have their own sketchbook close by to doodle up ideas and write down key elements of every property they visit. Pieces of paper are not efficient and they get lost in all the paperwork.

What you need is a dedicated sketchbook of your liking that will make it easy for you to draw and write on the go. Quick sketches on the spot can be the difference makers between the client choosing to proceed with your services or not.

Thinking on your feet is one thing, but putting your ideas on paper in front of the customer is a next-level example of professionalism. Alongside the sketchbook, you will also need your trusty, to-go set of pens, pencils, and colored pens.

4. A Pinterest Account


Source: vox.com

Who doesn’t like browsing the amazing and artsy images that Pinterest is capable of feeding to us? The website is an amazing source of inspiration regardless of what you do, who you are, and what you need. It is the place to be when you know exactly what you want but cannot come up with the right scale, arrangement, or shade.

Maybe you are out of inspiration completely? All in all, it cannot hurt and it will make you a more artistic designer due to the abundance of ideas there. People visit the service simply to look and enjoy the pretty pictures, so why shouldn’t someone like you whose job is to come up with beautiful designs?

5. A Tape Measure

Here is a nifty little tool that can be a lifesaver. No matter who you are, you need one of these at home. There is nothing worse than needing to measure something for a project and not having a simple tool like this around.

For an interior designer who deals with precise arrangements, scales, and measurements for delicate furniture, it is a must to always have a tape measure in their work bag. How else can you suggest design ideas to a client without a measuring device in hand?

6. A Community that Knows You

Source: ulaburgiel.com

Not so much a tool or a supply, but definitely something you will not be able to properly find work and help without. Every job is better and more efficient when you know the right people. Connections and networking are crucial parts of being successful.

The more people you know, the more likely you are to find somebody similar to you, a colleague, a close business partner, or a future boss who recognized your talent.

You must also be familiar with your community in general and know contractors, vendors, and owners of businesses you will go to for your needs. The word of mouth travels fast, especially within a close-knit community. Your goal should include you being the one who comes to mind when someone says interior designer.