3 Best Snow Blowers for Driveways

It doesn’t even matter; whether your region gets light snow or several inches of snow during winter removing snow from the wide-open driveways, even walkways could be exhausting and time-consuming.

The hand-tool shovels could work fine for the stairs and walkways, but clearing driveways will be the most daunting and difficult task. Only an easy-to-use snow blower could help you out in this matter.

In this article, we’ll take you through the best snow blower models available on the market for this winter, as suggested by Theweathermakers. We’ll highlight their specifications and capabilities depending on how much snow they can remove.

1. Worx WG471 40V Power Share 20″ Cordless Snow Blower

Source: ariens.com

  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Engine: High-efficiency Brushless Motor
  • Clearing Capacity: 20″ Wide and 10 Feet Deep
  • Maximum Throw Distance: 20 Feet
  • 180° Rotating Chute with One-touch Snow Deflector

If you want something lighter in weight, power, and on your wallet then this is the best and affordable single-stage snowblowers .

This snow blower machine cuts through a 10″ deep snow, clears out up to a 20″ wide path, and blows them 20 feet away, right back to the sidewalk cement.

The high-efficiency brushless motor wastes less energy; that’s why; it mostly runs for 2 and half hours after a full charge. The dual LED headlights keep you enabled for work after the sunset and in the dark.

The 180-degree rotating chute will allow you to throw snow in any direction up to 20 feet away, whereas the one-touch multi-position adjustable chute deflector helps you achieve better aiming.

The plastic auger could make you concerned regarding durability, but we experienced that it’s not a deal-breaker and can sustain with up to 5-inches of wet snow.

The intuitive controls, simple cordless design, and easy maneuverability change the tedious snow removal process into a job; that you can enjoy.

2. Ariens ST28DLE Deluxe SHO Snow Blower

Source: worx.com

  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Engine Type: Powerful 4 Cycle 306cc Ariens AX engine with 14″ Super High Output impeller
  • Engine Displacement: 306 Cubic Centimeters
  • Maximum Throw Distance: 55 Feet
  • 28″ Clearing Width and 14″ Auger Diameter

This two-stage gas-powered snowblower will never disappoint you in the matter of the driveways. Since it doesn’t only clean all the ways, it also avoids the gravel pieces from getting into the auger and interrupting the snow-blowing job.

The tall housing height, auto-turn trigger-less steering, and interlocking handles add more advantages during snow removal and could even allow you to handle the machine with one hand.

The electric-start feature is also available there, which we all want in a snowblower to achieve never-stopping performance.

Its’ speed will blow away everything and could throw the snow and debris up to 55 feet away. Moreover, it can move up to 72 tons of snow in an hour. Impressive! Isn’t it?

I think a 28″ clearing width and 14″ auger diameter with 55 feet throwing distance is not just good for clearing driveways, making this snowblower best for wide-open, even gravel driveways.

3. PowerSmart self-propelled Two-Stage Snow Blower

Source: lowes.com

  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Engine Type: 4 Cycle Briggs & Stratton 250CC Engine with Corded Electric Starter
  • Engine Displacement: 212 Cubic Centimeters
  • Maximum Throw Distance: 40 Feet
  • Self-Propelled System: 6 speeds forward speeds and 2 self-propelled control speeds reverse

If you’re from a snow-fall country, you may know how famous the engine of the Briggs & Stratton is in the world of snowblower machines. This upgraded 4-cycle 250CC gas engine delivers unbelievably strong snow-clearing action.

It’s a corded model, though the push-button electric starter is easy to use and a simple pull-to-start snowblower. The powerful 12″ steel auger of this 2 stage snow blower machine easily cuts through a few inches of moderate to tough snow and throws it up to 40 feet away from the chute to prevent clogging, even in deep snow.

The 180° chute control, heated handle, and electric start make it easy to start and operate the machine during the toughest winter. The 26 “x20” housing with 40 feet throwing distance helps you clear up mostly 12 inches of snow from 10 lane driveways, whereas the all-terrain snow tires enhance safety and driving confidence.

When we ask for a review from the people; who have used this snow blower for a few years, most of them have claimed; that they get more than they pay for it. We also 100% agreed with them, and now it’s your turn to join our team.

Buyers guide:

Source: clearvoice.com

Our recommendation list is a great place to start your search for driveway snow blowers, though you could carry on your hunt with the following considerations.

  • Snow Blower Clearing Width

A snowblower with a large auger and housing helps you clear up the wide paths with each pass. The 20 inches to 25 inches wide augers are good options for removing snow from the driveways.

Operating a large machine could be painful for you; if you’re not tall enough, have smaller structure people, or have any health-related issues.

Hence, we strictly suggest choosing a snow blower with power steering to move forward and cut through deep and compacted sows easily.

  • Self-Propelled Drive

The self-propelled snowblower machines with multiple forward speeds easily cut through compacted ice and a few inches of piled-up snow.

  • Track Drive

You can easily get injured while removing snow, as the heavy wet snow often causes slips, falls, and sprains ankles. That’s why you need the track drive feature and all-terrain tires to ensure maximum traction, superior control, and durability.


Source: gearsustain.com

In cold weather, when it comes to clearing snow on large driveways, even small drives or walkways, it would be wrong to consider some basics. The multi-stage snow blowers; that we mentioned above are ideal for handling all types of snow on any surface, specifically gravel driveways.

They are easy to use, fast, and pretty effective, clearing wide multi-lane driveways or even those that have steep slopes. Hopefully, you’ve found them interesting and useful.

However, if you come across any snowblower model; that makes you feel like you’ve made a more worthwhile investment, let us and others know by commenting below.