5 Best Smart TVs for watching sports

Looking for the best smart TV for your entertainment purposes? Are you a sports person yourself? Do you love to watch different games on your big screen? If you are looking for the best TV & the best cable TV plan that offers variety, keep on reading! Here we will talk about different channels & some things that you should take into consideration when purchasing your next best smart TV!

What to look for when buying your next TV: top 5 features

1. Motion blur

This is a process where images on your screen can come off looking way too fuzzy or like they are out of focus. You might have a problem watching a NASCAR vehicle in real-time due to an unwanted lag. If you are all about details make sure to go for a TV that has built-in settings to reduce motion blur.

2. Stutter

Avoid any type of pause when there is action going on and when your sports team is taking it home. Go for a low stutter and you’ll see how your picture syncs with the tone.

3. Input lag

How often did you miss your important game or have experienced a huge spoiler due to an input lag? The lower the lag, the better!

4. Size

Are you a big-screen lover? Do you have some issues with your eyesight? How big is your room? Answer all of these questions before you commit to purchasing a new TV. Usually, a minimum of 55 inches is a go-to for most people.

5. Price point

Last, but not least, you should always think twice about your final price point and before you make your purchase. Where do you draw the line, and what is your preferred way of paying? Cash, install payments, card?

Where to get the best TV plan?

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You might have your questions answered when it comes to your TV looks & performance, but do you know which subscription plan to go for? Do you want to stream your apps on your big screen, do you need music, and are you also looking for parental control? If you want to get the best plan you should visit this link. Cox cable packages are flexible and easy to customize. You can choose different monthly subscriptions and watch over 140 channels. There are 13 customizable packs available and even unlimited calling features, ideal for guys and girls who appreciate proper entertainment.

Top 5 Best Smart TVs for watching sports


img source: lg.com

LG is a well-known brand that has loads of different gadgets to offer at an affordable price. You will enjoy this TV due to its super-wide angles, as well as near-instant response. This TV has a bright cast and a lot of light that you will prefer in your sports games. There is also the OLED technology that creates pixels individually for pure satisfaction. Enjoy its WebOS feature since it allows you to download your sports streaming applications.

Why do people love it?

  • Wide viewing angle
  • Good price point
  • Near-instant response time
  • Well-known brand

It has an aggressive automatic brightness feature

2. Sony X900F

img source: crutchfieldonline.com

This is 4k smart TV that has amazing picture quality. Sony usually brings high-quality when it comes to their TV screens. You will also love it for its motion handling feature. You can even watch games, play games, as well as enjoy HDR gaming with this model. Full arrays of color and dimming support are some other perks that will suit you and that people love when it comes to Sony. Enjoy its fast response and continuous motion.

Why do people love it?

  • It has excellent motion handling
  • Ideal bright highlights
  • Great for games & gaming

The picture quality can look off at an angle

3. Samsung Q8FN QLED TV

img source: flatpanelshd.com

This TV has been around since 2018, and it is still one of the highly-wanted models. It has had its fair share of customization and adjustments thus far and has been properly upgraded. There is a low input lag + great motion handling sensor while there is not blurriness on the screen. Samsung TVs are perfect for games, sports, TV shows, as well as HDR gaming.

Why do people love it?

  • It is fast & responsive
  • No input lag
  • Great motion handling
  • You can use it for your HDR games

Your pictures might look degraded at an angle

4. Vizio P Series Quantum

img source: pcmag.com

Vizio is still a unique go-to choice for most people. This is a 65 inch TV that is medium-priced and ideal for larger living rooms. High-quality image and resolution are just some perks that it has to offer. It has an upgraded HD format while its brightness and contrast have been adjusted to suit the screen. You can even enjoy DVDs and Blue-ray while playing different game consoles with this model.

Why do people love it?

  • Good size
  • Proper motion handling
  • Bright & high-quality
  • Has been through some updates

Some might find it pricey
Images will look different at a different angle

5. Hisense H9F

img source: phandroid.com

Last, but not least, you can also consider the Hisense H9F. This is a 4K TV that is inexpensive when compared to Sony models. You will enjoy its picture quality, along with its contrast ratio. If you are someone who enjoys watching sports in a darker room – this is the perfect option for you. Enjoy its performance and fast response time, as well as proper handling and fast motion.

Why do people love it?

  • It has an excellent peak brightness
  • Affordable
  • Good contrast ratio
  • Low input lag

Not for viewing from the angle

Ready to enjoy your game & watch sports the right way?

So, are you ready to explore different channels & new TV models? Finding ”the one” TV wouldn’t be complete without the best and right TV plan and subscription for you. Make sure that you customize everything per your needs, and you will love your future sporty moments and games!