4 Gadgets to Add to Your Home Theater System

The gadgets and devices needed for a good home theater system are many. Here, we will provide a mix of generic recommendations and some more specific items you can add into the mix. This all goes towards providing a much more enjoyable experience. Hopefully, you’ll have a good time implementing them into your home theater system.

1. LED strip lights

When at home, the first thing we wish to achieve is good picture quality. To get to this point, we need to get a proper TV and then enhance its performance.

Getting a high-quality TV is key to providing yourself and anybody else with fantastic experience. The list of decent TVs for this purpose is huge. However, it helps knowing some telltale signs of a good deal.

A notable focus should be put on the way TV represents color on screen. What you should be looking for are rich colors. As many gradients of unique colors should be easily reproducible by the TV, pushing its quality higher.

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The attention should also be put on the quality of light the TV can produce. Some TVs may be able to replicate rich colors but end up flubbing the experience through their lack of good lighting.

Bright highlights are a must, accenting the important items on screen. Deeper blacks are also important because they help us evade that feeling of indiscernible darkness. Especially for movies that take place during night time where this issue may be more apparent.

Consider getting an OLED TV if it’s accessible to you. They will cost you extra in most cases but they have a reason for this. They are far lighter and flexible than the other options, making them less of a hassle to transport and move. They can also be quite a bit lighter than their LED cousins with some extra qualities to boot. Key one being that it emits its own light rather than utilizing a backlight like other type of screens, those being LCDs.

The best way to enhance a good TV is with some extra lighting. The LED strip lights can easily achieve that. The way this light works helps accent the screen of your TV without ruining the experience of watching movies the way turning on the light would.

2. Woojer Vest

A younger entry on the list but nonetheless one to consider. Woojer vest is a unique item that allows you to feel the impact of the movie you are watching. So how does it achieve this?

The woojer vest is covered in speakers that provide vibrations which correlate to the things going on in the movie. The practice of haptic feedback being used as a way to simulate the feeling of impact isn’t new. However, it has only recently started gaining traction and allowing for items such as this to be produced.

With the Woojer vest, any entertainment media gets a new dimension. The feeling of fully immersive experience is hard to ignore. Despite the seemingly large size, the vest is pretty lightweight. The lightweight nature makes it less tiring to wear while the fact that Woojer vest has one-size fits all approach makes it easy for multiple people to use the vest without having to spend a lot of time adjusting it or getting a whole new one.

Of course, you should explore more about it before deciding to purchase it so check out the video below for a full Woojer Vest review:

3. Universal remote

Never underestimate the convenience of a universal remote. While it may seem superfluous you should keep in mind just how many different devices you are utilizing. It can get out of hand especially with the setup we are aiming to achieve. Don’t be worried about it fitting with other items, that’s guaranteed.

The convenience of the item is something you shouldn’t underestimate. Even if you only have two or three devices that need to be configured, it could be easier to just pop one of these universal remotes into the mix. It’s much easier to operate all your devices from a single remote than jump between multiple different ones constantly.

A remote such as this also helps remove consistent clutter present with a higher level of devices being used. It’s possible to get bothersome situations where you need to separately turn on all devices with their respective remotes before even getting to use them. That means every remote needs to be close enough to reach unless we want to harm our overall convenience. In this case, we’ll have to find a way to put in a ton of different remotes while not wasting too much space. Or, if we opt for a universal remote, we can just allocate it all to a single one.

It’s incredibly simple to operate too, with intuitive controls and explanations on how to set the whole thing up. Universal remote control also saves money through a very indirect interaction. Namely, it cuts down the number of batteries you’ll need to run all of your devices because the only item that needs to be powered is the universal remote itself.

4. Good sound system

This is something you must have for those more acoustic movies. It’s also mandatory to have a good sound system in situations where you want to accurately portray that mood of sitting within a movie theater.

A good speaker can give us all that we need. For one, it gives us audible and clear dialogue through sheer quality of sound. This quality should be taken into consideration especially with the constant low volume noises in today’s cinema. Being able to absorb every sound is exceptionally satisfying to the ear and it doesn’t get old.

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It can also double as a regular sound system, engaging anybody in the room in a very calming experience with the songs we play. The quality of the system will depend on quite a few things. The depth and versatility of sounds present are always a concern. It’s equivalent to the rich colors of the TV. Without it, you aren’t getting quite the same experience.