5 Best Stylus Pen for Graphic Designers 2023

Paper is long gone. Today, the tablet has become an ideal assistant for work and study. Pair it with a stylus pen to easily jot down whatever you want and achieve a more efficient writing experience. If you need an activity that will help you relax and relieve stress, then drawing is a good choice. However, drawing can take place on a much more serious level. This is why digital pens are so popular. With them you can practice, learn and improve your skills.

They are used for notes, navigation, sketching, editing, etc. In this way, you will save on working space, because you will replace the keyboard and mouse with a digital pen. It is an innovative and precise technology that moves at the speed of thought. You can also sync with other devices. They give you a lot of options and are very easy to use. It is the main tool for artists and designers. If you are interested in this tool and want to find a model that perfectly suits your needs, we have several suggestions for you.

1. Apple Pencil

Source: digitaltrends.com

When you need a device for serious business tasks or simply want to draw at a professional level, consider this pen. The design allows you to fully feel the power of the pen. The Apple pen very precisely replicates the feeling of holding a pencil. The top is durable and soft at the same time. Thanks to the soft tip, all ideas are easy to bring to life. Apple pen provides depth, vibrancy. It also makes document editing easier. We must not forget about two important factors such as tilt and pressure sensitivity.

That way you won’t have a lag problem and you’ll get a more natural feel. You can pair it with the latest iPads, and it is compatible with all drawing apps. You can also charge it wirelessly, and the tools are very easy to change. You only need to double click. With this pen, you will equally enjoy drawing the simplest works or complex illustrations. If you are still not sure whether to spend money on Apple’s product, see this review.

2. Meko Universal 2-in-1 Stylus

Source: nytimes.com

We present to you the best budget digital pen. With it you achieve a high level of precision, because it provides an excellent feel and proper support. It is intended for multiple use. The design helps you draw fine details, and it is made of stainless steel and aluminum. If you don’t plan to spend a lot of money on a digital pen then this is the right choice for you. It is compatible with iPad, Android and other devices. It is very light, which means you can use it for several hours without getting tired. Extremely long battery life. Long-lasting power so your creativity is not interrupted for a long period of time. With this pen, you get a beautiful aesthetic design and quality, as well as a great level of responsiveness and fluidity. Quality sensors are sensitive.

3. Renaissance Raphael 520

Source: peterfalkingham.com

It offers a wide variety of uses such as writing, drawing, sketching, etc. Compatible with most smart devices on the market. Equipped with a replaceable clear silicone disc tip and a fiber tip that allow for greater accuracy and flexibility when writing or drawing. The design is slightly different from other models, as this pen has a wide body. If that doesn’t sound good to you, you’re wrong. Such a design allows you to establish greater control when writing and drawing. One of the biggest advantages is the battery capacity. You can use it for two days without charging, and it will take you just over 15 minutes to charge it again. Thanks to powerful technology, you can shade and sketch without worry. One of the features is rejection capability. It also includes tilt recognition. The device is very light, and you will be delighted with the number of functions it contains. So, if you choose this pen, you get magnetic attachment, ultra-fast charging, ergonomic design and much more.

4. Samsung Galaxy S Pen Pro

Source: xda-developers.com

The pen works great on different devices. You will connect it very easily. Just press the button on the S pen and it will connect via Bluetooth. Among the best performances, we have to highlight the battery capacity. The device charges via USB-C, and the battery lasts over 2 weeks if fully charged. It has many features and specifications that are different from previous S Pens. It is more durable and stronger. If you can’t remember where you last left it, simply use the app. With it, you will immediately determine the location of the pen. That’s one of the best things about Samsung Galaxy devices. We must not forget about seamless integration. For example, it is very useful for taking notes because you will easily transfer them from one device to another. This also applies to all other content. that way you don’t have to worry about losing your work.

5. Wacom Pro Pen 3D

Source: digitalartsonline.co.uk

This is definitely one of the most popular pens among professional graphic designers. It will especially suit you if you have a Wacom tablet. In that case, you will make the most of its potential. You don’t have to worry about downtime, it’s very easy to adapt to your workflow. Thanks to the buttons, you can perform various functions in a short time. So, nothing will stop you from fully indulging in the creation of digital art. It is especially a great choice for creating 3D animations and the like. It is known for its versatility and comfort.


Before you decide on the right pen, think about your needs. Focus on the features your pen should have. Consider what type of pen you need. For example, it can be active or passive. Also consider pressure sensitivity. If your device is very sensitive, you will have less control over the intensity. Do not forget about another important factor – tilt recognition.

This is especially important to consider if you plan to shade or draw a lot of detail. To avoid smearing of the drawing, check if the device contains pal rejection. Pens cannot be used on any device, so please check if it is compatible with your device before purchasing.