4 Best Phone Tracking Apps

Phone tracker apps are now highly used by people nowadays, and there are a lot of reasons for it such as, people use them to maintain the security of someone or their child especially. According to different studies, the phone tracking app is used by many parents to protect their children.

A phone tracker app allows you to monitor the location of a mobile that is at a particular range area or maybe anywhere. It can also be used to recover your lost or stolen phone easily.

Why are tracking apps mainly used?

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As discussed before, it is also used to check on your children. You can track children’s social media messages, screen time, where they are headed, and many more things. In this article, you will get a review of all the top-reviewed free phone tracker apps. You must know that all the free apps listed here will have basic tracking features.

You can also upgrade to a paid version for advanced features for monitoring activities on a mobile device; it totally depends on you and your needs. By going through the reviews, you will choose the best tracking apps for yourself.

Some of the best tracking apps in the market

Sometimes it becomes tough for people to find a reliable mobile tracking app as many different apps get access to your data, which is unsafe. You must always rely on those apps that ensure to give you premium features at an affordable price. Further, we have reviewed and explored the top best phone tracking apps along with their features, pricing, ratings, and many more things:

Mobile Spy

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  • This app allows you to have complete access to anyone’s phone. It will enable you to track GPS location in real-time.
  • It gives live access to the microphone and camera quickly. This is one of the different features of this app, which is rare in other apps in the market.
  • It is real-time monitoring for iPhone and Android, so anyone with any phone can easily access this app with ease and comfort.
  • You don’t have to buy it at the first use; the app gives you a demo trial so that you can become familiar with the app and then purchase it accordingly.
  • It also has pretty satisfying reviews and ratings by fellow users.
  • You can spy on calls, photos, videos, messages, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many other things.
  • Even though there are exceptionally good features, some users don’t usually agree that it is the best app as some things have to be done to make it more user-friendly.


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  • It is highly compatible as it can be used in any brand and model mobile phone. It wins some points on compatibility.
  • It supports almost all networks and makes it easier for mobile network users to access this app without any trouble easily.
  • You will like it the most because you can easily use this without disclosing your identity, which basically means that this is anonymous.
  • Also, you don’t have to download any software and track your location by phone number.
  • It helps determine the phone’s location no matter where your device is.
  • It basically helps you easily track any person or any device anywhere around the globe.
  • This app is known for its coverage and how easily you can access the phone, but one drawback you will face is that it is pretty expensive.
  • The reviews of this app are much lower than the other ones on the list; it might be a minor drawback.

Mobile tracker

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  • It is one of the best free mobile tracker applications with amazing features and allows you full mobile tracking.
  • It is user-friendly, which means it is easy to use and install; anyone can install and easily access the app.
  • You can also monitor your employees with this app; it has many different features that allow you to check on their workability and how productive they are.
  • You can track Whatsapp and Facebook and any incoming and outgoing messages without rooting the phone. At the bare minimum, it gives you the advantage of having some of the main features that you actually require.
  • From GPS location to SMS and Calls, you can track anything anywhere.
  • One drawback of this app is that it is mainly for android phones and maybe does not support ios.
  • If you want a pretty basic mobile tracker app for free, you can consider this one, but it does not have any extraordinary features, maybe because it is free.

Find My Phone

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  • You can access this app through any mobile brand, mainly because of the geolocation system.
  • You can access any mobile from anywhere at any time, mainly because the output is accurate.
  • They also allow you to have a trial period so that you can know the app first and then spend your money on it.
  • This app also has good reviews from other fellow users, ensuring that it is a pretty good app for mobile tracking at a very affordable subscription price.
  • It is one of the best apps in the market that gives access to a precise location to the person tracking the device.
  • No matter what mobile phone brand it is, you can easily access any mobile phone with utmost accurate output as soon as possible.
  • It is one of the most technologically advanced apps for mobile tracking, and if you want to use the services of this app, you must check out find-my-phone.org and get comprehensive knowledge about it.

Bottom Lines

All the apps that are discussed above are some of the best reviewed apps from fellow users. The features and disadvantages are some of the things that you must keep in mind while choosing the app.

On the internet, you will find tons of apps but you must always rely on the one that gives you the best services and features at affordable prices. This article will be very helpful for you in the future and guide you to make the best decision.